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Description of Ike - To-Do List, Task List

"What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important." - Dwight 'Ike' Eisenhower

Ike is a playful to-do list in the spirit of President Eisenhower's priority matrix. Organize tasks by importance and urgency. Manage tasks using intuitive gestures. Never forget a thing by adding due dates and location reminders. Go pro to unlock all the themes, widgets, the ability to add multiple reminders to each task, location reminders, images, and audio recordings.


Prioritize tasks, todos, and reminders into a priority matrix depending on their importance/urgency. The Eisenhower method, also called a priority matrix, was popularized in Steven Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Prioritizing tasks upfront is the cornerstone of Ike; prioritizing a task is the first thing you do, rather than selecting it afterwards.

Due Dates

Add a due date to a task to give it a deadline. Due dates can repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or be customized to a variety of configurations, such as “every 3 weeks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday”, or “every 3 months”.


Add multiple time or location-based reminders to each task. Tasks with due dates have time reminders depending on if a due date is at a set time or is an all day event, and reminders can fire once or repeat. Default reminders for due dates can be customized in the app settings. Location-based reminders can be added and customized for arriving at or leaving from a location. View a map or get driving directions while viewing a task that has location-based reminders. The geofence detection radius can be customized as well as the detection time when arriving at a location.

Images and Audio

Add an image to a task to add more information about it, or to jazz it up. Images are seen directly in your task list so you don’t have to dig for it. Add audio recordings to a task using Google’s speech to text. Audio is played directly from the task list, and a speech to text is shown while the audio is playing to make it easier to access. If you want to quickly add a task with a lot of information, audio is the way to go.


Add notes and descriptions to your tasks. We give you an entire screen to add whatever detailed information you want.

Customize and Celebrate

Celebrate your accomplishments with delightful animations, and visualize progress as you complete tasks. Task lists can be customized with a variety of color themes, some free and some pro.


Create widgets to add, edit, complete, and view tasks. We currently have a quick add widget, a task list view widget, a task chip widget, and several matrix widgets to efficiently get an overview of your to-do list.

Ike is free to download and use.

For a one time purchase, upgrade your experience to Ike Pro to unlock all themes, widgets, up to five reminders per task, images, and audio recordings.

Rate it if you like Ike, tell us if you don’t! Please contact iketodolist@gmail.com if you have any support issues, questions, or feedback.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:2.0 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Pocket Universe, LLC

User Reviews


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William R. 2017-07-13

My wish has finally come true! I have waited a long time for an app like this to make its way to the Play Store. To do lists never worked out for me the way I wanted them to, but this method of handling tasks met my needs exactly. Ike features a beutiful design, has incrediblly fluid animations, and the best part is there is *more to come! *Last update to the app was Dec 2016. :( Will there be any more updates?
John Murray 2017-03-14

It\'s a beautiful app and I love that it let\'s you customize the labels. I also absolutely adore the effect it makes when you cross something off a list. Two things I would love. 1) Sound fx can make games very addictive, if those fun visuals were linked to fun sounds, that would be great. 2) I feel a real need to be able to take tasks and move them into different lists. Instead of rewriting them when they become more or less urgent.
Whitney Lee 2017-10-05

Love this app! It\'s so clean and intuitive. I wish it had calendar integration and an actual calendar feature in the app. Hate having to use 2 apps to keep up with tasks and events. My other request would be more theme color options and the choice to create our own custom colors. Also, the feedback setting is taking me to PayPal instead of messaging you so had to leave my requests here. Anyways I bought the pro version immediately. Love it!!!
Deepak Solanki 2017-11-25

Alright so I don\'t normally review apps and I do use a lot of apps. Coming from an iOS device, I struggled to find a to-do app for android since I used Prioritask and none of the app on android could match what it could. But Ike! Damn! This is even better than what I had on iOS. Amazing design, great functionality, smooth animations and so usefull! Will definitely Support the developer! Thank you dev for this app✌
Thomas M 2016-12-13

Great app and great developers Emailed with a few feature suggestions and got a response saying thanks for the suggestions, and they planned on working them into a future update. Then a couple of weeks later, got a personalised email from them saying they were starting work integrating the features. Never had a developer personally contact me to keep me updated on a feature suggestion - really impressed. Plus the app is awesome as well. Solid 5 stars from me
Datboi 2017-06-29

Enjoying this new app. The design is intuitive. I advice to stay to your roots considering the majority of people are enjoying it. The pro version is only $2 or 3$ bucks but could easily be $5 with added features. Add sync to Google cloud and I\'m sure you\'ll leave any other to-do app in the dust. I\'m pleased with the app, continue the good work!
Jason J 2018-01-24

The most beautiful interface I have seen. I did come across a bug not sure what happened, but it was very minor. I had two overdue focused tasks with an expired due date. I changed one of them to be a future due date. When i did that, the two tasks had the same name as the expired task i did not change. I went to the main menu (4 quadrants) and then back into focus, and then it fixed to show one expired task and the other which had a duplicate title after changing it, it was corrected to be due in the future with the correct name. The number of overdue and pending tasks were correct during this whole time, it was just a matter of updating the text string for the task name and date. And then properly sorting in the list based on name/due date
Skyler Riordan 2018-01-23

Wonderful app, nice job guys! I love the material design and brought colors. Two features I would love though are a way to also have my to do list on my computer as well, as well as a way to see all tasks of a similar color across different lists in a single list (ie all \"urgent and important\" tasks from personal and work categories together). Other than that, I just came by to say thank you!
Ger Mullan 2017-10-13

I really like this app, it\'s my favourite to do list app so far. Unfortunately, the app crashes on my phone when I complete a task. I have already sent a crash report, hopefully this can be fixed. I would love to have an option to see all my to do items in a list in their respective categories on the main page of the app, in the area of the task counter circles. It would be very handy to be able to see all of my tasks at the one time rather than having to go into each category separately. Thanks very much for making a great app!
Aza 2017-09-22

This the best thing I ever had. Things are going organized. Chip enough. Pretty suit design. However, ive got an issue when I tried to relocate one task. Is this possible to relocate a task or a group of tasks (by tagging\'em up) from \'home\' to \'work\' so I could save time for not doing same operations in case id misclicked