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Description of Income vs Expenses

Income vs Expenses is an application that allows you to control the home budget for users who want to save money. Allows easy control over expenses. Income vs Expenses is intuitive, easy to use and fast. Thanks to it, we can control our finances, we know how much we spend, we have more control over money and a smaller saving problem.

Control your finance, define categories, plan your own budget and expenses.

The basic functions of the application :

- very simple interface - very fast and flexible

- define and manage your own finance accounts to manage income and expenses more precisely

- Record incomes and expenses,

- View and control income and expense in terms of categories , days , and more specifically ,

- Future spending - a function that allows you to easily keep in check invoices and bills that must be paid in the future,

- Budget - to create a finance budget for each category as well as their own budgets for any time frame

- Categories - both revenue and expenses are grouped into categories that define the same user

- Reports - a multitude of reports allows you to easily control finance and household budget

- Backup - both dropbox , mail and a local copy of your data secure from loss

- Notifications - will make you never forget about the impending deadline expenditure

- Widgets - will allow even easier to control the household budget

- Pictures - take pictures of bills

The application 'Income vs expenses' is a best way to expense control and manage home budget.Thanks to build in functions allows you to easily log daily expenditures and incomes and costs incurred in terms of which creates the user. Categories allow you to specify whether the expenditures is fixed or variable expense. Categories can be easily distinguished by color. New transactions can be easily analyzed through different grouping and aggregation as well as through reports and graphs. Built-in reports allow control of the home budget, for example, clearly shows how monthly expenditures are for food, rent, expenses for clothing, a car, the balance of income and so on. The main report is a balance where we can on a monthly basis to check the relationship of income to expenditures of yout home budget.

Another advantage is the ability to create plans (budgets) that help control the home budget. Using the plan, we can control the use of our available resources and plan ahead their finances. The application has also a module cyclical spending, which save future expenditures. A quick way to add entries is one of the biggest advantages of the application. With a few steps we can add an entry, define your own limit or perform such report for the last year. Additionally, the application easily stores the data locally or in the cloud dropbox. Saving money has never been so easy and comfortable.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.08 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:goral

User Reviews


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K 2019-06-15

I\'ve been using this for a few months now. Simple, easy to use and no unnecessary frills or unneeded information. Quickly and easily enter income and expenses, you can select your date, DELETE an entry if you make a mistake and choose from a number of different formats and reports to view your information. I downloaded and used probably 10 different apps before finding this, this app is hands down the BEST. The biggest reason this is my favorite is the simplicity, bravo guys, bravo!
hector perez 2018-12-10

It\'s not easy that is simple app or somebody to keep a budget and I\'ll do their grocery expenses you need to have some knowledge of mathematics or knowledge how to use the app so that\'s why I don\'t hate the app I just can\'t use it is that simple enough for a simple person to use it but good luck
Sandeep Rajput 2020-08-31

Best application to track the income and expensive.. we can also manage different account in this . Only problem is that u can\'t transfer this to ur new mobile or if u lost ur mobile u lost whole data u can\'t recover it.. this is the biggest worse thing of this app.. overall it\'s a best app. And also the data is safe or not it\'s not Shure.
Meriame Brideau 2019-02-22

I checked the critical ratings compared to the positive ones and a lot more of positives. I think the people who are complaining should go see a financial counslor cause this app is really easy to understand so they might not undetstand any other app lol. It took me maybe 10 minutes. And yes we can delete if we make mistakes, you just have to hold on an expense or an income and it does give you the option to delete.
Sergio Balsa 2020-04-09

Would be great to get an average or trend function... also a comparative between month x and month y.
Blessed Mommy 2019-04-17

This App do not allow me to email to myself and receive a report it\'s great only for personal use
David Asgaralli 2020-09-17

I tried to save my reports and all my data disappeared. I emailed developer and had no response to date, 2 weeks ago. What terrible service and waste of time as I will have to install a different app and start over from January 1st
Md. Rafiqul Islam 2020-12-13

It was a great app to me. But now it has destroyed lots of important data having no restore from drive if the app is uninstalled by accidently. The developer has changed the backup function. So it may not be helpful for anyone more. It will be risky.
david lheureux 2020-10-09

The best app for tracking. But I can\'t find a way to reset my data and start over again. I want to redo all my system in it, but it is all interconnected. Is there a reset? Awaiting response from developers.
Chris Bradley 2019-01-14

I\'ve searched far and wide to find an app the could set budgets, track expenses, savings, income and let you create your own categories. This app also offers recurring expense payments that are constantly the same and recurring payments that vary ie: utilities, medical, etc. It\'ll also tell you your current balance and projected balance based on upcoming recurring expenses. You can also add savings accounts and choose to view all accounts at once to see your total net worth or just one account.