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Description of Intermountain Connect Care

The Intermountain Connect Care app allows you or your child to visit with an Intermountain Healthcare clinician for certain urgent care conditions using your phone or tablet. If you have cold or flu symptoms, sinus pain, sore throat, painful urination, a minor rash or skin issue, upset stomach, or other minor symptoms, use Connect Care 24/7/365 to quickly and conveniently get the care you need from wherever you are – just $59 a visit. Some insurance plans accepted.

Connect Care is a convenient, affordable way to get care from Intermountain clinicians. Our highly-trained, board certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants have many years of experience in urgent care, clinics, and hospitals, and are specially trained to provide care using telehealth. Your doctor will also be able to see the results of that visit in your medical record, and can incorporate it into your overall care. Depending on the issue at hand, the provider can diagnose, suggest follow up, and prescribe medication, when appropriate.

Connect Care is not appropriate for all conditions. If you are unsure of whether you are having a life-threatening medical emergency, or are experiencing any of the following, please go to your nearest ER:

• Chest pain or pressure

• Uncontrolled bleeding

• Sudden or severe pain

• Coughing / vomiting blood

• Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

• Sudden dizziness, weakness, change in vision, slurred speech, numbness, or other neurological changes

• Severe or persistent vomiting or diarrhea

• Changes in mental status, such as confusion

• Assault, physical or sexual abuse, or child abuse

Additional information about the Connect Care service can be found here: https://intermountainhealthcare.org/services/urgent-care/connect-care/

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User Reviews


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Mykel Mabey 2019-11-11

Used this app they tell you you won\'t be charged if they can\'t help you I was charged the 49$ after being told they couldnt help me contacted customer support they make you leave a message and never call you back now I have to have my bank fight for the refund never use this app all I had was bronchitis
Monika Menke 2018-10-10

Just wanted over and hour trying to get a visit with a Dr. tried to log in 3x was disconnected all 3x. Called the number they provided on the email waited 15 mins. Talked with a live guy who repeated the same questions after we already answered them. Then he said we\'d get a call from the Dr. which we did however the call disconnected as well. Their technical difficulties became a waste of our time. Not what you want when you are sick and needing help.
Rachal Sharp 2018-10-08

I loved it at first. The Dr. Was very nice and willing to help. Once they got my money however all help went out the window. I was in excruciating pain for HOURS sending email after email for the dr. To send the medication to the pharmacy. I can see she\'s available to.take another paying customer. But wont respond to my email. Still waiting......no prescription....in pain. They ONLY CARE ABOUT YOUR $49!! I\'ll never do this again. Horrible experience. We\'ll see if she ever sends my prescription in. I\'m doubtful.
Shannon Steele 2018-12-30

It was very helpful to be able to talk to a medical professional without having to get myself to their office. They gave me clear and relevant information about home care and what I needed to do next. Because, for my sickness, I needed to go into urgent care, they waived the fee for the call itself. I will use this service again next time I am ill.
Dannielle Burr 2019-11-05

Fast, easy and the doctor was awesome as well. She prescribed me some antibiotics and I\'m off to feeling better and didnt even have to leave my house. Thanks so much for this great app. I totally recommend this app.
Jennifer Jacobsen 2019-03-20

Probably the easiest and most comfortable medical inquiry experience I have had. Where has this functionality been my whole life?! :) My only frustration was having to set up my profile during the stress of having a medical need. I highly suggest users create their profile at a calm moment before having to actually use the app for a medical need.
Jessica Foit 2020-09-12

Had an appt for my daughter with the EAP that we waited a couple of weeks for. I downloaded the app and set up an account a week in advance. We joined our appt 15 min early. When the appt time came the provider\'s video wouldn\'t connect. We were connected to wifi and had a strong signal. We kept waiting and about 10 min after appt time we got a notification that the provider had canceled the appt. We didn\'t get a call, the appt was just canceled due to the provider\'s connectivity problem.
Marlo Holmes 2018-10-17

This app is really convenient and easy to use. Waited like 20 minutes to see the dr. She was very friendly and called me in a prescription. Way faster and cheaper than going to the urgent care.
Raina Jones 2018-12-20

pretty easy process and it\'s nice to not have to drive to the doctor because i live in a rural area. we will see if the medicine works to indicate proper diagnosis.
A Google user 2019-02-11

waited in line to see the provider, right when it went to connect me it kicked me out and made me get back in line. I don\'t think I\'ll ever use it again