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Description of Invincible Hero

BE A ONE TAP SUPER HERO!! That’s all it takes for you to KNOCK, KICK, PUNCH, SMACK, and SUPER POWER your way to become a Super Hero legend in this game! Take it to the Bad Guys in this CASUAL Super Hero one-tap adventure while you clear countless levels of marauding no good Baddies!

All you have to do is TAP! and GO TO TOWN! Each punch, kick and superhero action earns you countless points that you can spend on your Super Hero Skill tree to form your own One Tap Super Hero and their ever-evolving POWERS!

Invincible Hero is just that! Be INVINCIBLE! and BE THE HERO! This game is the BEST fighting game on the market because it truly empowers you to be the ‘Invincible Hero!’ Keep it simple and one TAP to take out the baddies! Or go deeper and spend your hard-earned Super Hero Points forming your Super Hero and their skills the way you want them!!!


-Over the top ONE TAP superhero actions!

-Endless baddies of all types and sizes!

-Skills upon Skills to evolve your ONE TAP fight game!

-Countless levels and environments to ascend!

-Super Hero Art to match this ‘UNMATCHED’ Super Hero Game!

-Upgrades GALORE!

All ya gotta do is TAP!

Download this FREE fighting game and demonstrate how you wanna handle your FISTS, KICKS, SUPER POWERS and SKILLS and JUST TAP your way to being an ‘Invincible Hero!’

ONE TAP! That’s all it takes!!

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More Information Of Invincible Hero

lable: Action - Games Current Version:0.5.4 Publish Date:2021-09-04 Developer:Supersonic Studios LTD

User Reviews


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Stifyn Baker 2021-02-02

There\'s a few things to like about this game, and a few things to criticise. The gameplay is very repetitive, which makes it good to stave off boredom for about ten minutes; however, the challenge level isn\'t very high - which again makes it good for about ten minutes but isn\'t sustainable for longer. If you want to indulge your inner Deadpool and beat up hordes of bad guys, go ahead and download it. But if you want an insightful deconstruction of the superhero mythos, go read Watchmen instead.
Justin Langford Jr. 2021-02-02

4 stars only because the games just freezes most after every ad that I choose to watch. Its stays frozen for a pretty long time and I really like this game I\'ve seen the costumes👍🏾,the gameplay👍🏾, the ability and special powers you give to certain costumes 👍🏾👍🏾. But the freezing of the ads are what\'s stopping this game from being truly enjoyable. Please fix this I LOVE the direction in which you all are taking this game. Thank you
Rishi Kapoor 2021-02-23

Hi...i am really sorry that i am giving it one star its a very good game but there is a problem with the recent update I am unable to hit the people who are on the right side of the screen I am throwing punches but its going through them...please rectify the problem..i am playing this game on A7 Tab...
Travis Bradley 2021-03-06

Update: can\'t attack anyone on my right now. Please fix! Fun super hero game! Love that enemies go ragdoll when you beat them! Only complaint is that it relies too heavily on ads. I would also like to have more than 1 ability at a time. Maybe 2 or 3 at a time!
fazeel khan 2021-02-15

This game is so addictive 🤪😍 but there are still some things you should fix ,after you reach level 89 or 90 I think the levels will repeat allover again. Ads,no problem if you don\'t want any ads just turn off your WiFi Or Airplane mode or both. At base it\'s so easy finish that\'s what\'s wrong please fix this . Overall I recommend you download this game . Just make sure don\'t use it for too long sometimes don\'t even work.
John Fischer 2021-01-21

The dances your character does at the end of each level is dumb, you\'re a super hero, super heroes don\'t showboat. And of course the game forces advertisements on you, like an unwanted phallic symbol in your favorite orifice.
Shashank Umesh 2021-03-02

It\'s really a good game to kill time but I\'m giving this a 3 cuz there are so many bugs.. I\'m not able to hit the guys on the right side of the screen on level 49.. Fix this issue and I will give 5 stars for sure
Erik Trujillo 2021-03-03

Glitches at level 49. Will not strike to the right side of the screen. Obviously is a bad glitch or intentional, but either way there is a definite end to this \"time killer\" game.
Oliver Twist 2021-02-23

Honestly not a bad game. My issue with it is that none of the ads work so that I can\'t use any new powers unless I get really lucky.
Garbage Games 2021-01-30

Very very fun, I play it TOO much i think. The base maxes out at Level 9 and that only took 7 or 8 Ad views to achieve. Hopefully new content shows up soon, but if not I still really enjoy the game as is.