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Description of IQ Globen (IQ Globe)

Do you want to travel through space, around the Earth and even through the centuries?

With the interactive globe, anyone can be an explorer and a scientist. You will be accompanied on your journey by our charming characters – a super-knowledgeable girl named Arisha, her inquisitive brothers Tyoma and Mitya, and their pets – Astor the dog and Iriska the cat. With the help of the Globen interactive globe, faraway stars, rare animals, exotic plants, seas and oceans are all brought closer. So close, in fact, they will be at your fingertips!

All you need is the Globen interactive globe and your smartphone or tablet. Download and run the app, then point your camera at the globe – and begin your journey with augmented reality technology.

You can fly into space and take a closer look at any planet in the Solar system, or go down through the Earth’s crust to see what our planet is made of. You will see a tough-skinned walrus, a cute panda, a graceful snow leopard and other creatures in their natural habitats, be it snow-covered mountain peaks or the ocean depths. You will stop by a thick baobab tree, a sky-high sequoia, a chocolate tree and many other amazing plants; visit Mont Blanc, the Sahara desert, the Mariana Trench, and many more places! Our characters will accompany you with their exciting and easy-to-understand stories. The interactive globe will tell you about 195 countries, their capitals, government systems, languages and major attractions.

An entire encyclopedia packed into one globe will be interesting to children and grownups alike. Believe it, our planet has many surprises for you!

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.61 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Globen

User Reviews


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Rachel Reveley 2020-03-18

My partner stupidly bought this globe when I told him to just buy a normal globe. The globe is pretty poorly made and it was a few months between buying the globe and using the app so we didn\'t realise we would be missing codes and the app won\'t do anything without codes which are presumably in the packaging. Complete waste of money.
Sara Laud 2020-01-04

Able to enter password and then app says it\'s correct but then the app seems to forget password has been entered i.e. keeps saying I need to enter it again but I can\'t work out how. Very disappointed
Cres Morbey 2020-05-04

Arrived today. Installed the app, selected English language but app doesn\'t work, only black screen. Disappointed. Need help please.
M G 2021-01-01

Can\'t get it to work. Just keeps saying I need to download - 1gb extra resources which it won\'t do, even though I have a lot more than that available on my phone. Updated my review after they sorted the issue out (cheers guys) . Seems to work quite well, and has a fair bit of info when you press the microphone button. Would get an extra star if the AR was better but then again it\'s still relatively new tech.
Michalis Chaintoutis 2020-09-17

Very interesting and well-functioning 3D view, highly recommended as a toy to someone you want to bring into geography!
Simon Adshead 2019-09-28

My 6 year old loves this app, very educational and great use of augmented reality
Chase Unwin 2020-12-26

It keeps asking me to download additional resources. So I click download and then it does nothing. The AR feature isn\'t even an option. The globe\'s great but the app. Not so much.. Very confusing and doesn\'t work without it asking to download additional resources. Which it did when you first download the app. And when you try again it flicks to a download page which doesn\'t do anything and sends you back to the same request to download more resources.
Linda Stewart 2020-12-25

A terrible app. Just doesn\'t work. Waste of money, better off buying a normal globe. Tried several times but can\'t pass choosing the language. Wish I have read all the opinions before buying.
Dave p 2020-04-14

Bought for Christmas, used the app fine then. Tried to go on this morning to find it is just a black screen, very disappointed. Not sure if they will respond to this but if you do, could you please use google translate so we can read your response
Jane Thompson 2019-12-28

I can\'t get past the language and globe selection, my 7yr old is very upset.