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Description of Imprivata ID

Imprivata ID is a secure authentication application that helps improve clinical workflows for medical professionals for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), remote network access, and others.

For EPCS, Imprivata ID enables Hands Free Authentication, a breakthrough solution that delivers exceptional speed, security, and convenience for providers while meeting DEA two-factor authentication requirements for EPCS. Instead of typing a manual token code, Hands Free Authentication wirelessly retrieves and verifies a one-time password from the Imprivata ID application on the user’s mobile device, even if it is locked and/or in the user’s pocket, which delivers unparalleled speed and convenience with minimal impact to clinical workflows.

For remote network access, Imprivata ID enables fast, convenient push notifications. Users receive a notification on their mobile phone asking them to verify their identity. The user simply swipes the notification from the lock screen of their device and taps “Approve,” and the second factor of authentication is complete.

Please note: To use Imprivata ID, the healthcare provider organization needs to purchase a license for Imprivata Confirm ID (as well as a license for Hands Free Authentication if using that feature). Visit https://www.imprivata.com/imprivata-confirm-id for more information.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-30 Developer:Imprivata, Inc

User Reviews


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Chase Starr 2020-03-13

The app is functional, which prevents it from getting a 1 star review. It is constantly turning off my bluetooth connections with no explanation about why it is doing that. The interface on the app provides no information, no options to change functionality, etc. You have to find the app icon on your phone and get into the App Info screen to change anything, and then all of the options are poorly worded so you have no idea what you\'re tinkering with. I\'m out of space to complain or I\'d go on...
Robert Daughtrey 2020-11-23

Since last update it no longer pops up when the request is sent. I have to manually open the app to approve the connection and occasionally have to push another notification. I have the Fast Access feature enabled and it worked great before.
Jack Mettler 2020-03-03

Toggles my Bluetooth off inappropriately despite not having any permissions to. Constantly breaks the connection with my watch and headphones as a result. Would love to delete it if it wouldn\'t mean giving up required home access to work email.
Justin Edelman 2018-09-12

This app is incredibly frustrating. It starts anytime there\'s a change in Bluetooth state and runs with a persistent notification. It\'s not intuitive to stop, and then requires a force close. Even then, it will start itself again anytime Bluetooth goes off and on. This should be optional in settings. It wastes time, requires a lot of taps, and eats battery. I need it for work but don\'t want it running all the time. It makes for a very poor user experience.
Sarah Guilday 2019-06-05

this app is pretty much useless. Every time I type in a code it gives me it says \"authentication failed. Try again.\" Very frustrating as I have to go into work just to fill out my schedule since this app has yet to work at home
Jimmy Wang 2020-02-23

Inappropriately toggles bluetooth off, disrupting other phone functions. Also does not go to sleep properly--consumed 19% of my total phone battery over 15 hours in background use. I can identify children that can do better app programming
Joshua Pauselius 2018-06-08

This app needs to figure out how to remove the all day notification. I should only see a notification when I approve access. Any other time is unnecessary. These devs are whack af
Oleg Novosad 2019-01-31

Really helpful application for everyday work! Recommend. The new UI looks amazing and I love the ability to turn on / off features when I need them.
Techy Dog 2020-11-30

Push notifications stopped working since updating to Android 11. Having to open the launch the app and wait for the Approve link. Lazy devs need a kick in the @$$ and fix it.
Ha Nguyen 2019-11-02

A necessary evil depending on your work\'s IT practices. since the most recent update however, I can no longer approve from the notification shade. No options are available when I pull down from the notification shade when prompted. Instead the app opens up; slowing down the whole process