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Description of iKout: The Kout Game

Play iKout like never before!

Throw your deck of cards away, all you need to play the traditional Kuwaiti card game Kout is here and it’s free!

Download iKout now and play online with your friends, Create Diwaniyas (clans) and chat with your Diwaniya friends.

Compete in Seasonal competitions and win big prizes, and claim daily iKout prizes and complete constantly changing challenges!

Do you have what it takes to be the best iKout player in the world? Download now and get a head-start in the race to the top to win huge prizes!

Introducing the new and exciting iKout! the famous kout game. Join your friends, family and thousands of players in a new online social gaming experience.

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العب iKout بحلتها الجديدة!

ارمي الورق وامسك تلفونك، هذه اللعبة هي كل ما تحتاجه للعب لعبة الورق الكويتية "كوت" مجاناً!

حمل اللعبة الآن والعب اون لاين مع أصدقائك! انشئ ديوانيتك واعزم ربعك ودردش على راحتك مع أعضاء الديوانية!

تنافس في المنافسة الشهرية واربح جوائز كبيرة، اغتنم الفرصة واربح هدايا يومية وجوائز تحديات جديدة تتغير مع كل مرحلة!

هل أنت أفضل لاعب iKout في العالم؟ حمل اللعبة الآن وابدأ بالتنافس للوصول إلى أعلى مركز واربح جوائز قيمة!

تابعونا على تويتر و الإنستجرام @DiwaniyaLabs

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:6.24 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Diwaniya Labs Inc.

User Reviews


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Romin B. 2016-11-11

Amazing game! But one Question? I love the game, it\'s amazing, simple, good connectivity, nothing complicated. Just one question, I play a lot of different card games so I am not sure of this in Kout, I\'ve noticed you can start with the joker(s) and if you do what suit will it be? Or will it be invalid like the other games I play in real life? You can answer me that over and maybe include it in the tutorial too. Also, it would be much better if you can include in the statistics how many games have been lost due to a team mate\'s wrong call
Yahya AlHinai 2016-07-17

It\'s Fun but! It has many problems that could cost you loosing your coins. Also, this is the first time I see a game were your prize is half of what you pay!! The other thing is that the developer used to answer all your questions, now they just don\'t care!
Salim Alsinaidi 2018-03-07

تحية طيبه، سعيا للتطور ملحوض بغض النظر لبعض الأعطال التي متأكد انها ستعالج.. اتمنى اضافة طلب للباوند مثال اذا كنت شاري 6قبل الوصول للعدد المطلوب تظهر لك *علامه للشاري هل تريد المواصله للباوند* ولك الخيار تواصل او تتجنب .في حالة وافقت، و وصلة ٩تحسب لك نتيجة بواند وفي حالة خسرة تخسر الباوند وفي حالة تجنب، تكمل للعدد المطلوب6فقط. للزيادة التحدي ارجو النظر وشكرا..
MulLeN 911s 2018-02-14

The new updated app Crashes during startup. I have note3
Jassim Alhaddad 2016-05-01

Pending Everything is perfect but in the new update i cant play with my friend it shows they are pending i cant even invite them
Aziz Arrak 2018-12-22

You need coins to play locally with friends. If you run out of coins, you literally can\'t play with people sitting right next to you. I\'m not talking online, just a local game with 4 people sitting right next to each other. When I complained this to them they banned me.
j.blast115 2016-07-18

The game is nice but the money issue I really olved the game but the money issue is so bad. How can you play and win half what you paid ? That will make you broke if you lost more than once. If you played four games and won at them that means that you will receive the same money you paid for two games. I know this is a new game at the google plat store abd I\'m wishing for you all the best. All what iam asking is to make the money prize the double so if someone won he will be able to go again and again.
hamad alnakkas 2019-07-09

It\'s an amazing game but please remove the money option or just let us get more please
Sharif Al Qassab 2018-07-20

I hate this game because it\'s an absolute cheat every time I collect more coins to play higher ranking some guest come over and make you loose all the money you collected
Abdullah Ali 2020-03-28

The game is fun. However, earning coins in game is very very difficult. You will play around 30 minutes and YOU MUST WIN in order to get only 200 coins which is nothing comparing to the purchases available in store (some items has price of 60000). Moreover, there are blue money for purchases in store which are impossible to get. The developer wants you to spent real money for in game purchases indirectly.