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Description of Instagram

Instagram (from Facebook) allows you to create and share your photos, stories, and videos with the friends and followers you care about. Connect with friends, share what you're up to, or see what's new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights.

INSTA Reels bring you a new way to create and discover entertaining short videos. You can watch, like, comment, and share Reels videos in a dedicated space in Explore.

*Watch & create short clips up to 15 seconds long with INSTA Reels.

Add special effects, background music, face filters, emojis, and stickers to bring your ideas to life

Upload your creative video clips and expand your audience with Explore

Enjoy millions of entertaining, funny, and informative videos

Watch & share any Instagram Reels video with your friends

*Add photos and videos to your INSTA Story that disappear after 24 hours, and bring them to life with fun creative tools.

Stories allow you to easily share moments or posts from your day with text, music, stickers, and GIFs to bring your Stories to life

Share memes privately with your friends and have conversations

Boomerangs loop any moment you capture for a fun mini-video while Superzoom lets you add special effects as the camera automatically zooms in

Add polls to your Stories to get more interaction with friends and followers

Choose specific Close Friends who can watch your video clips or make them public

Pin your favorite memories to your profile to keep your Stories alive as Highlights

* Message your friends in Direct

Start fun conversations with one or more friends about what you see on Feed, Stories, and INSTA Reels.

Video chat to connect no matter where you are

Learn about what's trending from your favorite accounts and send them to friends

Send messages to your friends, share posts privately, and receive chat notifications

* Post photos and videos to your INSTA Feed

Upload photos and videos directly from your phone library

Share content with your followers instantly

Post photos and videos to your feed that you want to show on your profile

Post short videos or photo updates from moments in your life

Receive notifications when someone likes or comments on your post

*Search & Explore to Learn More About Your Interests

* Follow your favorite bands, celebrities, actors, athletes, and singers for live updates

* Watch skits, movie scenes, news updates, music performances, sports highlights, and more from your favorite pages

* Check out IGTV for longer videos from your favorite INSTA creators.

* Discover brands and connect with local small businesses

* Shop for products that compliment your personal style.

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User Reviews


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Maggie Beaumont 2021-03-11

Lots of issues with this app recently. It keeps saying I have message requests, but when I click on the messages nothing shows up and it takes me back to the main page. I also will like posts and come back later and see that it says I never liked the post. It\'s extremely frustrating. Additionally, every time I click a link on someone\'s profile, when I get back on instagram it glitches out, changes colors, and I can\'t see any words, only pictures.
Md Jazib Jasim 2021-03-10

I could rate it only 3 star. The app is having some glitches which needs to be fixed.. I\'ve multiple accounts but not all my accounts are showing the updated features. Messenger, reels these things are not getting updated and still working in the old form in my other accounts. I jst hate this. Overall Instagram as I call it a place for my memories of happiness,the three Star is jst for this.
ayu-bun!! 2021-02-18

I love this app and it\'s layout. But I have a few problems with it. The main problem I have is with the explore page, no matter how many posts I like related to my main interests, it\'ll still show me photography, makeup, etc posts, even if I mark tons of them as not interested or follow a lot of accounts related to those things I like. I don\'t know what I\'m even supposed to do to fix this, it\'s just annoying, I just wanna see stuff I like. I hate scrolling forever just to find what I enjoy. :(
Archana Singha Roy 2021-02-17

It\'s been like 1 year I\'m using the app! It\'s nice and easy to use but the problem which is faced my many (including me) is the algorithm! I don\'t know writing a mere review will solve it or not, but please let small artists & business to grow! I mean if this continues on insta will be more of generic content than original, it\'s not about the numbers but you know a thing called \"motivation\", it motivates people to continue what they are doing!
D K 2021-02-19

Up until a week ago, instagram worked perfectly fine. Now, when I try to unfollow someone, I have to check their page twice in order for the follow/unfollow page. Furthermore, when I try to watch a video post, I have to double click the post in order for the video to play. If instagram does not fix these functions, I might as well find and use a different social media platform.
Katerina 2021-03-03

Too much emphasis on shopping. Drafts do not work on the android app. They break after 1 day, only showing a grey square and a message \"error loading image\" when you try to delete it. Spam accounts are a huge issue, I get messages from spam accounts on my public account daily at this point. We need more protection from this kind of thing.
Avery Post 2021-02-21

I love Instagram, don\'t get me wrong about that, but what is happening sucks! I have had this account for awhile now. I love the account, I\'ve grown so much, in the start of 2020, things went wrong. It stopped working. It says \"cannot load, try again later. \" on everything. i have tried uninstalling it, clearing cache, etc. I EVEN GOT A NEW PHONE AND IT STILL DIDN\'T WORK. The phone was for an update but it still didn\'t work. Nothing is. if you have any idea my new Instagram is averypostt. HELP!
Lillian 2021-03-06

Ever since they changed the layout everything is so glitchy. When I try to post something it\'ll crash the app a few times before I can upload it. Also when I turn off certain notifications (such as notifications of comments on posts I\'m tagged in), I still get them. Apparently they\'re going to get rid of the ability to share posts to stories, which is such an awful idea, that no one wants. I\'m so tired of these really bad updates, the app is just getting worse and worse.
Shalini Maheshwari 2021-03-01

Am so fed up with this app. Yesterday I made around 6-9 reel videos. And I saved all of them. When in evening I went on the drafts side where reels get saved I could only find 2 videos. Even I saved all my videos. It took lot of efforts and hard work. And what I get nothing. Like seriously. Please help me to get them all back. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I really want them back
Corey LeVier 2021-02-26

Good luck getting back into your account when you get locked out. Even if you have all the information you need to verify you\'re the owner of the account, Instagram won\'t grant you access. Their customer service is horrible also. They rely on a FAQ page to \"solve all their issues.\" If none of their \"answers\" can help you, you\'re out of luck and might as well create a new account. Better yet, at that point, delete the app altogether. Instagram continues to decline as a viable social platform.