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Description of Idle Courier

Want to get rich?

Enter the express delivery industry, start a business from scratch and become the richest express entrepreneur!

Start as a small courier and become an express giant. Build the packing machine to work on fragile, fresh goods, etc. and satisfy customers’ demands, steadily expand your business and build a career. Purchase more vans to improve transport capacity and train employees, optimizing all your departments. More packages and more business means you'll be rolling in money!

Develop your investment strategy and focus on technology, reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Idle Courier is a casual game with strategy where your management decisions decide the success of your business empire.


- Casual and easy gameplay

- Keep earning outside the game

- Diverse machines provide a rich experience

- Fantastic animations and 3D graphics

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More Information Of Idle Courier

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.31.7 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Century Games Pte. Ltd.

User Reviews


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Kevin Morgan 2020-08-13

Not a horrible take on the idle game. The issue is that like most other idle games, you need to pay to have your game idle for more than a couple hours. I don\'t even mind the ads, except 1h intervals, max of 6h. Anyway, thanks for the hour or so, but call me if you remove the limit on idle time.
Vince C 2020-08-15

Smooth animations. Graphics are better than most other idle games. No annoying ads. Well organized game with no crazy complexity. Currency/cost is kept to a understandable level (no quadrillion, billion, etc. ridiculousness) Enjoying it!
chaoschief 2020-08-12

We need x10 x100 xMAX upgrade buttons, x1 upgrade takes forever and makes this game far from iddle!!! Also, i am at Ultimate Express Courier, And the next one is Hidden, How do i unlock it? or is this it of the game? i only played for 8 hours straight and beat the game?
Flaming Lemonde 2020-08-13

Pretty good game fun and I love it 5 out of 5 until something stupid happens
deus sive natura 2020-09-10

Boring. The game works well, no bugs and cute graphics. But after a couple hours you realise you are just stupidly wasting time. There is no challenge, no fun, you just spend time watching ads to upgrade with no other goal than upgrading. At least I only wasted a few hours... One must be out of his mind to spend money on that kind of game.
Nicholas Bridget 2020-09-25

If you\'re looking for an idle game, you\'ll get exactly what you expect from this one; nothing less, but really nothing more either. It works. It\'s fine. It\'s not bad. The 2hr offline limit and associated \"upgrade\" is a rather detestable cash grab, but it seems like they all do that nowadays so, it\'s fine, I guess. Kudos on the recently(?) updated tick speed on doing a large number of upgrade levels. That was badly needed and addressed, so, good job listening.
Vincent Young 2020-12-31

Edit: Maybe I\'m editing this too soon, maybe not. It seems the game has fewer ads than it did before I uninstalled it before. Maybe is wishful thinking on my part as well. I\'m also ignoring some of the ads like the unload boost just to get extra playtime so I don\'t have to watch those unnecessary ads. I mean, it still seems to have an inordinate amount of ads as compared to other free games however if you ignore some, it could be a fun game. Happy gaming everyone!
Richard Gaylor 2021-01-07

Bad customer service! Don\'t waste your time doing the free gem offers. I followed the process to receive 6720 gems for purchasing a product that I wanted anyway and never received the gems. Submitted a request to have it looked into and was told my internet connection was to blame and that they had rewarded me again. Still didn\'t get the gems. Not sure why I wasted time on this, because the game is dumb as well. Thanks Tapjoy!
Nathan Cooper 2020-09-22

I\'ve enjoyed the game but it\'s very short. I think I\'ve already reached the top level. A couple of improvements that I would like to see added are being able to pick the skin for the packing machines after you unlock them. And adding outbound shipping to the upgrades for your warehouse. I also just attempted my first event (Healthcare) and it seems like it was impossible unless you spent $10 on the multipler and time away upgrades. Also the cost for the time advances was too expensive.
Shailah Pope 2021-01-07

Super cute game, after a month of playing I decided to support with no ads. Always something to do with or without ads*.! Worth it. *Ads can be skipped after a certain amount of time (even ads for rewards) if they are longer than 15 seconds, just watch for the arrows in one of the top corners