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Description of iRobot Home

The new iRobot Home App is here. With it, enhanced maps, the ability to clean specific objects, custom routines, seasonal suggestions, and intuitive smart home integrations*. Every aspect of the iRobot Home App has been redesigned to give you ultimate control over your clean.


Unlock a cleaning experience designed around you. Create cleaning schedules, save favorites, and adjust them on the fly. Get personalized cleaning recommendations based on what’s happening in your home, and even tell your robots to clean while you’re away with smart home integration. Turn cleaning from something you do to something that happens around your life.


Customizable maps of your home enable your robots to go to the mess, cleaning by room, object, or area while staying away from Keep Out Zones*.

* Feature availability varies by robot model


Use Automations to connect to your smart devices and personalize your cleaning experience by scheduling your robot to clean when you leave the house.


Keep doing what you’re doing! All connected robots are compatible with select voice assistants so you can clean with your voice*.

*Works with Google Assistant and Alexa enabled devices

*Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com or its affiliates.

*Google is a trademark of Google LLC


Your robot will stay up to date with automatic software updates.


• Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® 900, 600, 800 and e Series vacuuming robot models only support Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz band

• Roomba® i Series robots support both Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz and 5GHz band

• Braava jet™ 240 mopping robot uses Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE or Bluetooth Smart) built in to most common mobile devices

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:iRobot

User Reviews


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Johanny Domenech 2020-11-22

This app is making mad all the time. For a month The roomba is all the time no connected to the base and she is connected to the base and indicate to be full in it batt. I did everything is possible even erasing everything and start the configuration like I bought yesterday. And still this doesn\'t work. People, you need to fix this. Because if a bought it this from you, is because I don\'t want to use my broom every day like I have to do now. I don\'t want apologies, I want this to be fix. Thanks
Lorie O\'Brien 2020-10-03

I loved this app until they updated it. The new app is difficult to use, and, frankly, most of the time it doesn\'t work. It can never find my Roomba. It can find my Brava. I have reset my Roomba to factory start settings multiple times and it does not solve the problem; the only thing that has changed is the app. Absolutely cannot stand the updated app.
Matthew Laumbach 2021-01-06

The app worked well for approximately one week. The app then became unresponsive only when viewing the smart map. The bottom half of the screen would not work. All other apps are working fine. It also crashed on numerous occasions when trying to adjust/ delete a routine. Oddly enough, it works well on my wife\'s phone which is the same smaller version of mine. Hope they fix these bugs.
Tony Stockfish 2020-12-31

App needs A LOT of work. Got the I Robot as a gift. Robot works great but the App keeps crashing. The mapping will not work at all. Read the other reviews and they seem to have the same issue. Hope they get it fixed ASAP. UPDATE: They asked me to email them and I did. Their support gave me some instructions to fix the issue and it worked. Everything is working now.
C Susanu 2020-11-27

The new version of the app is extremely poor. The old version looked a bit dated, but it got the job done. This new version is full of bugs. When I toggle a day in the schedule, it changes all the times from PM to AM by itself (consistently, it didn\'t happen just once), causing the Roomba to start in the middle of the night. This renders useless the entire app because I would rather walk up to the robot and press a button than be woken up at 2 AM.
Diane Nilson 2020-10-22

A disaster since the last update. Have had my Roomba for over a year and everything was working fine. I could use the app to know where the Roomba was, what it was doing, battery level and if it got stuck. Since the latest update the app tells me nothing. It doesn\'t even know if the Roomba is vacuuming, battery level or anything. And there\'s no longer a button to start/stop cleaning. I can now only use the Roomba by touching the Clean button on the machine. The app is now useless.
Teddy Ort 2020-11-20

The Roomba itself is great, and there\'s probably nothing better on the market but this app leaves a lot to be desired. Its pretty basic offering only the minimal features to get the job done. You can add keep out zones, but they can only be rectangular and can\'t be rotated so its hard to set them right. The room labels sometimes overlap each other making them impossible to read. It also crashes fairly regularly. Still usable but it gives the feeling it was made by an intern as an afterthought.
Henry Rogers 2021-02-15

Since the 5.3 update my app has been completely bricked. Thanks irobot. At least allow me to download an earlier version so that I can use my £800 machine. It won\'t connect to the servers on a 60gps/15gps WiFi network that is not being used by anything else. Why would you screw around with this? Why would you not test it? Why would you not roll back this obvious failure of an update? When can we hope it gets fixed? I dont really want a £800 lump of plastic in my sitting room.
Kameron Baetge 2020-10-27

I don\'t usually write reviews. For anything. BUT this current version of the app (5.1.0) is the worst app I\'ve ever used. Looks terrible, and it has been stripped of features compared to the last version. For example, you can no longer keep track of your robot\'s maintenance (what components are due for maintenance, logs of when components were last changed, etc). And to boot, like so many other folks have mentioned, my robot now misbehaves constantly and has a difficult time mapping my floorplan
Pam Clark 2021-01-01

I\'ve only just started using this. I really like the notifications when the robot encounters a problem. But I was disappointed that there are no notifications for routine maintenance. Since the manual says to clean the filter once a week, clean the corner brush once a month, etc., it would be nice if the app would track that for me. Also seems like iRobot would want to increase the likelihood of regular maintenance and therefore longer product satisfaction.