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Description of IncaMail

IncaMail is a Swiss Post web service enabling e-mails to be sent securely. It means even personal or particularly sensitive data can be sent via e-mail.

On the latest smartphones, IncaMail messages are opened directly in the mail client (e.g. in the Gmail app). This is done using the “Read” button (if available) or by opening the IncaMail.html attachment.

IMPORTANT: on modern Android versions, the IncaMail app is no longer necessary for reading IncaMail messages in most cases!

There are just a few mail apps or older Android versions which don’t work for reading messages. The IncaMail app is only intended for these cases: install the app and use it to open the IncaMail.html attachment.

The IncaMail app also includes other functions, such as sending IncaMail messages and displaying a logbook featuring the protocols of all messages. These functions are also available directly from the https://incamail.com web service and don’t require the app.

NOTE: IncaMail is not just offered by Swiss Post but also its partners, e.g. “P2 The second Swiss Post” at https://www.p2-incamail.de/

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More Information Of IncaMail

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:5.0.0 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:Post CH AG

User Reviews


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Robert Wolf 2019-05-31

I don\'t understand IncaMail.After login,there is no message.I HAVE TO read normal email to read \"encrypted\" email.I don\'t use Inca for anything else,just getting one email per month probably because someone forces to use Inca.The app works same way as simple web access in browser and still I have to open my normal email to get special link to enrypted email.And the email is \"decrypted\" (accessed) only on my login?It means somewhere is saved the key for the document?\"Yes, it\'s really secure!\"
Cristian Fleischer 2018-11-18

Does not work. It is supposed to do ONE thing! And it fails misserably. Have never been able to read my \'secure\' attachment.
Dawar Ahmad 2020-06-23

Does not work After a while I have now another smartphone from Android company but this app does not work.
A Google user 2018-03-26

Worse App ever. I haven\'t been able to open one single attachment. You safe paper but it cost me half an hour to give up trying to open one single attachment. Wow!
Fr Ed 2016-08-16

It\'s just like link to web page I don\'t call such crap an app... It\'s exactly same feature than web page... It\'s easier to add shortcut on your desktop...
Timothy Robin Jung 2016-05-10

Funktioniert nicht Kann nichts öffnen, stürzt immer ab. Schade!!
Aneta 2019-11-16

This app does work. You just need to give it the permission to access the storage on your phone! After installing it I also couldn\'t opened any emails I received... but then I went to app settings and gave it the storage permission. It works now!
A Google user 2017-06-02

crashes, ask for verification all the time. not useful, not working.
Ideomotor Music 2015-12-02

works! Can open my mails on mobile. awesome.
mono riot 2015-12-02