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Description of Instawork: Find Local Gigs

Are you a job seeker looking for flexible shift work? Daily pay? Traditional hiring may not offer you what you need. Job searches on old-fashioned job sites are time consuming. From odd jobs, shift work, to part time side hustles, Instawork’s vast job bank helps you find work in positions like catering, hospitality, warehouse and general labor. Find jobs using Instawork’s job search and browse feature to apply to hourly shifts that fit your schedule. Get hired and get paid for shifts today all on one app.

Ditch the old-fashioned job search engine, job applications and job sites. Find work that fits your schedule and get paid more with flexible shift work. Find work, get first access to gigs, get hired and find flexible shifts near you by creating your profile now.

Shift work and side hustles don’t have to be one-and-done. We believe in recognizing hard-working, reliable and high-quality professionals. Get paid more for consistent work and high level shift performance with the Top Pro Program. Get gig rewards like cash bonuses, instant payments, 3% extra pay and more!



- Get a job today with daily pay & start working your way

- Get paid today per work day or on a weekly basis

- Job seeker, you can work a flexible schedule & easily choose where you work and when

- Job Bank: Find good work in hospitality, culinary, warehouse & stadiums

- Learn job skills at work and build your experience with each new gig


- Get daily pay & review your paychecks right from our job app

- Find work and get hired at local jobs & shift work sites near you


- Job search made easy. Connect with, new businesses hiring and other professionals

- Good for work and networking: Message people in your network & findr new gigs

- Gig work recommendations from others in your network are just a few taps away

- Increase your chances to get hired permanently by working with businesses in the area


- Get paid more for your experience, consistent work & high-level performance

- Meet the required number of shifts to qualify for InstaPay

- More than a job finder: Earn rewards like cash bonuses, instant payments, priority access to shifts & 3% extra pay on select shifts



- Bartender

- Line / prep cook

- Server

- Busser

- Runner

- Dishwasher

- Cashier

- Concessions

- Event set up & takedown

- Custodial

- Housekeeping


- Picking / Packing

- Material handling

- Forklift Operation

- General Labor

Instawork is currently in over 37 cities in the United States, including:





Los Angeles

New York



San Francisco


and more!

Here’s what Pros say about Instawork:

“Instawork is an amazing opportunity. Make sure you are ready to work and gain skills to be a better employee in the world. Saved My Life.” - Myka Taylor (April 2021)

“I absolutely love & appreciate this app & company. They are 100% legit & consistent. They have now become a part of my lively hood.” - Briana Beasley (April 2021)

“It’s so great to find work with decent pay where you can start immediately and are guaranteed a job with no interview. Makes finding work easier than ever before.” - Ryan Stacey (April 2021)

Got any questions or feedback? Reach out to us at help@instawork.com

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User Reviews


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Daniel Price 2019-10-02

Dont work for this app. Crazy strict rules. You\'ll lose money booking gigs, having them get canceled, and having your account hacked constantly. They can disable and ban your account at any time for unreasonable reasons. Worked two gigs successfully. Had two FIVE star ratings and one business even FAVORITED me and somehow still got banned! When you get favorited you\'re suppose to get priority booking. Dont get scammed, hacked, and robbed of money!!! 😡🤬 Never was late. Racist Management.
Michelle Lynn Kittredge 2019-11-03

I\'ve only been working with this app for a short period of time but they are great the pay is awesome and the gigs are fun . also the people that run this app are very nice and helpful if you have any questions they\'re always there to help you along. the best thing about this app is they have the best payout of all of the work apps. I love it!
Hasonji Hasan 2019-06-07

horrible company to work for, cares only about their clients, and not the workers, you work hard and do more than what your job description ask of, you can get schedule as a server or busser but end up cleaning up restrooms wiping out drains taking out trash which you may not mind, but at the end of it all end up getting a bad rating even though. that depending on the attitude of the client, maybe they\'re upset that their own workers did not show up and will unfairly rate you and super buggy.
KolaØKoka 2017-03-16

Annoying app!! Right out the gate I had to give my name, number and email, then get a 4 digit number sent to my phone to confirm I\'m really myself, then send someone in my phone contacts a \"please vouch for me and my work\" request and then \"vouch\" for someone else in my contacts list just to get to the main screen and see that there are no jobs listed in my state. Really? None! Don\'t bother downloading. And to deactivate my account (since the app won\'t let you) you have to go online to their official website get another 4 digit pin sent to your phone and do it in the settings. With of course a warning that if you log in, it\'s automatically reactivated. This app is a waste of time
Margurie Evans 2019-12-20

I went through the entire process and was stalled because my supervisor reference was listed by the app as a coworker Reference. I have asked for help through the chat feature 7 times in 4 weeks with no response at all. It is unfathomable to me why the reference would be switched and why there is no answer from the help chat with no alternate way of communication
Sarah Caplan 2019-04-30

Despite a few minor UI annoyances, Instawork has significantly improved my job-search experience. It\'s gotten me more interviews in my first week using it than I had in the previous month. I\'m far more optimistic about my chances of getting a job soon than I was before starting to use it. Wholeheartedly recommended.
andrew bolding 2020-12-12

Support is terrible. Put my bank info twice and it keeps telling me I need to update it. Contact chat support and I get a bot instead, which tells me all i have to do is enter my bank info to start getting direct deposit. All this for $10 because the gig I signed up for, was canceled 45 minutes after I started, agreeing to 11 days of work, which were also all canceled. Worst experience
Justin Perlas 2019-11-08

Horrible. App won\'t let me add any references, let alone supervisor references. Help center has no one on the other line. Waited more than 3 days for assistance and still no response. On top of that, haven\'t had any gigs to even browse through since I installed this app almost two weeks ago. Starting to feel like this app is a big ol\' scam.
arcata company 2020-11-27

It provides jobs listings/ long-term or short-term jobs permanent, or gig work- which is typically one day jobs which will be paid out the following week, I have accepted many gigs through instawork had no problem accepting the job and showing up at the location doing the work and getting paid the following week, I have accepted gigs from $14 to $24 and they do have higher paying jobs typically in the restaurant catering businesses, you will have to have a bank debit card in order to get paid,
Drew Deezy 2019-08-07

I went from gold and VIP status to suspended after working one horrible gig for the worst company I\'ve ever worked for in my life. Staff and management can walk all over employees and us workers are the ones to get punished. A company that doesn\'t care at all about its employees at all doesn\'t deserve to be around. I can never get a hold of staff at instawork in a timely matter either.