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Description of Inard CAD Pro

Inard was created with the vision to empower users to create CAD drawings with speed and ease. It combines the speed of the touch screen with efficient basic AutoCAD features.

Inard CAD Pro has all the features Inard CAD has plus

- full layer support,

- block support,

- share drawing as image, PDF, and DXF, and

- unlimited number of drawings.

To reach full potential the user need to spend a few minutes to learn Inard CAD Pro. Use the interactive help to get you up and running quickly.

Inard CAD Pro prompts the user with relevant actions dependent on what has been chosen on the screen and use sane defaults where possible. This approach does not clutter the interface and minimizes number of steps needed to achieve result.

Inard CAD Pro supports lines, arcs, circles, rectangles, text and distances. Double finger touch is used to support snap, near, and intercept selections. The basic editing features Copy, Move, Rotate and Delete are supported as well as the more advanced CAD features Extend, Fillet, Mirror, Offset, Trim, Split. Line widths, text heights, distances are adapting to the size of the drawing as it grows. Line type, line width, text height, and color can be modified by editing existing layers. Sharing the result as an Image, DXF or Inard file is done with a few clicks.

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More Information Of Inard CAD Pro

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.5.2 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Pär Steffansson

User Reviews


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Frederic Meyering 2019-08-07

This is a great app that doesn\'t take too much learning. Obviously it\'s not like PC based CAD but for a mobile version, I\'ve not found any other to compare. The free version has all the features the pro version has but no exporting and a limited number of sketches. Enough to show that its worth the price asked. I use it for designing furniture. Love it.
Steven Rodriguez 2014-06-09

Pretty Good ! Very simple to learn and use. The ability to add dimensions to your drawings is probably the easiest to use. I have tried a bunch of Android CAD apps, this one is good. Shortcoming: the pop-up number pad has no decimal or minus sign for entering negative co-ordinates. It would be useful to have a decimal point to enter numbers less than 1. When doing fillets and radius, an entry less than 1 would save the extra step of changing properties after creating the circle. With fillets this does not work to well.
Bob 2020-03-15

Works well, it took me a while to get into this. It puts context sensitive function buttons on screen to give common actions depending on what is selected. I couldn\'t figure out how to get it do what I wanted until I realised that the Help menu also selects the action! I have used this to design a few things now and it\'s good - well optimised for a small touch screen. No ads, no sneaky permissions - just as it should be.
Mikhail Malisov 2019-09-21

Great app! Very simple, once you learn it, and yet very powerful and versatile in creating 2-d drafts. Ideal for a small screen like a smartphone.
lalo lalouve 2016-07-10

really good example of an app done right for a touchscreen upd: is this project dead? was: going through the interactive help once is mandatory, after that this is a pretty much complete and very useful 2d cad package. very easy to complex drawings. the only minor issue I\'ve hit so far is it bit slow on deletes.
Jesse Krull 2020-04-19

Every time I try to share a file regardless of the format the file ether is curupt or the drawing is shifted away from the measurments. And I bought the pro version. I need to be able to share my drawings.
Paton Dennison 2019-11-08

Brilliant and detailed. Very easy to use and snap into place
Warren Ellis 2016-11-24

I use this app every day for work I use this app to create simple office layouts for cubicles. The only thing I don\'t like is the lines get thicker when the drawing gets larger. So if you draw 100\' wall you end up with a thick wall
Mike Smith 2015-02-05

Ideal for part replacement I work as a maintenance technician fixing breakdowns and replacing worn parts usually one offs made to measure. I\'ve found this program invaluable, quick and easy to use for making quick and comprehensive drawings to send to the machine shop for production. Yes it might not be the most advanced program on the market but to be able to produce a good drawing to scale and to email or save to cloud all with your phone awesome.
Neal Bedwell 2015-03-13

Brilliant This is by far the best PROPER CAD app for Android I have found. Most others are just glorified sketch apps but this will allow all the basic CAD features. I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when I\'m in the workshop for visualising ideas on the fly, but unlike a sketch app I can actually scale and measure objects to see how they would fit in reality. Brilliant, brilliant app. I hope the developer will continue to expand its functionality. I would happily pay more for even more features.