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Description of Infy Me

Infy Me app is part of “Employee Experience” program started with the goal to make all the key transactions available to you on-the-go, provide the best experience possible and to amplify your potential. The app requires sign-in with valid Infosys domain credentials and 2nd factor authentication.

You can create/change phone or PIN from webapps->MFA portal

Application features:

1. Infy Global: Be up-to-date with the latest happenings in the organization, read the leaders Blogs, know about fellow Infoscions and access Individual Communication here.

2. Services: Leave, Holiday calendar, Book US domestic air travel, Timesheets, Pulse survey, Onduty, Optional holidays, Advance leaves, pre comp-off, weekend working, Work from home, Late stay, Night stay, Accommodation, Local taxi, regularize single swipe and status unknown, Schedule a phone call (Buzz), Infosys Directory, Hive, Share and seek feedback, View average working hours, Laptop gate pass, My ID card, Global helpdesk

3. Notifications: Approvals On the go and view the Information/Action items. Approvals like Accommodation, Advance travel, Domestic travel, International Travel, Late stay, Loan for IL, BPM, Local taxi, Night stay, Leave, Leave cancellation approval (for India), On duty, Single swipe, Status unknown, Weekend Working, Work from home

4. Profile – Dashboard showing average working hours, leave balance and WFH balance along with profile details

5. Transaction search - No need to navigate through the menu. All your transactions are available right on the home page. Type in the keywords, select the transaction, enter the details and submit.

Note: Kindly report the issues to the InfyMe@infosys.com before rating the application in play store.

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More Information Of Infy Me

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:3.2.6 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Infosys IT Mobile Apps

User Reviews


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Raja Md 2020-12-26

Always slow. Unable to apply wfh also. Its always loading and simply display something went wrong. Never faced this in previous updates.
Raja Md 2020-12-26

Always slow. Unable to apply wfh also. Its always loading and simply display something went wrong. Never faced this in previous updates.
Swati Rana 2019-05-23

will this be fixed??? Does not work for me. After login a screen shows and hangs there. Is it even meant for Infosys BPM employees? If yes, please fix this. Please let know once this has been taken care of. Do i need to perform some steps on my end.
mohan raj 2020-05-03

1. Unable to open the app after the latest update. Uninstalled the app and installed it again, but it\'s not working. 2. Redirecting to login page and after providing the credentials got the call and verification was also successful but its not proceeding further. 3. I changed the Authentication mode to SMS , it worked. Thank you for the support 👍.
Rupavan Takhellambam 2020-07-23

Right from day 1 since installation, there is this problem or i would say necessity to log in every single day. App automatically logout and I have to perform all the steps everytime I use it. Also, i can say that this issue is there way before WFH are made mandatory due to the onging situation. We Infoscian do rely on the app for emergency and other useful updates as well. It will be great help if the said issue is address or else people will be reluctant to use it further.
Neha Das 2020-04-21

There is something wrong with the app after the recent update. Not able to apply for work from home. Whenever i click on the services button the page doesn\'t open and after sometime a message \"something went wrong. Do try again\" displays. Hence, not able to apply WFH. Please fix this.
Harshal Shah 2020-05-14

Everytime a new update arrives and we update the application, it either takes ages to load the app or crashes. This has been a very common issue that needs immediate resolution as employees depend on it for a lot of important activities especially in the current situation. Also, I guess from the last update the average hours calculation is not reflecting even though the swipe records show otherwise
arindam basu 2020-04-30

The app sucks after the update. I had no other option but to update the app as it would not allow to apply WFH. Now, after the update the app is not opening at all. Keeps throwing error that \"unfortunately InfyMe has stooped\". Galaxy J7 is the official handset provided to the employees. Was this app even tested in J7 before rolling out the update and forcing people to upgrade it? Fix this ASAP please.
Ayush Jain 2020-06-26

App is good. But the developers are so smart that they will force you to update the new version by deploying a bug in the older version... Smart game.... Reply 2: May be you are talking about environment. If so I can agree. If not than why the old things stop working whenever new update comes. Yeah in every version , applying work from home or looking into notification as employee one have to update his /her app and there many more features which will not work without update.
Abhijeet Bhoske 2020-06-13

Why does this app crash after every new update? \'External apps not configured\', \' no items available for you\'. We use this app because it seemed convenient than going through sparsh for every purpose, but the app is failing this main purpose and sick of reinstalling it a number of times. I do have the updated version of company portal app. Please help resolve this issue asap.