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Description of Investor Island

Invest or die! Investor Island is the first turn-based strategy board game driven by the real-life ups and downs of the stock market. Try your hand at different strategies to win against your opponent: control the board’s most valuable tiles, pick the best-performing stocks, or blast away with fireballs and lightning bolts. Much more than a fantasy stock investing game, Investor Island mixes board game strategy with tower defense tactics and tycoon investing game elements.

Go head to head with opponents as you use profits and losses from real-life companies like Amazon, Nike, Facebook, and Rite Aid to gain bonuses and affect the outcomes of your games. If your stock picks perform well, you'll please the almighty Stock Gods and earn extra Gems to expand your influence, purchase Spells, and upgrade your Statues to take down your foe. You could be punished if your stocks do poorly, so choose wisely!

GAME MODES – Play 1-on-1 with random players from around the world, friends, or AI opponents.

- Live PVP: Battle in a turn-based synchronous match using real-time stock data and play until one player is victorious.

- Turn-based PVP: Perfect for anyone on the go—battle in an asynchronous match based on stock market data from a surprise year in recent history. Your power is fueled by the historical performance of the stocks in your collection. Take the necessary time to think about the next crushing blow you’re going to deliver to your opponent—play throughout the day!


Challenge opponents on multiple game boards as you race to build your Statues, control access to Treasure Chests that hold Spells and Gems, take over Gem Tiles, and cut your rival off from their support.


Earn Fool’s Gold to grow your collection of stocks, giving you more choices as the market changes, and level up your stocks to give them greater powers. Manage your portfolio to dominate in any situation!


Collect hot stocks and build your portfolio as you climb the leaderboard to become a legend on Investor Island.

NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE STOCK MARKET IS NECESSARY, but it can be helpful. It will take both game strategy and investment strategy to climb the leaderboard, but as you play, you’ll surely learn a thing or two.


Investor Island is free to download and play, however, it includes an in-game currency called Fool’s Gold, which can be acquired as you progress through the game or by purchasing with real money. Purchases of Fool’s Gold require using a credit card or other forms of payment associated with your account. You won’t be asked to re-enter your credit card number or PIN. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

This game also requires a network connection.

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.04.07 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:Motley Fool Mobile

User Reviews


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Joel Snedeker 2020-07-15

Fun game, I was able to recover my progress, I like the updates, especially the daily incentives. Enjoyed the gameplay, however Log in/ logout is terrible. No way to access previous account, lost all my progress. Logout and you will be forced to spend an hour doing the orientation, no way to skip. No obvious way to close the app. Huge battery hog.
Jonny B 2020-01-10

Fun little game but could be improved in a couple of ways. 1) The weekly real time game is weak. It moves too slowly and rewarding players for stock performance over a single week conflicts with the Fool investing philosophy. 2) Instead of randomly winning stocks as rewards, provide more coins as rewards and then allow people to buy stocks they want, priced to reflect real world relative prices. This would more accurately represent investing decisions that people have to make.
Thomas Hunt 2020-02-01

Love the app. Unfortunately I can\'t open right now. It has a banner telling me to update the app but when I press the button it takes me to Google play and only has an \'Open\' or an \'Uninstall\' option. If I press open, it takes me back to the update button within Investor Island and continues to be a vicious circle. Issue was resolved and the app is great! Thanks for the quick response and solution.
David Rogers 2020-07-23

This has been a consistently well-engineered game. It is pleasing to the eye too! My favorite new feature is the \"Foolish News.\"
R J 2020-04-03

Updating review to 4 following Dev changes. I play vs AI and that\'s now more fun. Mostly luck based game. The more you play the less good companies you can choose. There\'s no strategy in the AI. Online opponents have pick of 1st stringers and get most if not all bonuses in a game while you get 4th or 5th string companies and no bonuses. Nice graphics, nice animations. Can\'t say it teaches much about stocks at all apart from ticker symbols and company names.
Susan Etherington 2019-10-06

While it\'s fun, there are serious glitches that need to be addressed
Tim Krimmel 2020-02-03

Excellent Free to Play Game 👍. The gameplay is addictive RTS style. Uses the stock market to give turn bonus each turn depending on the company you pick. Totally unnecessary to pay any money even after you play for a while. Simple turn based gameplay. You can have multiple games going at the same time. Turns have 24 hr to complete. Easy to play against strangers or friends.
Brian Ouellette 2020-11-15

Liked the game before however the new update I think over shot and made it annoying to play. Case in point the spell changes. I think they\'re horrible. Less spells, can\'t save them up for better offensives, and you have to buy them now. It\'s a horrible idea. This game is about investing and saving spells is like saving capital for a hostile take over. I\'m going to play a little more however I will likely be deleting the game soon.
Elias Berdes 2020-06-13

The game always freezes and overheats any device you play it on. In addition the difficulty of the AI computer player makes no rational sense it will be almost on easy mode for like two matches in a row but then suddenly go to extreme difficulty out of the blue and with no indicators of difficulty
Paul Taggart 2020-10-02

Lets say there was only ONE WAY to turn the stock market (w/real reports) into a fun and intense p2p mobile strategy/tower def game! ...well, THISSssss my friends, is how to do it💡 Wasnt bothered by an ass load of annoying ads (yet). My phone handled the games engines okay for a cheapo prepaid LG Phoenix. *Slight lag in that regard, but my cell service is around 50%... My only suggestion, would be an auto zoom on the \"other players turn\" actions. Keep up the good work (in ALL regards)👍