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Description of iotty Smart Home

iotty takes to a whole new level your home, office, and anywhere else you need smart features.

Get total control of your home, keep track of your power consumption and check energy costs.

With our advanced system you have full remote control and monitoring of your home directly from your smartphone.

For instance, you can turn on and off your iotty Smart Switch, also by setting an automation, using this app.

Main iotty supported features:

• Location based

• WiFi based

• Time based

• Sun based

• “Away” mode

• Activity notifications

• Device sharing

• Scenes configuration

• Activities log

• Most common units of measurement and currencies

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lable: House & Home - Apps Current Version:3.66.0 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:iotty

User Reviews


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John Malqui 2019-02-03

Customer support is non-existent. Contact them via email & never received not even an acknowledgment. App crashes constantly on Galaxy Note 9. Have not been able to add device to app. If not fixed soon I will return all 3 switches. UPDATE on above review. Just updated to version 3.7 released on February 1st, and the app still crashes.
Ken Medina 2020-03-17

Poor choice of controls for the product. Having to physically reset the unit means removing the front plate. Considering how difficult it is to get on in the first place, to go through that every time you have a power glitch is troublesome to me. It is something to consider when I am purchasing other smart switches for the rest of my house. I certainly don\'t want to multiply the issue by duplicating it in every room of my home.
Bob Brymer 2020-03-08

Very expensive non-functional SMART switch. The 3 prong switch I purchased is beautiful on the outside. But you can\'t call it a smart switch if the app doesn\'t work. The app can see the switch but it WILL NOT connect, \"error sending wifi credentials\". And yes I\'ve checked and recheck my password. It appears the last update made more problems than it fixed. The switch works manually and the glass face plate is beautiful, but the back plate is poor quality.
Ron Lloyd 2020-12-26

Rubbish, takes various tries to get it to work. It now has a mind of its own, switches on and off as and when it wants to. To reset you have to remove the faceplate, switch the mains power off, replace faceplate, then turn main on again. Can\'t solve the problems, so will be replacing with a higher quality unit from a competitor. LEAVE WELL ALONE
Abdul Ngitami 2020-05-10

Absolute trash.... smart devices should be easy and simple, making your life easier, not harder. It should not be this difficult to install. Not user friendly. Keep getting repeated messages of \"can\'t connect to WiFi\". Wasted $100 and hours of my time on this switch. I finally decided to give up. DO NOT BUY!
DON SÕL 2020-03-25

***PLEASE FIX !!!!*** This last update has a severe glitch. I downloaded on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the app crashes as soon as I open it. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app 4 times and it continues to do it. The app never did this before this last update that I installed yesterday March 23, 2020.
Leo Hernandez 2020-06-07

The app takes several tries to sync to the devices. At times you need to fully disconnect and forgot the device you are trying to connect to if you are unsuccessful. App constantly tells you no internet connection when one is there which causes you to close the app and try again. The switches are extremely difficult to install based on their instructions and from what I can tell if they flicker at all once powered on, send it back right away as it will have a lot of trouble connecting to wifi.
Freaky 2019-09-06

App crashes constantly! Stopped using the product and moved to something else.
A Google user 2018-08-12

Great app!! I especially like ability to keep track of energy use and sharing the devices.
Kenny Green 2019-05-28

Great app i can control all my Iotty switches