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Grand Rounds Health by Included Health takes the stress out of managing your health. On call 24/7, top doctors, nurses and care coordinators connect you to high-quality healthcare in your network, expert second opinions and answers to all your health and health benefits questions.

Manage all your healthcare needs, all in one place.

- Chat 24/7 for expert answers to your healthcare questions

- See what’s covered by your insurance and ways to save on healthcare

- Get an expert second opinion with no exams or appointments

Grand Rounds Health won’t cost you a thing. It’s a healthcare benefit covered by your employer. Activate your account today to get the best care possible. Learn more at grandrounds.com.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:9.23.5 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Grand Rounds Health

User Reviews


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Courtney Wilson 2020-12-06

Normally I rely on this app to look up details about my insurance plan, but since the recent update everytime I try to open the app an error message pops up saying there\'s a connectivity issue, even when I access it from the grand rounds website.... Please fix it!
joshua Lucas 2019-01-03

interface is nearly impossible to use on android. Text boxes are blocked by the typing window so you have no idea is your words are matching what\'s needed. Overall horrible navigation and interface for an otherwise great idea.
Brandi Twigg 2019-04-19

The app is useless. The app helps you find a doctor and gives you profile information under the plans tab, which you already know: your name, phone number, and birthdate. It doesn\'t give your insurance info, HRA info, so what is the point? I already know my name and can find doctors through my insurance webpage.
Jennifer Howell 2018-02-22

Worked for a day or two and then would say it can\'t detect internet and I was connected to internet. There is no technical support team and I had difficulty receiving and sending messages. I received little to no help on these issues .
Rachel Close-Sawyer 2020-05-30

this stupid app kept asking me over and over to put my doctor information in. I literally had to put it in three different times And when I thought that it actually did it, again it asked me to enter in more doctor information. So I entered in only one doctor thinking that it had the other doctors still in there. Nope. It erased everything. Hate this app.
Rachel Masterson 2018-11-20

All the images, buttons, and graphic texts are broken. I tried reinstalling and deleted app cashe and data and problem persisted. It\'s almost impossible to navigate the app when every icon and button graphic novel s missing or showing the broken picture icon.
Tony Felice 2020-12-07

Unfortunately, this app misses the mark for now. Recently received new healthcare (Aetna) with instructions to use this app. Had a pcp before, and attempted to find via Grand Rounds. The app gave 3 recommendations for pcps - one was more than 500 miles from me. The pcp I tried to locate lives less than one mile from my home. There was a long list of other pcps, but I could not sort by distance. There was a distance filter, but it did not work. Went to Aetna\'s website and found the pcp in <1m
Estela Albiar 2019-02-19

They are very good at the help they give. Very prompt detailed concern and get back to quickly I thank them for all the help the have given me.
Andy Wetzel 2020-03-03

Edit 3/2/2020: A recent update resolved the issue I was having. It opened to a white screen, but after exiting the app and going back in it works perfectly now!
Wilfer Lanwi 2017-12-12

Worthless! Can\'t link up with provider website. Out of network error.