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Description of Intelligent Home Center

IHC is a super app you can enable all your home appliance smart and control them from any where at any time. You can interact with smart hardware via your mobile phone easily , and get interoperability between intelligent hardware.

Note: continued use of location services in the background will reduce battery life.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:BroadLink

User Reviews


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Vishal Narine 2018-11-17

Why release an update if it\'s not tested and working correctly. This app has script errors and downloading resource errors. I\'m researching alternative devices from other manufactures currently because something is always wrong with this app. Very inconsistent and unreliable. I bought so many devices from you and for so many of my clients and it\'s always some complaint that I have to deal with. I\'m so upset right now
Llane Rost 2020-05-16

Requires permissions it does not need. Then block it via noroot firewall. Calls home you China 10-20 times every minute or two. You can safely block all Chinese IPs and will not affect their service.
Jonathan Cauvier 2019-04-30

rm 3 works fine. you do not need permissions to view my contacts, personal photos or videos or really much of anything else to be able to utilize the product as intended. i run this app on a virtual machine since the latest update and all i have to say is shame on you. Fix it. You know exactly what i mean. To other users, notice you can deny access to all the services they \"require\" for identification manually. The app is basically the most invasive thing on your phone now. be aware of this.
W Joe Westfall 2019-04-23

for older equipment that is not capable of responding to Wi-Fi but is capable of responding to infrared, I set these radios up as USER-DEFINED. as such I was able to customize each button to do what I wanted and to define it that way. now, in a previous version USER-DEFINED also included timer functions. this has now disappeared. please put it back in. this has caused a large inconvenience as we are no longer able to control what was previously programmed and our equipment is misbehaving.
J H 2019-08-18

I recommend avoiding Broadlink devices - at least until they fix this app and show some commitment to their customers. The app was never great, but it mostly worked OK in earlier versions. But later versions of the app have made my Broadlink environment useless. There is no way I am going to allow unbridled access to camera, contacts, storage, location, etc to make this thing work again. There is no justification for this - it\'s invasive and abusive. Until Broadlink find some software engineers and security engineers, and manage to release a version of the app that a sane person might accept, I feel that they have stolen my money in exchange for a brick (RM Pro with no Open API, and no working phone app either). I will do my best to avoid Broadlink systems and components, from now on;, as they clearly, are uninterested in the security or privacy of their customers, and I cannot afford to buy things that are rendered inoperable by software incompetence after a year. I suggest others also avoid this company.
Brian Barber 2018-12-30

Update 12/10/18: The Alexa link works now but the timers are gone. Please bring the timers back. otherwise, a five star product. The new update for 11/3/18 has disabled my Alexa link. It says it is linked and Alexa acknowledges the routines I set up, but nothing happens. The direct app buttons still work, just no voice operation anymore. Please fix the update or revert the version.
ofek harary 2019-03-04

it works acceptably, but DEMENDS ACCESS to PHONE, LOCATION, CAMERA AND MICROPHONE. how about hell no. and you can\'t use the app without enabling it. used to be fine but just... no. to response: how come no other app needs it then? response 2: \"the information we need is device id code\". is that in my contacts and phone history? is that accessed through the microphone? You don\'t \"need\" it, you want it so you can sale my data. don\'t buy this product.
Anand Kumar 2020-12-13

Hi I installed this app as bought broadlink device but it needs me to give access to my phone book, photos, videos, camera and storage. Else the app shurs down. What is the logic of a mere home switches and light network needing all these access? Can someone explain why it us mandatory?
A Google user 2019-03-02

Tf you need my contact list and location to use your product? Oh right, probably so you can mine my data to sell off. You\'ve lost my business forever, and by the looks of it I\'m one of many. Update: take a look at the apologist QA - \"oh this is just a bug our engineers are fixing\" BULL. This is data mining and spy software now as far as I am concerned. Open source is probably never going to happen since they probably don\'t want people looking into what\'s going on inside their product - thank god the devices don\'t have a microphone (yet).
Aleksandar Jovanovic 2020-02-22

He won\'t connect my device RM4C Mini, it\'s like the server\'s not working. The app recognizes the device, connects it to the wireless network, but it won\'t configure it, show its IP address, and it stops the contact. You see that all negative comments lately, obviously the application has a lot of problems. I\'m sorry, I want to use the device, fix this!