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Referred through an indi partner? You're in the right place! indi is currently available only through select partners.

indi is smart banking for independent workers. Bank on the go, save for taxes, and track expenses—all in one app.¹

Whether you're self-employed, a freelancer, an independent contractor, or working a side gig, indi is designed for you. indi is an FDIC-insured account² with a debit card³ and mobile banking app built for independent workers. Use indi to bank smarter, save for taxes, and maximize expense deductions—all in one account, right in your pocket. No signup fee. No monthly service fee. No overdraft fees. No minimum balance requirement.



Income taxes are not automatically withheld for most 1099 workers. indi is here to help you be better prepared come tax time.


indi is a single account that lets you visualize your balance as two categories—Okay to Spend and Tax Savings.⁴


Tell us about your income, and we’ll calculate an estimated amount you should save to cover your federal and state taxes.⁴


Set up direct deposit to start funding your indi account. As you get paid, indi can designate a percent of each deposit to Tax Savings.⁴


The money reflected in Tax Savings is available anytime. If you dip in, indi will alert you and increase the percent that you designate moving forward.




Use your indi debit card for purchases—work or personal. Categorize deductible expenses as soon as you swipe.


Set up indi to designate a percent of each deposit to help you reach your Tax Savings Goal.⁴


Capture and upload receipts directly to indi.


Enjoy no monthly service fee, no minimum balance requirement, and no overdraft fees.


Rely on indi for tax payment reminders, intelligent tips, and real-time notifications.




All indi accounts are FDIC-insured up to the maximum amount permitted by law.


Withdraw cash fee-free at over 18,000 ATMs in the PNC network. Deposit cash at retailers nationwide.⁵


1. A supported mobile device is needed to use this mobile app. Standard message and data rates may apply.

2. indi is a prepaid account. Your funds will be held at PNC Bank, National Association and are eligible for FDIC insurance, subject to FDIC insurance coverage limits.

3. The indi prepaid debit card is issued by PNC Bank, National Association.

4. indi’s Tax Savings Goal feature is not a substitute for individual tax planning or for legal, financial, or tax advice. This feature is intended only as a tool to provide a basic sense of your potential tax savings needs. Because indi will not know everything about your finances or your personal situation, your Tax Savings Goal may be more or less than your actual tax liability. The Tax Savings Goal does not account for local taxes. Using funds designated as Tax Savings for other spending may leave too little money to pay your taxes.

5. indi cardholders can withdraw cash at any ATM. Cash deposit locations are limited to PNC ATMS; and Visa® ReadyLink merchants (for Visa cardholders) or Mastercard® rePower merchants (for Mastercard cardholders); merchants may charge a fee for this service.

Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

indi is a registered mark of numo llc, a subsidiary of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

PNC and PNC Bank are registered marks of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

©2021 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved. PNC Bank, National Association. Member FDIC.

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User Reviews


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Nick Murphy 2020-08-01

Everything has been smooth-sailing so far with the indi app & Debit/Banking Account. And I love the fact that the debit card is issued by/through PNC Bank.!. Just Because in my area there are mainly PNC ATM\'S Available for use & cash withdrawals, & Fee-Free. Plus+ It\'s nice bcuz I have an actual PNC account already. It\'s nice not to have the usual pre-paid Debit card banks like Bancorp, NetSpend, Card, etc. (As many of those banks charge outragous Fees just to use their debit card)!
J M.M 2020-10-13

Customer Service is very nice, and very knowlegable. I cannot complain about any of the services they offer. Theres not been a glitch,hiccup,or \"system down\" notice that i would get with other banks i used to use.(knock on wood) To the competitors ........................ If you cant beat \'em , then join\'em !!!!
Randi Brewster 2020-03-12

Love this app and bank. I have had no problems using my card and was even contacted once just to make sure it was me using it. I appreciate that they care. I would highly recommend this to anyone who works a 1099. Love how it moves the \"taxes\" to the side.
jason smith 2020-08-26

Love the app and the online banking is just perfect its everything you need only downfall is they only allow 7 in and out transfers a week which is not good when i uae it to add money to other apps and cash money out from other apps
J.E. Hernandez 2020-05-14

Over all, I think the app is easy to use, and doesn\'t really have that many issues. There is an occasional bug or two, but that is to be expected with a new app. However I think new features should really be pushed forward more quickly, especially now. This includes the mobile check deposit, easier ability to transfer funds from other banks, and perhaps even external account linking through plaid. Finally, I think Indi/PNC should look into having a credit card option akin to AMEX business.
Angie Schuster 2020-02-06

I really love the Indi app. It saves my quarterly taxes automatically, making that entire process so much easier. They just launched receipt capture which is also amazing for me to keep track of everything in one spot. They engage with their customers and really listen to any suggestions or concerns we might have and I am just so impressed with the company as a whole. It\'s a must for anyone that is self employed.
Drew L 2020-05-15

UPDATE: I applied using my home address not my business as recomended this time. They still could not verify/approve my account. I have appliled for five new online banking accounts/business cards since without ANY trouble! This has been a complicated and confusing process. They said they couldn\'t verify my info but I have many established accounts and perfect credit. I can open a biz account at my bank without issue. I hoped this would be an easy process.
Christopher Cragwall 2021-01-08

You can add money at an atm for free. That\'s a nice feature.
brittany marty 2020-08-03

Been on hold with customer service for OVER an hour to report my card stolen. Meanwhile, more charges are being racked up and there is nothing I can do about it besides sit here on hold and let my money get stolen. The indi app shows a bank card identical to mine under the card management link, which shows a \'card ON\' status and a green light, but I am having trouble understanding what the heck that\'s supposed to do since there seems to be no option to change my card\'s status to \'OFF\'.....
Kienda Marshall Fobbs 2020-03-17

It\'s a amazing I like all of the features of this app I most definitely whould recommend it for anyone who is self employed