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Install the iSecretShop app on your smart phone today and turn your everyday shopping experiences into cash!

Businesses everywhere are desperate for vital consumer feedback - and they pay for it. Now, with iSecretShop on your phone, they pay YOU.

iSecretShop gives you access to multiple Mystery Shopping Providers' opportunities. So you can see more of the available secret shopping assignments near you from numerous agencies, not just one! And more are being added all the time! Smartphone technology has revolutionized the industry, made the shopper's job easier and improved the quality, accuracy and speed of the entire process. This is the way mystery shopping should be - register now and see for yourself!

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: Register as an Agent and the iSecretShop app will show you which restaurants, retailers and other businesses in your area are looking for input from "secret shoppers". Secret shoppers are customers who go 'undercover' to give very specific feedback to the owners about the service quality and the customer experience they received. You discreetly complete an evaluation using the ISS application (think Secret Agent: gathering information, taking pictures of messy facilities, beautiful food, etc) then, send it back instantly through your smart phone (or online - or a combination of both, as you prefer). When you are finished, you'll get paid (cash, meal and purchase reimbursements, Gift Cards and more)!

The iSecretShop app is FREE to you - it is the businesses that pay for the service. The merchants get vital intelligence, you get cash and compensation - and the power of having your opinions heard by the decision makers at businesses you frequent.

Download the iSecretShop app and Register as an Agent today!

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:7.8.7 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:Prism Intelligence

User Reviews


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LaDonna Holder 2019-03-10

This us a good app. Ive been using for 6mth now. Good support, you get paid and the shops are not difficult. They do ask a lot in the profile, but that is to match you with better suited shops.
Elizabeth Gadsby 2019-05-30

The jobs are convoluted and take a long time to complete, but if you stick to only what is required to be purchased you don\'t make out too bad in the end. The worst thing about the app though is how terribly slow it is. It has to think for about 30 seconds every time you navigate to a different section. I usually only do one job at a time just because I get so annoyed at the loading wait times.
Rock Steady 2019-04-05

To be honest I haven\'t even tried the app, reason being to me is that if a company really cared about its standings in the publics eye, it would at least have a representative on here to try and correct the issues in the critical reviews and to thank the ones who give positive feedback. I haven\'t seen one response from this app in relation to anything being said here. So the one star is for their disregard for public relations. And the problems that the employees are having.
Sherbear C 2019-03-08

I just registered & was looking around to see if this would be a good fit, but its not. The 4 jobs that are available are about obtaining a gym membership. The profile they want you to fill out is very intrusive. I didn\'t fill comfortable giving out my personal details; such as where I bank, I don\'t know why they need that info, you get paid by paypal. Plus, what is my political affiliation & if I\'m registered to vote. I wouldn\'t recommend this App, but to each their own! I\'m uninstalling!!!
Gale Maco 2018-10-16

When I first started working with this app, I really didn\'t like it. It seemed to me that it would be way too complicated to even apply for jobs. But now, this is my go to place to get jobs first and I get most of my jobs from ISS. After you read through the instructions, which are really easy to understand, then comes this clarity about this job site. It\'s not so hard after all. Try it. You\'ll like it.
Mr. David 2019-02-05

Great app, Great company I have done several assignments ranging from restaurants, hotel shops, bowling alley shops, indoor trampoline and even movie shops. I have never had an issue with payments being denied or processed. Most assignment directions are very clear and straight forward. When I need to get in contact with assignment representative they respond in a prompt timely manner. Thanks for the great service; A happy shopper since 2014.
LouAnn Miller 2021-01-15

I have been doing secret shops with (iSecretShop ) for about 9 months. It was easy to sign up, the app is defintely user friendly and I enjoy doing the shops. I live in a smaller town, therefore the number of shops available to me are limited. I get assigned enough to make a couple hundred dollars a month. They pay on time, the supervisors I dealt with have always been very helpful, Ive had no problems with iSecretShop. I highly recommend them as a honest and fair Secret Shopping Company!
Judarian Sowell 2018-12-28

Some better shops, better support. Some of the shops aren\'t worth the money. I was denied for a shop because I did not drink/consume or buy an alcoholic drink. they play around with your money and time. I will never recommend this app/company to anyone. stay away if you DO NOT work for free. it takes forever when a representative replies, very horrible communication except when it beneficial to them.
Nicole Cohoon 2019-03-26

this app ripped me off. for a 10 minute difference for the time I showed up I received ZERO compensation as well as ZERO reimbursement. They also kept/ used my review that was flawless. When I asked for help I was met with shrugged shoulders when I followed the guide lines. ITS A SCAM.
Kenneth Durham 2019-08-05

They tell you it can take up to 45 day to get paid and they make you wait every day of it. Why would anyone want to do a job where they have to spend their own money and then not get paid for a month and a half? Rediculous.