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Description of inCarDoc Pro | ELM327 OBD2

🔌 Your connected car 🚘inCarDoc Pro - best doctor for your car: Check Engine codes reader, diagnostics, scanner, monitor and logbook tool: reads real-time and stored diagnostics parameters from ECU of OBD-II compliant cars.

Before purchasing please check the car and OBD2 scanner compatibility with the free version of inCarDocr https://goo.gl/imxGhN

Requires ELM327 or compatible OBD scanner. Supported: OBD-II (Bluetooth, WiFi, Kiwi 3 (BLE), V-Gate iCar 3 (BLE), Veepeak (BLE), Carista, Vinli); GPS-only and Demo modes. Read more at inCarDoc.com Limited functionality available w/o ELM327 possible only in GPS mode: Speed, Altitude

🏆 Pro version features: • no ads

• real time parameters recording

• read & display multiple parameters

• recording parameters in background mode

• view recorded parameters traces

• GPS traces support

• upload to server http://inCarDoc.com

• extended widgets: fuel economy, acceleration

• overlay to present economy data over any application screen

🛠 Car diagnostics Works as fault codes OBD2 scanner, reads Check Engine (MIL) state, details, related freeze frame data, finds descriptions and clears stored diagnostic trouble codes (DTC). Allows to store and share diagnostics data when looking for a professional service/repair assistance. Please note that app supports only parameters and ECU's specified with OBD-II standard, that is Engine and Emission systems.

⏲ Real-time parameters Reads real-time engine and vehicle OBD2 parameters PIDs from car’s sensors: speed, rotation (rpm), coolant temperature, pressure, O2 oxygen sensors and multiple other PIDs. Available chart drawing and analog/digital widgets presentation. Please note that exact list of scanned OBD2 parameters depends on your car make/model/year.

⛽ Economizer: Trip Computer mode for presenting and tracking car’s fuel economy/consumption. Presents both in-drive (instant and average MPG) as well as per trip, per day and other statistics. Please note, that feature available when appropriate OBD2 economy parameters (MAF or MAP+IAT+RPM) are supported in your car. For correct calculations you may need to enter Engine displacement (in cubic cm) and volumetric efficiency (in %, the default is 80).

♾ Other features: • logbook notes: fueling, service records, car maintenance, diagnostics

• GPS parameters: speed, altitude

• register and upload data to web

• console mode: for advanced users, direct OBD2 and ELM327 commands sending

• use custom configurations for non-standard parameters and protocols

🌐 site http://inCarDoc.com

Avoid!!! simultaneous running of multiple OBD-II reading apps, be sure that other apps does not keeping live Bluetooth/WiFi connection via ELM327 OBD2 scanner.

Required permissions: • Device & app history

Used to self- identify application when at background

• Location

Extra GPS parameters: GPS speed, altitude, position for fueling and service search

• Photos/Media/Files

Store and read "Logbook" and Debug data as direct user's actions

• Other

Bluetooth related - communication with external OBD2 scanner

Internet related - publishing "Logbook" records to server as direct user's actions

Drawing over other apps – presenting economy and selected parameters over other app’s screens

Warning!!! There are reports on issues when using some cheap "clones" of ELM327 (mostly marked as v2.1)! Read more at our forum https://goo.gl/9qiBSv

You are always welcome @

🌐 our site http://inCarDoc.com

Thank you!!!

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More Information Of inCarDoc Pro | ELM327 OBD2

lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:7.6.9 Publish Date:2021-11-20 Developer:inCarDoc

User Reviews


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Robert Johnston 2020-11-20

Excellent device , especially when yest driving a car you are thinking of buying , some car dealers can clear off faults so they dont show on the dashboard , this gadgets finds those faults to make sure the car is what it should be
Pete Chiboucas 2020-07-13

I am unable to connect to the odbc device in the car I am unable to report the problems from within the app. I like the interface in the free version which worked fine but after I gave them money it all stopped and I can\'t get any help. This is the only way I see to communicate. If they help me I will update this.
S AK 2019-04-14

Connecting with the Bluetooth was seamless. I have not tried all features but I was able to read and clear error codes, and I drove around with the fuel economy graph on. It is really cool.
Ian Brown 2020-11-26

So far so good. Still learning the app, it was worth the 3 dollars for the pro version. I like it and would recommend if you are into cars and have an OBD reader.
Fred Youngblood 2017-12-19

App works perfectly. My only complaint is that it monitors and reports on my truck\'s operating systems in real time, but doesn\'t really define any issues until the CEL comes on and throws a code at me. With that said, the device and app together have saved me literalky thousands in predetory mechanics fees. Even my neighbor who is a real mechanic was impressed. That says a lot
Jonnathan Gutierrez 2020-11-06

Takes too long to connect... Sometimes does not even connect... Use OBD Fusion instead, that app is really worth it, this app is a waste of money ****For your stupid comment to reply back now you get 1 star and I am recommending \"OBD Fusion\" as it is very reliable and way better app not only visually but provides more specific data... not only bad app but your customer service is worst...
A Google user 2019-01-13

doesnt give any info on how to use it. aside from connecting voa bt. keeps having the same page come up. cant test my cars engine at all. total waste of money. im furious
Richaard Corbeau Rumney 2020-07-28

Works very well with my adapter. BUT. .... the Adapter is no longer available anywhere. Fortunately I paid thru Tmobile. I will be able to refund quite easily enough. The makers of this product have an absolute responsibility to communicate this matter to their customers!
Steven Smith 2020-06-26

Excellent works well with my saab, best tool I\'ve been advised to get Excellent UI, really does what\'s expected, I\'ve had codes come up, checked them and got the fault fixed straight away. Connection all the time no fussing around at all definate thumbs-up 👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾
Has Akay 2019-12-14

This is worthless. Cold not even add my car. It kept erasing the parameters I entered. Connects then disconnects. Can\'t even get any diagnostic code. I even got the pro version thinking it would be better but no it\'s as bad as the free version. Stay away !