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Description of Idle Farmer: Mine game

Love to play farm games and simulator games, but you're tired of waiting for the harvest all day long? Looking for something new? Become an Idle Farmer, build your own village, automate every harvest process, and sit back and watch the money just pour right in! Just enjoy the village life and garden scapes!

Why have a small garden when you can have a big farm?! Why have a single farm when you can have dozens?! Become the smartest, fastest, richest farm in the world, build and automate the most profitable farming empire!

Why you'll love Idle Farmer:

- Automate your big village by hiring managers to increase income and make more money in hay day!

- Your ranch earns money even when you're offline!

- Hire managers with different skills to boost farming productivity

- Train your village managers, be a real farmer tycoon!

- Buy new idle animals, breed and cross them to produce new more profitable products

- Never sit around waiting for the harvest to end, you make money every second!

- Enjoy the wonderful graphics of the village life and garden scapes.

- Compete in regular tournaments and become the most renowned farmer in the world!

- Develop 10 different territories in your farming territory

- Produce 40 different items in stables and gardens: from plants to animals and much more

- Play anywhere, no internet connection required!

Build your ranch, build a mighty farming empire and become the richest, most famous and respected idle farm in the world!

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:3.1.0 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Game Veterans

User Reviews


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Austin Maly 2020-06-24

DONT buy the ad free version!!!(27 freaking dollars!) Yes, dumb decision on my part... The game has gotten to the point where I can\'t hire any of the more important managers because I can\'t get the cards to upgrade them and I shouldnt have to spend even more to buy the packages! I\'m now 2 levels behind on the ability to get the train manager and there is no way of catching up! So now I can\'t play this game idle because the train won\'t earn money! Waste of money!
Michaela Chalupa 2020-04-28

Since starting LEVEL 2, I have been unable to collect from my ONLY business, making it impossible to progress in the game. Contacted support and let them know about my problem, they said they\'d look into it. That was a week ago. Since, they have updated the game, yet I still cannot play the game. Shame, since it looks like a good game, but apparently the designers don\'t want people to play it.
Jess S 2020-12-20

Too many bugs, and too unbalanced to progress. I\'ve been at level 34 for a long time (well over a month, maybe approaching the 3rd month). I\'ve been playing long enough to have gone through several updates (including the big one that wiped out all of my progress and I had to start all over). I send bug issues, with video support, at least a couple times a month. I\'ve spent nearly $50 on the game, and I\'m starting to lose the enjoyment I once had (given the unbalance in progressing).
Jay Chen 2020-06-13

Fun for 6 levels. For a game like this , it\'s really not worth buying anymore than 5 bucks. But if you don\'t, progression is very very slow. I\'m guessing you would need to spend 50 bucks after level 12 , for your collector and deliverer to be able to be auto. Seems like every other stage they need to be at a higher level, dumb!
Mandie Martine 2021-01-05

I like this game alot but once you get to a certain point when you log in you log in for five mins close the app. Why? Cause assignments are still waiting for hours to be unlocked cause theres only 7, why only 7 who knows? Videos to get further blip onto the screen for a second because there\'s a glitch and even if you can do an assignment it doesn\'t give you enough ribbons to upgrade things. I think it also gives me my daily bonus screen like every three days too which is odd.
Lyndsay Matchett 2020-04-25

I love idle games but altho this one has a lot of potential the gameplay once you get to lvl 4 slows almost to a standstill, for instance, I currently need 257c cash to level up my horse and cart one level, but am currently collecting 4.08c at a time .My other stores are getting backed up but without spending real money I can\'t lvl up my cart enough to be able to collect it and at the rate I am collecting, waiting for the cash isn\'t really an option. It\'s a pity, will be uninstalling
melissa walker 2020-06-04

Like the game, but you can only collect so much from the trolley at one time. I\'m on level 7 with about 4 farms not being collected except every couple days when the gold trolley comes by. Then the coins still just sit due to the train. Also need an explanation as to what the extras like the conveyor belt, feeder, etc actually do so we can decide if we would like to spend our coins to purchase since cards for upgrades for those items are pretty scarce.
Kyle L. Borras 2020-07-30

So far so good! Only just started so there\'s a chance the stars will go up! (You\'ll never get full stars when ive only played 5 min... ) the tutorial is a little painfully slow... there are a few things that aren\'t totally clear what they do ir when you can or should active. Not totally refined but good.
Kuku Alzahawy 2020-06-13

It\'s too hard to get managers as you progress through levels tasks are too hard because you can\'t get managers not enough ribbons so I stopped playing it too frustrating.
Michael Davis 2020-10-15

I didn\'t think the developers could get any more money hungry. After already having a ridiculous $27.99 ad free, the highest I\'ve ever seen, the added $10.99 just to be able to spend more than 2 hours offline and get anything. And have reduced the only rewards of the only free chest you get by half to try to sell more way overpriced gold to get the other chests.