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Description of Investors Bank Mobile

Investors Bank Mobile for Android™ lets you manage your accounts anytime, anywhere from your mobile device:

• View your instant Balance with a single tap, or login to view your Account History including check images.

• Deposit capture: capture check images and deposit seamlessly into your Investors account.

• Transfer funds between your Investors accounts or other banks.

• Schedule a Transfer in the future or set up a recurring transfer.

• Pay bills, manage bill pay contacts and view bill payment history.

• Bill capture: SNAP a picture to pay a bill.

• Zelle allows you to send and receive money to friends, family, or anyone quickly.

• Check or get updates on your credit score using My Credit Score.

• Securely access your accounts using fingerprint login or facial recognition.

• Freeze or Unfreeze your debit card at any time via YourSecure.

• Enable dark mode to support a better viewing experience in low light settings.

• Open an Investors account directly from within the app.

• Enroll in online banking from your phone, locate branches, ATMs, and more!

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:21.3.30 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Investors Bank

User Reviews


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Jessi Wilson 2016-09-13

Suddenly can\'t log in! I finally got this app to finally work after weeks of aggravation (not even going to get into it)! Now it updates itself and tells me my credentials aren\'t correct?! Three times I\'ve tried! I have not changed my user name EVER, AND I have not changed my password since the last time Investor required the security update password change! This is just becoming ridiculous. That\'s why this bank isn\'t as successful as others and I see it being bought out soon. They\'re ineffective and they could care less.
Salvador Harrison 2021-01-07

Maybe it\'s just me but, it kinda sucks. Half of the time it\'s loading or stalls, or doesn\'t work at all. & End up having to try again later, & hope it does well then. And this is AFTER your upgrade, and, after my un & reinstall to see if there\'d be any improvement. A permanent uninstall is considered. It did work twice this week, but in most places someone would be fired. Why is there no problem with other banking apps?
frank szabo 2016-09-08

Works for me Why are people complaining about the app...maybe you should learn how to use your phone first. App works fine for me...I\'ve used the app almost everyday to check my balance and deposit checks.
Kelly Fuller 2020-06-13

My experience with the bank personnel is fine, actually great! They one issue I have that is A HUGE ISSUE, is that I am charged a $3.00 per ATM withdrawal fee from Investors Bank PLUS a $3.00 fee from the ATM I USE!!!! I\'M PAYING $6.00 ( sometimes $6.50) There is something completely unfair regarding this. Please step it up Investors, or you will lose many customers too Chime Banking. Just a heads up!
Paul Pontano 2020-10-17

This app sucks now,since it did an update! It won\'t work with my phone,anymore,and some others! I called the bank and they don\'t know why it\'s not working! It really sucks now! If I could give it,a minus I would!!! Very unhappy!!
L Caldwell 2016-04-17

This app sucks! They should had just left the old app...this app is down more than up...I can\'t sign on since Thursday. .call customer service and told me that they are working on it...Nothing. ..call back Friday same thing and call back. ..was told it was up for an hour and down again. ..weekend here, can\'t call noone customer service is closed at 2pm...so, now...I do not have no money for the weekend because I can\'t transfer or pay my bills. ..Get it together or I\'m closing my acct and going where they care.
Tom McFarland 2020-09-25

App no longer works since most recent update on 9/16/2020. Won\'t launch. Even tried deleting all data, then uninstall and reinstall.
Avi D 2019-11-03

Ive been having a terrible experience with this bank. They constantly lock my card for \"fraud\" concerns even if i had just told them on the phone 2 minutes before that it was me making the transactions and that i would be making more. The fact that this app wont send you a notifacation or anything when they decide to lock your card doesnt make things any better. With this bank using my debit card is pretty much a gamble..because itll randomly be locked... ill be switching banks,this is nuts!
Moish Warsh 2015-09-07

Aweful app! I was able to log in last week. This week it\'s sending me on an endless trail of dumb security questions similar to \"which brand of toilet paper did you buy in 2007.\" What were they thinking?
Michael Donofrio 2021-01-02

Miserable banking app, I have this set up for fingerprint login but about once a month it just requires a typed in login for no reason, which invariably leads to a password reset with customer service. I have no problems like this with my other banking apps, probably should close my accounts here.