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Description of Infinite Design

Rebuilt from the ground up: blazing fast, incredibly stable, with an improved interface.

An unparalleled experience

• Infinite canvas (pan, zoom, or rotate)

• Intuitive path editing

• Boolean operations

• Align and distribute objects

Superior tools

• Experiment with four types of symmetry

• Unlimited layers

• Unlimited undo with a history slider; scrub through from start to finish

• Easily construct shapes with the pen tool

• Draw 3D cityscapes with five different perspective guides

• Text tool: horizontal, vertical, circle, or text on path

Streamlined interface

• It’s simple. It’s organized. It’s out of the way.

• Move your favorite tools to the top bar for quicker access

• Drag out the color wheel with two fingers

Advanced features

• Transform tool: Translate, Scale, Rotate, Flip, Distort, and Skew

• Gradient and Pattern Fill

• Rotate and flip the canvas

• Automatic shape detection

• Grid for reference or snapping

• Vectorize: turn any image into fully editable vector paths

Import and export

• Import and export SVG

• Add images from Gallery, Camera, or search the web

• Export images as JPEG, PNG, or SVG

• Share to Infinite Studio community or Instagram

• Search millions of colors, palettes, and patterns via ColourLovers

Artwork provided by:

Nubi Creative

Rey zilva Ardiansyah

Ales Sunarnov

Mad Matt

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More Information Of Infinite Design

lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:3.5.5 Publish Date:2021-11-29 Developer:Infinite Studio LLC

User Reviews


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Badge O\'Shame 2020-05-10

I think it is fantastic, and that it has the potential to surpass Adobe Illustrator from a logo and art perspective. It\'s amazing! There are a few issues though, such as crashing while using the edit tool on lines and a weird glitch where you can\'t see the change in an editted line until you zoom away from it? I\'ve gotten over it and adapted, but it\'s so close to perfection! Please fix these bugs, you developers have a great thing going here.
Sonata Starlit Sarangi 2020-05-22

The brushes and everything was amazing until I saved my work and came back later to only find that all the layers vanished with only one remaining. Also i tried again, did all the work again, and same thing happened the app crashed suddenly and all the layers were gone. So much hardwork gone in seconds. This is really disappointing. I am uninstalling the app. Hope they work on their software soon.
Melanie Burdeau 2020-06-27

I loved this app, got the free trial. So I purchased it...the full version. Thats when the problems began, lines disappear, color disappears. I try backing up and going forward and they\'re just gone...it crashes. I have lost an entire project and to me thats a make it or break it. I am so disappointed...I hope a patch comes out soon. Otherwise I will have to find another drawing app.
Davide Lombardi 2020-11-23

The app would be great but it has a serious issue in loosing/deleting layers. You save complex images, and when you reopen them, they\'re gone, at least partially, in some layers being deleted somehow. I have the paid version, and I\'ve managed to recover a drawing by duplicating it, then opening the new (which failed) and then opening the old (which was complete again).. don\'t know for how long. Please fix this.
Samantha Stardustt 2020-11-23

This app would be great except it keeps glitching and my saved work goes back to an earlier save point. I hit save often to ensure it\'s not lost when the app randomly closes. But then I go back to my very recently saved work and it\'s not where I saved it. Can we fix this please????? Why does it keep doing this? I\'m essentially just wasting all my time and effort for nothing if it keeps screwing up my work.
Tuwaiora Dunn 2020-04-02

Hi, I\'ve been using this app almost daily and so far it\'s been great however I have only one continuous issue which is when I use colour in my drawings, every time I try saving an art piece and revisit it the colour never saves. I wonder if I\'m not doing something correctly or it\'s my device I don\'t know. If there is a solution to it i\'d love to hear it. Thx 4 listing
Dust Wizard Gaming 2020-06-04

I\'ve been enjoying Infinite Design for years, but after switching to my new phone, the unlocked (payed for) tools and projects won\'t transfer. It says I\'m logged in through Settings but the app isn\'t behaving like I am. I cannot change my account password, all the premium tools are locked, and none of my previous projects are in the library. If this is fixed I will change my review to 5 stars. There is nothing wrong with this wonderful program, it\'s just this one personal inconvenience.
Daniel Swain 2020-05-20

Nice feature set, but there are a few annoying bugs. 1. Occasionally, phantom lines are drawn as touches fail to register, then a thin line appears from a previous touch point to a more recent one. 2. When changing between lines and the eraser, the size is massive, until you press and info again, then it returns to the size you had selected. 3. When the app crashes, the first layer (not the active layer) is wiped, even if I had saved beforehand. I lose everything from that unselected layer.
kwirb 2020-07-21

What is happening... I paid full price for this, the layers and their details keep disappearing.? Preview looks fine, but opening the file, whole layers and details of existing layers that didn\'t randomly disappear are incomplete. How am I supposed to continue using this when hours of work keep disappearing? Samsung galaxy tab s6, 8gb ram, 256gb... is it hardware? No updates since September last year? Come on, Devs! What\'s going on?
Mark Woodward 2020-12-29

Has great potential but has too many bugs. I\'ve paid for the full version but then discovered that although I can \'vectorise\' a photograph, every time I try to edit the points it opens the transform command instead or just crashes. I\'m running on a Samsung galaxy tab s6. Overall disappointed - can\'t recommend while it has such fundamental bugs.