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Description of iSing - Sing & Record Songs! (Karaoke)

Do you love to sing? Would you like to learn the words to the song that you can’t get out of your head?

iSing is a karaoke app that offers free access to hundreds of songs with the best quality backing tracks right on your iPhone, wherever you are. It’s easy to use, fun to sing and play with.

iSing was founded in 2009 as a Polish web karaoke app. Since then it became a place to go for singing lovers, which drives us to build high quality backing tracks catalogue with most popular songs.

Take a look at some of the fantastic things you can do with the iSing app!

• Record covers and publish them on your profile

• Watch recordings from other song lovers

• Access all songs added by iSing for FREE

• Choose from thousands of karaoke songs, including greatest hits

• Find new releases each Friday

• Listen to the highest quality backing tracks that you’ll find nowhere else

• Discover the innovative karaoke animation by iSing that makes singing easy

• Enjoy each song in 2 versions: Beginner, with a guiding melody, and Pro Singer, just like you

• Change song keys while singing

• Search and browse by genre

• Curated song lists

• Create your own profile

• Subscribe to other talented singers

• Get iSing Plus and access extra features

We are constantly working hard on adding more features, which will come soon in the updates. We'd love to hear from you about our app. If you have any feature requests or comments don't hesitate to contact us at: contact@ising.com

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More Information Of iSing - Sing & Record Songs! (Karaoke)

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:iSing Sp. z o.o.

User Reviews


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Quinn 2016-02-06

Reviewers are crybabies I\'m reviewing this fairly and for what it is, a karaoke app, not a recording app. And if you don\'t like ads then pay to take them off cuz ads make free a possibility! Anyway, I love that the marker of words really keep up even on really fast parts like iggy rapping! I like the selection that is there already but it needs alot more english songs and they need to build up the song list quickly. Also, sometimes it cuts off the very end of the song. Fix those and I\'ll give it 5 stars!
Jan Sm 2015-06-03

Great catalogue, but freezes. Would be better to have an easy access menu to find categories rather than search or going to random to find categories. Frequently freezes while searching, at least on my Z2.
Camrin Edwards 2015-11-14

Doesn\'t record Whats the point if you can\'t play it back? You should be able to choose a language to filter put songs from other languages. Categorize the songs. This app is poorly designed
upasana mallick 2015-12-02

I was really looking forward to this app. But, it seems to have so many ads along with every song! So much worse than youtube. No options for skipping it either. I\'m so irritated, I\'ll probably uninstall it :/
Som Ekeh 2019-04-28

Not great for me cos there is always a technical fault during recordings, it makes my voice slow that it can\'t follow the rythem of the beat.
A Google user 2018-02-05

I hate this!!!!
Sam Martin 2015-12-07

Dont install The app has too many ads. Just before you sing you have a 30 second ad. Also it doesnt record. All its good for is the lyrics and nothing else
Layla Puppy Lover 2020-06-06

Ok. So the app is good, other then the fact that you can\'t sing the full song, and that there aren\'t a lot of Christian songs. I\'m disappointed.
Mg Alpha 2015-08-12

Uninstall it! First time i think it will b a good app. But when i see so many ads and i can\'t skip it.. i force closed it and uninstall this app.
Brittany Wilkins 2018-12-21

whatever it\'s telling me ain\'t in English and i never got a confirmation email so it was uninstalled..... bummer