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Description of Island Village

Wish you were in a tropical paradise? Haven't seen the sun and the ocean for a while? Need some adventure in your life? If so, you are in the right place!

A sea voyage has gone completely wrong for a group of brave traveling cats. Now they have to make a new home on an island where no cat has ever stepped before. You will need to help them construct buildings from everything that they can lay their paws on, grow wondrous plants on their farm, become friends with the local population and, of course, unveil the mysteries of this land lost in time.

City building has never been as simple and exciting as it is in Island Village. No characters are as cute and funny as the group of our courageous cats! Will your village be the best? What will you discover on the beautiful shore when the tide is low? Will the indigenous population be friendly, or will you have to fight for your life?

- Build your own village on a remote paradise island;

- Find all of the cat-friends that were lost during a shipwreck;

- Make hundreds of objects and articles, turning the island into a flourishing civilization;

- Tame exotic animals;

- Unveil many secrets of the mysterious island;

- Explore all of the corners of the land unknown and make new friends!


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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.1.5 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Game Garden™

User Reviews


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A Google user 2016-06-24

So Angry! I got to level 19 playing in offline mode but the next time I went into the game, it started me from the beginning! Don\'t know if I have the patience to try again. Two days of work on a pointless game, wasted. I did enjoy playing it so it\'s a shame I can\'t play it anymore because I am not restarting from the beginning. Glad I didn\'t spend money on the game.
Ayesha Rahadi 2016-07-04

How can I get eagle feather? I will need 640 crystal, and it\'s not going to happen soon because I need like 20 dollars-ish to get that and I refuse to buy! Please lower the rate or give us alternatives to have that feathers!
A Google user 2016-08-27

Great potential ! I loved it when I started playing and got into the game right away. The game has to be visually appealing for me to enjoy it and this is. My one big issue is that the tool button to use items I\'d HUGE. This makes the beauty of the game disappear behind big, obnoxious, tool buttons everywhere.
Fatima Barbie 2016-03-24

I love it love it if there were more stars than 5 stars i will rate it;-) I love your games keep making more games I have tried all your games but this is toooo good:-)
Tammy Jarvis 2017-02-24

I like the game but you need maps to get more land and i have been trying for days to find a map in the library and i never find one. Its frustrating bacuse i get cant get more land any other way. How else can i get maps? All ive ever gotten are books which are useless.
Angie Sorgatz 2016-07-18

Island village I\'d rate it way better considering the fact that you have to have face book to get rewards etc... I dont have a Facebook don\'t want one why can\'t i just use my Google plus to get point love the game tho...
A Google user 2017-03-31

I fuvking luv this game... theres always something to do! The graphics are excellent and just down right prerrt to look at, just straight eye candy. Who ever designed this game; I will rock his/het world. This game so clever and sexy.😎😎😎
Tiffany Healy 2021-01-09

Update: exact same thing happened again...purchased 19.99$ crystals and hasn\'t been credited to my game...I\'ll wait a bit longer. Disappointing. This will be the last time I ever spend $ on this game. I have been playing for years, occasionally lost my game but started over, I love it no matter what. I recently purchased a casket of crystals for 19.99$ and it hasn\'t been credited to my game yet. The $ has been taken out of my bank account, but no crystals have been delivered. Please fix this!
Linda Jones 2017-09-12

I like the game but it takes you forever to get maps to expand and I play the game frequently, everyday on the hour. Trying to get maps. I finally got the amount of maps needed to expand which took me weeks to get why not i didn\'t get the expansion went back to the maps I had gotten before which was at 4/15. Took me weeks to get those maps to expand. I was pissed and still am. I read people are having the same complaint or issue but nothing being done to improve this.
Mala Negron 2016-02-22

not worth the headache I\'m rage quitting. it takes too much time & resources to complete. needed 15 feathers spent a week. it takes a few thousand coins & food each. the feathers get taken away to complete the task but now I need 2 pearls which take 2 feathers a piece, a lot of food & coins to make. I have to sell 3 pearls as well so i basically have to make 5 which starts the feather fiasco all over again. it\'s like that with every task. great graphics but quest time & resource requirements are TOO much