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Description of immoviewer

Create 360° real estate tours, right from our app - fast, efficient, professional. With the immoviewer app, you can take your marketing to a new level. Inspire owners and prospects with immersive 3D 360° virtual tours.

You can create 360° tours in minutes from your mobile phone. Name your tours, add rooms and set movement-points so that the viewer can virtually walk through the property. Do all this with just a few clicks. You can then upload the finished tours to the immoviewer portal. Already created tours can also be organized with the help of the app and subsequently edited.

The immoviewer app supports a variety of popular 360° cameras. You can also use the smartphone camera to create 360° panoramic photos or integrate 360° images from your photo library into the tour.

Functions at a glance:

• Supports Ricoh Theta V, SC, S, m15, Samsung Gear 360 (2017) and panoramic images via the smartphone camera.

• Display of thumbnails (live view for Ricoh theta cameras).

• HDR recording function for image enhancement.

• Brightness control (Ricoh theta cameras).

• Add custom names for tours, rooms, and floors.

• Connecting individual rooms by clicking directly in the app

• Processing already recorded tours.

• Easily upload the tours from the app to the immoviewer manager.

• Make tours available offline inside the immoviewer app.

• Experience 360° tours directly in VR with any compatible goggles.

• Share tours via email and social media.

The online platform includes other processing options, such as access restrictions, viewing angle settings, and the obscuring of specific areas of the photos, including people, and also includes the option to add additional information, such as text, images or videos directly in the 360° image. Request your free trial account at www.immoviewer.com.

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User Reviews


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magnus 674 2020-01-13

What!? I have to to buy a camera?! WHY CANT I JUST USE THE PANORAMA FETURE ON MY TABLET?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!
Raymond Smiley 2017-04-14

Extremely simple to use. Very intuitive.
Jon Cancelino 2017-05-02

How do you REMOVE a tour once it is uploaded? There is no option for that.
ashley peters 2017-07-03

Just downloaded the app.created an account.when I click on NEW it says exceeded trial limit.what nonsense is this
Cheri Fertsch 2016-09-17

couldnt even register so i uninstalled I could create an account internal server really
Charles Turner 2021-01-14

I used to use this with a Ricoh Theta SC without problem. I broke the camera and replaced it with the Theta SC2, it doesn\'t work, image preview is completely black. Developers can\'t, or won\'t provide a solution.
Angeling Yang 2020-06-30

Why does it not support the M15 model??
Emily rabbit 2020-07-11

It is very nice 👌.
DJ James 2020-06-07

Easy to work, but how do you change your account info such as email address, name, etc.? Didn\'t see a tab for settings.
Test Tube 2020-08-15

Cannot even sign up. First got an internal 500 error now just getting a loading page after submitting sign up details ( waiting 10 minutes with \"loading\").