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Description of iris - Dating & Relationships

There are a million steps between wanting a first date and going on one. Putting yourself out there is hard enough. Then, you have to like them, they have to like you, and the list goes on and on.

Online dating was supposed to solve this problem — but it failed. It showed you many users, but made you swipe endlessly for little result. That’s why iris is here to help.

A Dating App That Gets You

iris uses artificial intelligence to find the users you think are physically attractive. We know there are a million factors that make people “click,” but we start with attraction to help you narrow down the search.

Here’s how it works.

When you join the app, you will rate a series of stock photos for iris to learn what you find visually attractive.

Then, iris will search for members whose facial features you are most likely to like. They will appear in your “lineup.” On average, iris will find you a match ten times faster than if you picked out of random users.

You can also like and pass random members that iris has not suggested. During this process, iris will continue to learn and improve its recommendations for you.

A Dating App That Holds Users Accountable

We use a Trust Rating system to hold users accountable. It rewards honest profiles and respectful communication, so you can have a more authentic experience.

Users with higher Trust Ratings will have a profile on their badge, gain visibility, and receive freebies.

Those who display inappropriate behavior or use filters excessively in their pictures will have lower ratings.

Other Features

iris uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze thousands of facial features to learn who you find visually attractive.

iris works both ways — it can predict who you will like and who will like you back. It’ll show you those members to increase the likelihood of a match.

Your personalized recommendations appear in your “lineup”. You can find all other members in the “discover” tab.

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:1.0.3950 Publish Date:2022-01-23 Developer:IRIS Team

User Reviews


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Caren Joy 2021-01-01

Different concept, but that\'s the ONLY good thing. You are only allowed 3 \"recommended matches\" to look at per 24 hours, who likely live across the US from your location. You can look at other suggestions, but cannot communicate with anyone unless they like you, so in theory, no one will scratch because the pool is gigantic with no location guidelines. If I could give this negative stars, I would. Don\'t waste your time, you\'d have better luck standing on the side of the freeway with a sign.
cprestonoc 2021-01-13

One of the worst dating apps I have tried. It takes 15 minutes to go through setup, where they ask you to like/pass on pics. The supposed AI then is supposed to send people to you that fit the results. Not only did it not send 1 out many (at least 50), but you only get to see 3 profiles per day, with no info about them, and if you go through \"discover\" mode, you run out quickly. There\'s absolutely nothing redeeming about this app. Good luck guys, you have ALOT of work to do
Jeremy Nadaskay 2021-02-15

Great concept, but critical flaw: it isn\'t location based. There\'s no way to filter by people within a certain radius. This critical flaw means this app is exclusively good for people who are interested in long distance relationships. **Update** They have added an option to sort by distance, but only for the handful of preferred matches. Discover still has zero option to filter or sort by distance. My original rating stands.**2nd update**They\'ve now removed distance from profiles again.
Epicness Productions LLC. 2021-01-29

The developer responded to my review and it was hilarious, 5 stars. Great app, it really does start showing you matches towards your preference after a while. Matching process is slow but works. And no ads or premium(yet)? What more could you ask for. If I had a recommendation it\'d be to review what you block from the profile desc. I\'ve had to change it because I got a warning that it might contain offensive content but I wasn\'t
Zer0 1 2021-03-14

Terrible app with stupid AI that developers refuse to fix. Nearly impossible to put up pics on your profile without getting rejected. Same goes for your bio. Do yourself a favoer and pass on this app. I had it for 3 months and AI just doesn\'t work well. I ended up deleting it.
Michael Abel 2021-01-03

It is simple, elegant and easy to navigate. I like it more than most dating apps. It has the class that the competition lacks. I hope it stays that way... The ai feature is the main draw for me. So far seems to work well and it\'s supposed to get better with time. This app is good for people that are busy pursuing their passions and don\'t necessarily want to allot time specifically to \"meet\" people. I\'m excited for the possibilities this app presents. Keep up the good work Iris Team!
Bianka Rene 2021-02-17

Ugh this dating app is SO frustrating to say the least! For several reasons. You get to pick only 3 people in a 24 hour period to like and possibly match with which in my opinion isn\'t near enough! I was on the app for 4 days before I made a match with someone only to find out that we live on opposite sides of the Country! He too said how horrible this app is and was uninstalling it. You get nowhere! Total waste of your time honestly. I definitely do NOT recommend this dating app!!! 👎👎👎👎👎
Tewanda Gasker 2021-01-23

The matches I get are located too far from me. I guess I didn’t have to opt for seeing everyone far from my location. However this app is easy to navigate, good set up, so just make the amendments with location and keep up the great job iris.
Tayron McComas 2020-12-31

My experience is not bad... I don\'t have issues here. Easy app to navigate, with a lot of options for you to maximize your particular taste. And a great way to connect with the person of your dreams! But I wanted to mention one thing… This app needs a distance filter... I have seen some gorgeous women but not travelling 300-400 miles.
A Perez 2021-02-16

Messages sometimes aren\'t received at all by users. Update: the developers sent me an email simply denying that I am experiencing the problem that I\'m experiencing because they \"fixed\" this problem in the latest version, which is the exact same version I\'m having problems with.