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Description of Idle Frontier: Tap Town Tycoon

Tap to explore new towns, build your empire & settle the idle frontier! Now with less dysentery!

Start exploring your first wild west town with the help of local town folk to mine for gold and cash you’ll need to become the tycoon of Tap Town! 💰💸💰💸

Tap your way to idle tycoon status one town at a time, hiring interesting characters from various towns, and sit back and watch as your gold piles up! Can you reach Providence Valley?


★ AUTOMATE your businesses and earn limitless cash while you're idle 💸💸

★ INVEST your idle cash into your town and watch your profits multiply 🤑

★ COLLECT characters to help strengthen your town 💪🤠

★ PRESTIGE to continue your journey one town at a time 🐴🚂

★ COMPETE in event leaderboards for profit multipliers 🏆🏆🏆

💰🏔💰Reach Providence Valley and find limitless prosperity!💰🏔💰

Please Note: Idle Frontier is a free-to-play game, but some extra game items can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Playing Idle Frontier requires a secure internet connection.

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email us at support@idlefrontier.zendesk.com

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.084 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:Kongregate

User Reviews


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Domeniko Gentner 2019-07-27

Another dishonest Idle Game where they randomize the rewards, so it is impossible to upgrade in a sane way and you have to fill the gaps with purchases. By now, Kongregate is a worse than EA. A synonym for corporate greed. You also often don\'t get any rewards for watching ads and they want you to watch a lot of it. No, it is not really optional. By now, it is not even an idle game for me anymore, because without tapping, nothing is happening due to a lack of managers. The prices for upgrading them does not fit the rewards for playing the game.
Matt O\'Brien 2019-07-25

Amazing idle game, love the graphics and the simplicity of the game! Makes for a great time killer and to be honest it\'s pretty fun! Yeah its the same as the trailer park boys and weed inc tycoon games, but I play those too so of course I love the style of this game! Graphics are really good as well! Great job everyone for a game that just released, gonna be playing this one for a long time!
Kathryn Palmer 2020-06-02

Not an idle game anymore, crashes when accessing the event since the VIP update. Developers are money grabbing without actually listening to the people who have been playing. All you get in reply is \"we are sorry \'blah blah\' has not worked or is making you angry, please feel free to email the development team...\" but NOTHING is ever fixed or changed for the better, only ever changed to try to get more money out of players.
Jason Patterson 2020-03-28

The game is repetitive, which is fine if you know that going in. The events are what made me uninstall. The game cycle involves developing businesses, hiring managers, and moving on to the next town to repeat. Events often require high level managers even though there is no way to get them except $$$. It\'s often the case that you can\'t earn idle resources because one or more key managers aren\'t high enough level to hire. This can happen as early as the 2nd village. Not fun.
mathew s 2019-07-25

well here is the twist you cannot hire a manager in later game unless you upgrade them first (not an option, pausing automation of the game) that costs pie\'s + upgrade cards (special money + random items) lucky you though you can buy these for real money YAY i think not bye unless this is changed you ruined an otherwise good game
Rebelfemme S 2020-07-03

Was enjoying the game but it keeps freezing all the time when I try to go to the events. Been like that for at least a month and I\'m getting bored of it. Even when I could do the events lately it\'s all pay to play. Otherwise a fun game but progress is much slower without the events, or paying. I don\'t play it much anymore I just have to wait about 6 hours until the coins rack up. Fix the bugs and make it playable please.
Sabrina Forbes 2020-04-15

Cons: 3 stars because when you start the game, there is alot of jobs you have to do. Ive played for like a week and now im leaving to use the bathroom for 5 minutes and i come back to a billion coins when i simply look away. The longer you play it, the harder it is to enjoy. At first you must work hard and the next day, you just wait. Just wait and watch your money stack to the ceiling. And the game is just full of doing that. Just that. To beat it it would just be months to years! Of patience
Jork Van den Bosch 2019-07-28

It\'s not a great idle game. I get that they were going for a thing where you start your town over and over again but it gets pretty annoying fast. You need to play manually longer and longer in every new town because the managers that automate your shops need to be upgraded more and more each time before you can hire them again and again. Sound tedious? It is. Know how to make it less tedious? Pay real life money, of course! Yeah no, first make a fun game, then you get my money.
Kintaro Rioga 2020-08-09

I\'ve been playing this game for about 2 months already. I\'m half way to making it to the end and all has gone smoothly. The players complaining about cards need to realize that every 4 hours, FREE crates are available. You\'ll eventually get your cards. This game is IDLE , not racing, so be patient. I\'ve really enjoyed this game. Though not much for the events, due to the limited time to achieve goals. Also, the memory it starts with is about 150MB but after a while, it reaches 750MB, so ⭐⭐⭐⭐.
Sam Benito 2020-03-24

The more I play, the less I enjoy this game. Three types of premium currency (gold, pie, cards) is ridiculous, especially when there are so many houses in one town. Balance is all wrong: in every town, just when I finally manage to automate all the businesses, the cost for the next upgrade becomes more than I can earn in hours! And do not get me started on the events that require you to upgrade to a new manager level every milestone! PAY TO PLAY!