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Description of Informed Delivery®

The Informed Delivery® application allows you to interact with your incoming mail and packages in one convenient location. Digitally preview your household’s letter-sized mailpieces and receive USPS Tracking® updates for incoming packages directly from the app:

• Verify your identity to ensure you have access to your secure dashboard

• Digitally preview grayscale images of the exterior, address side of their household’s letter-sized mailpieces scheduled to arrive soon.

• Report missing mailpieces, and in some cases, interact with mailer-provided digital content associated with mailpiece images (e.g., special offers, related links).

• Schedule emails and/or text-based alerts to track the delivery status of your incoming packages.

• Scan the barcode on shipping labels with a mobile device’s camera to store the label number and track its status.

• Leave delivery instructions for incoming packages and schedule a redelivery.

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More Information Of Informed Delivery®

lable: Business - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-05-17 Developer:United States Postal Service®

User Reviews


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Zach Sullivan 2019-06-05

Edit 6/4/19 Still says \"unable to complete the request\". Edit 5/1/19 Still says \"unable to complete the request\" at sign in. Edit 2/26/19 Still says \"unable to complete the request\" when trying to sign in. So it still does not work. What is going on? Are the issues going to be fixed or has this become a useless, deprecated program? Original post: It use to somewhat work. Unfortunately, it will no longer allow me to log in or do anything other than say \"unable to complete the request\" and crash.
A R 2020-12-17

the app is incredibly poorly done, basically useless. doesn\'t keep you logged in even if you ask it. for the last few weeks I have not been able to log in at all, get error message of unspecified problem. this is not first time but previously reinstalling seemed to help. not this time. government at work... update. to add insult to the injury the email address for developer given here does not work either. wow. incompetence... 12/20 can\'t log in. Cant they find a competent 10 year old to code?
Lora Nordstrom 2020-07-21

Great app before update at the end of April. Now, I can\'t even login. It continually gives an \"Unable to complete the request\" error. Still an issue as of May 15th, 2019. Sent an inquiry and have heard nothing. Clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling don\'t fix the issue. App is dead. Update 7/21/20: App worked for just a little while and now is dead again. Very frustrating!
Joseph Valenti 2018-10-03

Stopped working, I get an error when trying to sign in on the app. The credentials work on the website so they are not the problem. The problem was the recent update to oreo, I needed to Uninstall and re install and reactivate my device by confirming a texted code. Hope this helps someone
D SCMH 2020-07-04

Really?? Can\'t open app. It used to work just fine but just recently, when you try to log in you get a message \"unable to complete request.\" Fix it already. It is now 7/3/20 and app is still not working. I get the same error message. Easier to access Informed Delivery from browser. Going to uninstall this app since there has been no response from Developer. Good riddance!
Steven Salge 2020-05-09

Problematic! The services it provides is worthwhile, but the execution is very poor. The app locks up sometimes and often will fail to load. What really irritates me is not being able to use the phones back button to go back, like every other app on the planet does. The back button, for some reason, will close the app. You must use the \'
Duane Davis 2019-10-10

The app works just fine. My only issue with it is, when things don\'t get delivered and I check the box indicating that, it would be nice to get some feedback from the USPS.
Becky G 2020-07-28

YAY ! It is working again... HOWEVER, the text in packages set to deliver is a little messed up. (Hard to explain.) ... But hey, it is working, again!! 👍🏻 For those new to the app, it is great to see what (letter) mail you should get each day AND ability to track packages! 😁 (I\'ll give it 5 stars, if they fix the text issue, without messing anything else up. LOL... it\'s a minor issue & does NOT effect the ability to see when a package should arrive!) 😉
FeeFee 2020-12-16

If you have an android and hit the back button it will log you out oppose to sending you back a screen. So far it is capturing images of all current enveloped mail. It do not scan catalogs, packages or junk mail. So far I am receiving images of all current mail. I am hoping the app do not stop working on me. I need to know what is coming through the post office.
Adam Wunder 2019-05-18

Had to delete, reinstall, try to login and then clear all the app data. Once I did that, was able to login with no issues. Love seeing my upcoming packages/mail. The only complaint is when I hit my phone\'s back button, it exits out of the app. Overall pretty nice.