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Description of INKredible - Handwriting Note

It’s amazing how pen and paper, two inventions dating back to thousands of years ago, have been almost irreplaceable. Until now. Inheriting the best inking feature from the popular Notes Plus app, now with its own automatic palm and wrist rejection, INKredible will make writing on a tablet feel as good as, or even greater than, pen on paper. You have to try it to believe it. It’s incredible!


INKredible has only ONE single mission: to create an outstanding writing experience on a tablet. It is meant to be distraction-free. In fact most of the time, you will not see any UI controls or buttons, just a blank sheet of paper to write on.


With more than 3 years of R&D in vector-graphics inking technology, we are confident INKredible - with a sophisticated manipulation of Bezier curves - will make your handwriting look more beautiful than on paper.

Even more specially, it will look good in any resolution, for printing or displaying purposes. Just zoom in and you will see why INKredible is unique among other handwriting apps.

… and, well, PERFECT!

OK, the INKredible writing experience on a tablet might not be perfect, but it is as close to perfection as you can find.

It is FREE. Try it today and see for yourself.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:2.7.3 Publish Date:2021-12-03 Developer:WriteOn

User Reviews


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Rachel Vega 2019-02-08

This has full functionality on my Samsung tablet and I love it. The S pen works really well with this app and has extraordinary control. Sharing/saving is no trouble at all... to Dropbox, Google drive, Gmail, your gallery, whatever. I\'m not sure why people are complaining about low functionality. Maybe they didn\'t bother to watch the tutorial. I also bought the calligraphy pen for a measly $.99 and it\'s worth it.
Bruce Waters 2020-10-21

Almost but not quite. I like the ability to write naturally. The pens are responsive and it is moderately easy to navigate. The menu bar auto hides nicely. Having said that scrolling is a little harder than it should be (not responsive and not at all fluid). All the controls are just a little more difficult and unintuitive than they need to be. The big sticking point for me is the lack of handwriting to \"text\" conversion. Pro version seems expensive for the features it offers.
D DEE 2020-06-27

WARNING: INKredible APP ACCESSES CONTACTS WITHOUT PERMISSION. This function is NOT even LISTED IN their PERMISSIONS requested. I discovered this after I\'d installed the app and made a phone call. I needed to go thru the call log to change the number. When I went to \"view contact\" a popup came up giving me the option of going thru INKredible or CONTACTS. Even a Force Stop did not engage this app. I immediately UNINSTALLED. WHAT OTHER PERMISSIONS DID THEY MANAGE TO BYPASS GOOGLE?
Marinel Arucan 2020-09-14

I like this app. If you just take your time to know how things work with this app, I\'m sure you\'ll like it. But the only issue I have is that I can\'t pick a color and a paper design at the same time. For example, I want my graph paper to be colored but when it\'s colored it change back into a plain paper. Please, please fix this. I love the app, just want that problem to be fixed.
delta budo 2020-06-25

Best handwriting app out there. I use it to practice calligraphy, and it does feel like you are doing the scripts for real. There can be a feel of discontinuity during the strokes but not too much of a problem, it is as good as it can be for a digital replication of the art. Using it on Samsung note 9 with the S-pen. Thanks developers!
John Paul Legaspi 2020-12-01

YES. After a search for e-notebooks for mobile devices, I have finally found the best in market. Easy to use with the help of built-in writing pad but basically you have to use a touch stylus pen for better result. Good for writing notes, solving math problems and adjustable if you want to insert something. If you want it as a drawing tool I recommend to download it in i pad or tablet. The auto save helps too, it spares you some times clicking save buttons. Of course palm rejection must be fixed
Ava Zahara 2020-04-15

I think this app is great, the only thing is that it would be nice to have a setting where you can fill in shapes with color, sort of like a paint bucket. Another thing is when I try to use the text option, it goes wonky. I wish that you could erase shapes, without having to press the back button, having a delete button would be great. Overall this app is fantastic and I would defiantly recommend it.

The app is simply amazing, you have thought of almost everything and it has been 4 months since I used pen and paper so thank you very much for this very useful app. There is one annoying thing though, when I write close to the right edge of the screen by about 1.5 cm the page navigator opens and I don\'t really need that since I pin the toolbar on the left. So if you can give the option to disable that feature in the future this would really help.Other than that the app is perfect thanks again.
Vivek kashyap 2020-05-27

Free huh? You get 3 notebooks for free, 1 pen, 1 highlighter and eraser free. Everything else you are asked to buy... including different papers which come in different packages by themselves and all cost more than 2 dollars per pack. But i bought some of them to try. The controls are hard to reach and you can\'t zoom in or out when palm rejection is enabled. The 3 stars is for the three other performances not mentioned. I need to pay to use more notes???
Michael Jenkins 2019-01-09

Not at all happy. The free version only allows use of a basic pen. Clicking on the option to purchase the full set of tools says you have to log in to Play Store first. But it doesn\'t work, even if you have both windows open at the same time.