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Description of Internal Organs in 3D (Anatomy)

Shows a three-dimensional model of the human body organs and a description of all of them.

This application is intended to complement the study of anatomy in medicine, biology or other.

Touching each organ as the heart, brain, lungs, reproductive system, liver, intestine, ovary, testis, stomach, kidney, etc.. information is displayed.

Practical, useful and valuable anatomical information in your palm. Reference to primary education, secondary school, college or culture in general.


* Supported languages ​​English, French, Portuguese, Spanish.

* Zoom.

* Rotate 3D

* Hide or display the information.

* Collate between male and female organs.

* Free Updates.

* Each anatomical organ is shown in a different color.

* Descriptions very detailed.

* Recommended Hardware

Processor 1 GHz or more.

1 GB of RAM or more.

HD screen.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.5 Publish Date:2021-08-22 Developer:Ing. Victor Michel Gonzalez Galvan

User Reviews


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Salma Yousufee 2020-09-03

Very less information.... and details, I would give it 5 stars, if you do some work on its anotomy also. like giving cross-section of interal organs and mentioning it\'s details. It\'s really very basic app. I think it\'s for primary school students. It is not at all useful for college students.
Joanna Cort 2020-10-30

I can see clearly how things work now, suggestion... the animation of the lungs isn\'t clear because it is covered by muscle. Also please show how the circulatory system flows throughout the body. Other than that, great job.
Alan de Matos 2020-07-08

It\'s pretty good, but has some obvious things missing: Full system is only viewable for male anatomy. I thought at one point you could overlay outer body so you could see where the organs are, but I can\'t see it now. The animation for digestion really just shows through the colon, not the whole system. The demarcation between large and small intestine is unclear.. would be nice to be able to see how they interact.
Paul Leonard 2020-08-17

I love the application I love everything about it except for I can\'t see details and ask questions like what does the lung look like when it\'s riddled with cancer when it starts in the kidney how do I find out what the kidney looks like after cancers already started in it and so forth. And what if cancer is riddled the entire body bone structure the whole skeleton I would like to see details of that I would like to be able to ask questions and have them answered. I know that\'s a lot.

the level of animation is very primitive, so different structures are not clearly visible and not distinguishable, not worth downloading, no hard feelings
Rodney Netshivhale 2020-09-28

Love the app , and everything about it except for the graphics were a little bit more complicated than that in reality/books but , on the bright side everything was clearly and visibly constructed for a secondary level .
Barend De Winnaar 2019-11-19

Excellent 3d view of all organs and the descriptions I\'ve read up until now are very well explained. Well done to the developer. Now I\'m able to know what the doctor\'s or surgeon\'s talking about. But let me tell you this, I\'m a tradesman. Great app👌🏻
Shawny Boi 2017-08-09

Rubbish graphics. Only basic information. Crash somtimes..
Alfonso 2020-04-23

It\'s a good app but could be better. Could be a bit more detailed with one example being the resp.system which only goes as far as the Bronchus, missing the bronchioles and alveoli which are incredibly significant in the respiratory process. Love the 3D format.
patrick Mukosa 2020-01-09

Excellent app for beginners and experts, applicable in education and Health institutions. Really good explanation on different organs. The animation maybe be improved, but not so bad.