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Description of Idle Idle GameDev

Do you want to make your own Idle Game but you're just too lazy?

In Idle Idle Gamedev, you have the opportunity to create various idle games while going idle.

Different unlockable Jobs

4 Stats with 9 Skills each

Many Items and Research to unlock

Reset the game to skill special skills

Try a challenge to unlock more skills

Many Achievements

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More Information Of Idle Idle GameDev

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.0.117 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Lutsgames

User Reviews


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kaan batu 2020-07-04

Really unique game and I\'m loving it! Thank you. EDIT: Dropped my 5 star review down to 3 stars. I have a Galaxy S20+ and this app is draining my battery like no other app ever. Literally 2 minutes = 1% of my battery. I can play any other idle game or any other 3d/2d app whatsoever with my battery lasting very long. Please fix this before you fix anything else.
Nathan Johnson 2020-07-15

The numbers almost always break. Just started and I have to get up to the BILLIONS to have 4 games but other times of the day, I only have to get a few thousand. Only 10k players can play a game at 1 time but to increase that it costs around 1.2 MILLION and sometimes it only takes a few thousand. I only earn around 400k a night with almost a full upgrade tree. Ridiculous and broken that the numbers for upgrades just randomly change if I\'m connected to the internet or not. Edit: in response to the developer\'s response, I\'d like to note that it\'s not obvious the 1/10/100/MAX buy function works on ALL items rather than just employees (it is only available on the employee screen so it\'s a bit confusing). It fixed my issue though. But lack of clarity should be addressed.
JustinProo 2020-07-13

Its fun but a little complicated as in i have no idea what alot of things mean. Wish there was some kind of tutorial or something to be reminded of what things mean. EDIT: Also would like to be able to compare stats from my old games to eachother and the new game i\'m making. With stats i mean things like init. Playercount, cmp, playtime etc.
Vene 2020-07-10

Unique, very cool idea. I\'ve burned a few hours on it so far and I keep coming back. It runs a little slow with higher tick speeds however that could just be my phone getting a little old and this game being designed for newer models - completely understandable! Thank you for a fun experience, devs!
Diamond 2020-10-18

This is a wonderful game, I hope the developers will continue to add more and more to the it. There is an issue though as you get into later stages of the game, it starts to take up more processing power, and starts to lag. Otherwise this is an excellent game. There\'s a typo for the alien employee btw. Also the game seems to lag a lot more when scrolling through the different menus and skill menus.
tidus 11 2020-12-14

This game could be very good but has some shortcomings. Before getting into the issues, I have to admit that this game has some interesting aspects. For starters, it\'s a very good mix between an Idle game and a strategy game, with a good feeling of progression, albeit it is sometimes a little slow. But the game has quite a few glitches here and there, notably stats not updating correctly. Also, it drains battery like crazy and sometimes it\'s hard to understand what some upgrades do.
Orkan Kurt 2020-11-12

Have potential, but is a mess. Numbers don\'t keep up when you spend points. Gets very laggy very fast. If you don\'t have room for a new game but click release you just lose what you made. There are a lot of things that I have no idea what is, no explanation. This game could be great, but just fails to deliver. Ironic that bug fixing is such a big part of the game when it\'s so full of them.
Mat Horton 2020-07-20

UI misses updates often showing that you didn\'t upgrade / move employees when you did. (The actual values change but the UI doesn\'t show the update). Buttons to select upgrades hang up. Code optimization potential here to smooth things out. Otherwise its a good product.
Stephen Goldberg 2020-10-26

UI is terrible. Fails to update values without manually refreshing - exiting and reentering a particular menu. Performance is dreadful and becomes exceedingly worse over time. Wouldn\'t be surprised if memory allocation is happening all the time... Aside from the technical sides, the concept is interesting but could use more depth. However, without addressing the technical side, I suspect any additional features will be poorly implemented and may make the existing game worse.
Caelen Foss 2020-11-21

This is a fun time waster, but the in game purchase options are way too expensive. This game is not worth $10 to remove ads. $1 at most. All of the purchases are expensive. The only saving grace, and the reason I give 3 stars instead of 1, is that the ads are only used for optional boosts. The game starts to get really slow without them, though.