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Description of Idle Wizard School

Idle Wizard School is a unique idle game, an incremental idle clicker features classic idle gameplay in Wizard School!

Magic idle gameplay is exciting! The game is inspired by many wizard stories and puts magic in the hands of gamers. You can become a school tycoon in your own wizard adventure!

Expand, automate and boost school construction with magic coins! Keep an eye out for the ingredients that can brew potions and aid your journey. As you step outside and explore the magic world, the map will reveal details of school, such as dormitories, magic alley and classrooms.

Take on the challenge and discover the best strategy and earn as much magic coins as possible!

====== Idle Wizard School FEATURES ======

❖Automate construction to increase your idle income at wizard school.

❖Get idle magic coins (especially in the Magic Shop) even when you are offline

❖ Choose how to level up wisely. Hire witches and wizards to increase your students’

motivation is a good choice.

❖ Unlock new courses, dormitories, characters, spells, potions and buildings as your

students advance through the journey of wizard school.

❖ Students can attend various classes to learn magical skills like casting spells and

brewing potions from herb.

❖ Go on quests to make your wizard school a wonderful place

Please note that Idle Wizard School is free to download and play, and we have advertisements to speed up .

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More Information Of Idle Wizard School

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.9.6 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:BattleCry

User Reviews


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Michaela Brenton 2019-08-16

I love this game and cannot get enough. Only downside is that once you have move onto a different world, you can\'t revisit the last one. As well as that, some of the daily task is to actually move onto the next world, so if your like me who has to complete everything and complete all of the task that is being asked, it really makes to choose which one. Other then that, amazing game, one of my favourites by far.
Lil Gum Zombie 2019-08-08

I absolutely love this game but i think it needs a little work. i would love to see more things added to the game in the future. A litte bit of a performance enhancement to make the game feel smoother. Over all great game it is something i can see myself putting alot of time in.
Solomon Crowe 2019-09-14

Very addicting gameplay and a real joy to play. Kills time when you\'re just bored and have nothing to do. Had allot of Harry Potter inspiration and that just makes it even more fun to watch your little witches and wizards run about, learning from the different courses. A game that any Potterhead must download and great for anyone looking to kill time.
Heath McClanahan 2019-08-26

Looks good and fun, but there is no offline progress as far as I could tell, so I\'m uninstalling. After developer response that the above would be fixed, I reinstalled so I could watch for an offline progression feature/fix, but then I discovered I had to start over again. It looks like there isn\'t any option at all for a cloud sync or login of any kind, so I don\'t want to play this in case I ever have to switch devices.
Zephius64 2019-10-13

Progression is arduously slow. Only way to progress is by using power ups which require you to watch ads. 90% of the time I try to use the power up, the ad fails to load. If you like rebooting a game all day in the hope of watching watching ads all day, this is the game for you!
Johannes Renner 2019-09-05

Nice idea and very nice graphics, but very poorly executed. To progress in a decent speed (at the beginning) you have to spend more time watching ads than playing. After a while (in the 4th area) you don\'t even make real progress by that. Also the \"idle\" term is just not really, what you would expect (and what is normal in other idle games), since you stop earning money after being away for 2 hours.
Darth Jesus 2019-09-25

An \"idle\" game where you can only save 2 hours worth of profit offline is not \"idle,\" its forcing you to play it constantly. Which of course is not fun when the only gameplay is watching ads to increase bonuses and then idling. Close to the worst designed idle game ive ever played and idle games are already the worst thing to ever happen to gaming. Not to mention im pretty sure its ripping me off the full 2 hour idle bonus anyway. 100 AD/m + 2 hours = 5 AE? Nah. Math don\'t check out.
Tyler Hutchinson 2019-08-15

Its okay but without watching every single ad that pops up you will never get anywhere. Its not even geared towards idle profits as after 2 hours you stop making money. The game, like all from this company, are geared towards \"watch our ads so we can give you miniscule rewards while we make bank off of it.\". There is a difference between that and an idle game and this definitely is not a very idle game.
Whitney Dawson 2019-08-12

i was ok till this last update, now when i watch as ad to either double my earnings or get something when the ad finishes it then freezes i end up having to close it, i go to log back in and i did not get what i watched the ad for in the first place. this is happening alot since this last update so i hope that gets fixed soon
Heather Smith 2020-05-28

I\'ve been playing this one for a while and I love that you don\'t have to watch any ads unless you choose to. But since the last update I will level my classrooms, only to come back in an hour or two and see them lowered back to where they were and that money is still gone. I can\'t make progress as it just resets every time. Was a great game before this though.