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Description of IKEA


This is a simpler way to shop IKEA. Get your order delivered, or see what's in stock at your local store. Not ready to buy? Save your favorites for later. And if you're not totally satisfied, you can return your order within 365 days for a full refund, no questions asked.


Explore a feed of personalized inspiration, from bedrooms and kitchens to full patio furniture or outdoor inspirations for your deck. Then shop the spaces you love.


Your data belongs to you, and you control how we use it to make your IKEA experience smarter. We’ll always show you what information we need and why.


Join IKEA Family for free to get members-only discounts and a complimentary cup of tea or coffee every time you visit. Already a member? Log in to access your digital IKEA Family card wherever you go.

It's your favorite things about IKEA, all in one place.

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lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:3.5.0 Publish Date:2021-11-03 Developer:Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

User Reviews


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Ken Beahm 2020-12-17

This is the most garbage app! The previous Ikea Store app was FAR better. Gone is the ability to create a shopping list in-store, check items off as you pull them, which was sorted in the order they are found in the warehouse. Go ahead, push the button to call customer service in this app. Nothing makes you feel better than a broken link when you are trying to reach a human. Want the number to your local store? Better Google it, because this Ikea app will only give you the address/hours. 👎
A Google user 2021-02-11

Wishlists are not saving. The last week or so items have been missing. I\'ve deleted my wishlists on web page as I liked using the app better. Added items back on app. The new items are not saving either. I\'ve deleted the app, and reinstalled it. This hasn\'t fixed it either. 10/02/2021 I now can\'t remove anything from a wishlist. Try to remove an item and it says that the list can not be updated at this time.
James Symmonds 2021-01-11

It\'s ok but the store app was better. This one doesn\'t tell us the possible in stock date for out of stock items. I wish there was a margin of error number for in stock items or a way to report stores for not stocking the floor with the 30 some odd items listed as being in stock for a whole week or two but the floor is oddly bare. Which is even odder when the floor people tell you they restock the floor daily.
Jana K 2021-01-02

The older app was better. Can not find items im looking for, doesnt give you options to browse the department. Ifnit does well its difficult to find. On top of that doesnt recognize your username and password even when you reset your password, but when you try to sign up says username already exists. This app is a mess. What are they paying them for?
E K 2021-02-08

Really preferred the old app. Harder to add to a shopping list on this version, waaay too much empty space, too many clicks to see the full shopping list with locations, no more projected back in stock dates, some sharing menu functions don\'t work, and I HATE that I have to be signed in for most features to work, unlike the old app. Plus, the checkout page says delivery not available on everything in my cart, even when I can schedule delivery through the website! Buggy and un-user-friendly--boo!
Katrina Orlowski 2021-02-07

The app used to be very easy to browse by a variety of categories and I was able to plan my online orders or shopping trips with precision and ease. I was impressed with the detail and searchability. Now I can\'t find most things I\'m looking for because the app is organized by \"looks.\" It\'s incredibly frustrating. Whoever thought would encourage customers to shop and plan using the app is out of touch with the average Ikea customer.
JannyAnnie 2021-02-26

I have many frustrations that have already been mentioned. The website isn\'t much better, but more easily searched. I\'ve learned after many attempts both to order items and to obtain support that I should just stop wasting my time. Carts empty themselves when they\'re left inactive. This definitely happens. But the one time I WAS able to complete and order after trying to check out for 5 days in a row, somehow I ended up with 4 armchairs, not 2. Fixing that took 2 weeks - support not available.
Steph 99 2020-12-22

Way less useful than the old app. The 2 functions I use the most, store information and a quick shopping list, are buried. Instead, the home screen is full of pretty pictures of aspirational rooms that I don\'t need. The one improvement is that online ordering is easier. Please bring back the ease and utility of the old app!
Brook Beam 2020-12-27

This new app we\'ve been forced to install is simply worse than the old one. The use experience is not streamlined enough to justify a whole new app. There are sections of the app requiring horizontal scrolling, which should never happen. Like other reviews have stated, my favorite feature of the old app was the shopping list for my local store, which needs to be re-implemented. As does information of the local store\'s inventory in general. These features need to be front-and-center for the user
Damali Rhett Harding 2020-12-20

A mixed bag here that is not designed with actual customers in mind. This app is a result of what happens when you design an app by committee without actually using real customers in the process. It has been optimized for online ordering bit not much else. I like the actual search feature on the update. However it\'s missing key basics like info for my local store, ability to easily review by category. It needs some serious user feedback sessions