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Image to Text, document & PDF Scanner app



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Description of Image to Text, document & PDF Scanner app

Convert your images to PDF Document or modify existing PDFs. Edit, print & manage documents in PDF with your mobile device!

A fast and simple document scanner app with high quality PDF and Text output.

1. Scan documents, receipts and business cards and Convert them to PDF.

2. Edit the images using many available filters.

3. Rotate and Crop images as you need.

4. Easily manage your scanned documents.

5. Lets you export your scanned document to PDF or Text.

6. OCR - Convert image to text - supporting +60 Languages with 99%+ accuracy.

Most accurate OCR scanner app with 99%+ accuracy(Pro) and supporting most popular 60+ languages(Pro) in the world. Scans both Multiple image and PDF files and saves as single/multiple Text or PDF file.

**Disclaimer: Doesn't work offline. Doesn't always work well with Handwriting and cursive letters!

Web Version: https://piocr.com/

Pro OCR Key Features

** 99%+ Accuracy.

** Supports 30+ widely used languages in the world.

** Supports both PDF and Image to Text OCR.

** Needs an active internet connection

** Supports Batch image scanning.

** 10 Pro OCR scan free in first install and 5 Pro OCR scans free everyday.

** Image orientation doesn’t affect accuracy.

** Detects all the numbers separately from the scanned text.

** Detects Phone numbers from scanned text. Call or send message to or save the number directly from the app.

** Extract URL from scanned image. Visit the web page by clicking the URL from the app.

** Extract Email from image.

** Direct Save/Export to *.txt and *.pdf file

** Share scanned text.

Language Support:





































Text Extractor

PDF to Text Converter

Text Recognizer

OCR Image To Text

Text Grabber

Text Reader

Image to Text Converter

OCR Text Scanner

OCR Image Scanner

Batch Image To Text OCR Scanner

Export OCR result as PDF/TXT

Copy image to text result from clipboard

Extract number, email, URL from OCR output

So try our PDF Scanner and Image to Text app. And Scan PDF, text, Copy text, Extract text from any images or photos or pictures you like!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:5.3.8 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Inverse.AI

User Reviews


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Subhash Sharma 2020-09-04

Though there was some technical issue, but it stands resolved now. So far as app is concerned, it works with 99% accuracy. I have never ever come across such a marvellous app. I am highly grateful, as it has solved my purpose. I highly appreciate the efforts and devotion of the developer for unique features of this app. Marvellous job.
G.G. Knight 2021-01-19

Wow I am often frustrated by new apps but this one is amazing. Very simple to use and converted a photograph of text in a book to PDF instantly. Even better when I open the pDF I can edit it. And take a photo of the publishing information for my genealogy source files.
Revanth 2020-07-11

this app is so excellent but most of the features are premium and I can only sacn 10 pages for free and the sacn is very good but for hand written text mostly mistakes..but it\'s is very simple and fast to use..but don\'t have money to use the premium...so uninstalling it but excellent app keep it up..for free mode increase some options and usage ..good ..thank you...make the free mode some more development and features.good. it\'s becoming slow now plz fit it help..
Nur Mohammad 2020-10-06

Much better OCR. But, I liked a thing very bad. That is the subject of Silver Pack. Those who do not require OCR every day. Maybe two-three times a week, four-five pages require it. But, here is the feature of that, there is no way without using a certain number of times to buy it. So how is it Life Time. I think if the last two features here are reduced and its prices were given a little more than the Unlimited Single feature, then the Life Time Pack was the value of PACK.
Rustam Hakim 2020-06-28

When backtracking out after playing with it, it says cleaning up, please wait and the wheel just keeps revolving, endlessly. No way to stop it and get out of the app. How come?
PM Hanghal 2020-06-08

It\'s the best Image to text/Pdf converter I\'ve come across. The results are precise regardless of the lack of space between Headings/Title and the body, as well, the spaces between paragraph and paragraphs. All in all, i say it\'s 99% accurate. Since it\'s weak with stylish and complicated fonts, please use/scan only simple, easily readable fonts and it will do its job, provides you with excellent and accurate services and outcome. I\'m somehow tempted to rate the app ☆☆☆☆☆ (5 stars)...
Alyaanah Chowdhury 2019-04-06

good job . but it would have been better if it could keep the same format as pic i am taking. like if i take a pic of a chart/ table than text should come to me after processing as chart or table. thx
Gary Smith 2020-12-19

This is the only PDF to Editable Text app (OCR) that actually did what it claimed to do unlike so many others. Some will convert a PDF into a Word document however most will still transpose the text as blocks of text images. This app converted these images to editable text!! It is easy to used and although the free version is limited at least you get a good opportunity to try before you buy unlike most other developers who force you to commit before you can test the app!! Recommended!
Glen Lee Edwards 2020-02-27

PDF image, scans fail due to \"unknown error.\" You get 20 free tries using the pro version. I have 9 left even though it hasn\'t worked, yet. The free version works, although the output isn\'t formatted well enough to work with TTS, which is why I\'m looking for this type of app. Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I\'m giving it two stars instead of one because the developers have been attempting to remedy the issue.
Snoop Catt 2019-04-29

I just downloaded the app and the 1st thing it does it\'s try to force me to use their PRO version when all I\'m trying to do is even see if they\'re app even Works...! so then, I click on this Pro, bear in mind I don\'t even want to use Pro, and the VERY next thing that happens is they\'re blasting a 30-second FORCED ad on me!!!! What the F is that!!? IMMEDIATE DELETE