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Description of IoT MQTT Panel Pro

This application allow you to mange and visualize IoT project, based on MQTT protocol.

With this app you can make DIY Smart Home project in a minute. The configurations are very simple. Well documented FAQ and User Guide are available at application info page.


1. Designed to run 24x7 in background

2. Supports both MQTT (TCP) and Websocket (useful specially firewall restricted networks) protocol.

3. SSL for secure communication.

4. JSON Support for both subscribe and publish message.

5. Panels subscribe and / or publish the topic automatically, hence get updated in real time.

6. Designed to work with public broker efficiently (using device prefix).

7. Sent and Received timestamp from broker.

8. Material design.

9. Flexible panel width, merge any panels

10. More than 250 icons to customize specific panels.

11. Dark theme for comfortable use in low light.

12. Clone connection, device or panel for effortless configuration

13. Import/Export application configuration for easy share with multiple devices.

14. Runs in background and re-connects automatically.

15. Notification on receiving message.

16. Persist export message for log and graph.

Available panels:




-LED Indicator

-Combo Box

-Radio Buttons

-Multi-State Indicator

-Linear Progress

-Circular Progress

-Vertical Meter


-Color Picker

-Time Picker

-Text Input

-Text Log

-Line graph

-Bar graph


-URI Launcher

This list will grow upon feedback from users.

Note: This app is still in beta version and it will mature based on your constructive feedback. If you find any issue please feel free to leave a comment in my blog with steps to reproduce.


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More Information Of IoT MQTT Panel Pro

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:0.40.51 Publish Date:2021-05-05 Developer:Rahul Kundu

User Reviews


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Gustavo Niemeyer 2020-11-06

Some feedback / bug reports: 1. When a message arrives while a confirmation dialog is shown, the payload delivered is what arrived instead of the confirmed one. 2. Slide controls will send payloads while scrolling the window. 3. Elements are often not centered properly, or not padded/spaced properly. It\'s functional, but could improve visually.
David Turner 2019-08-26

Very useful MQTT app. Makes setting up a display/control panel very easy indeed. I would like more control of the notifications, sound selection would be nice. Also could the guages have legends?, They look pretty but are not very informative. Keep up the excellent work.
A Google user 2018-11-16

It would be nice to have some home automation type macro functions. I would also like to have a switch with a simple confirmation so I dont accidentally start my generator from my pocket, etc.
Brian Kelly 2020-10-04

Very easy to use. I\'m monitoring a fairly large multi node network of sensors across a wide area with it.
James M. Woodward 2021-02-10

=== (Save review from the free version, this Dev deserved to be paid) === Do you have IoT/MQTT devices at home? Need to make a dashboard to control them all? Relatively simply? With a world of customizability? Then this is the app for you. I wish there were a few changes in layout design (e.g. drag & drop), that it didn\'t always try and run in the background (even when told not to), and that it had Tasker Integration (this would be *huge*). Thanks to the dev. for an awesome tool.
Radu Christescu 2020-12-13

Best MQTT android application I found so far. One minus is that the state of devices is not read at start-up.
Constantin Petra 2021-03-11

I have been using the free version for a while, and I said I would buy the paid version if there were 1000 points on the graphs to be able to better log some sensors.. That happened, so here we are. This app is very clean and functional, deserves to be supported, so good luck!
bart bartsson 2020-07-04

Great and very useful...but what I\'m missing is some widget for main screen and also a timer that would allow for automatic periodic status check for remote clients.
Charles Patterson 2019-08-13

App is great! Works wonderfully with my IoT home automation system. THANK YOU RAHUL!
A Google user 2018-09-20

Great client to use with Mosquitto.