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Description of ISS Explorer

The ISS explorer is an interactive tool for exploring the parts and pieces of the International Space Station (ISS). The application allows the user to view a 3D model of the ISS, rotate it, zoom into it, and select different parts and pieces.

When the application starts, you can see a view of the entire ISS with category labels. Tabs are available on the left hand side of the screen which allow you access to information, the hierarchy, settings and application information. From this point, you can zoom into the station, revealing more labels of visible parts. The station can also be rotated to view from different angles. If a part is selected, the part is isolated so that you can focus on the specific piece. The information tab shows information about the currently isolated part.

Inside the hierarchy tab, you can turn parts on or off, turn labels for parts on or off, turn parts transparent, or select a part to focus on. The parts are organized in a hierarchy to allow for systems to be described and displayed. This includes things such as truss, modules, and external platforms.

The Information tab shows information about the current isolated part, system, or the full ISS if the entire station is shown.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:3.0 Publish Date:2022-06-03 Developer:NASA 

User Reviews


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Miguel Lago 2019-12-17

A very good application. Informative, educational, with lots to look around and explore, with details everywhere. It is hard to get bored, although you could get fed up easily with so much at your hand. As it usually happens with good applications, there is a lot of room for improvement. Too bad it has been months without an update on Google Play.
Simon Jude 2019-04-16

I really like this app overall however I wish I could assemble the ISS my own way. By adding modules that aren\'t on the real deal also have the option to remove or relocate modules to different ports if I so wish. I was disappointed when Crew Dragon was docked and I looked at the visiting vehicles section and there was still only Progress and Soyuz. Why can\'t you also add retired crafts as well, like ATV, Space Shuttle, HTV. Heck add Cygnus, Starliner, DreamChaser, even Shenzhou.
Turwaith 2020-07-28

Great app, I love it. It would be great if you could update the station in real time, especially the visiting vehicles.
Bobo Obob 2018-09-29

Tried to down load and install on my older and ever increasing outdated device with no luck. Hoping when I can afford a newer model to be able to check this out.
A Google user 2019-01-01

very educational, this app teaches you everything about the structure of the station
Sweetest Desire 2021-01-06

Fantastic app if you want a tare down of yhe ISS the this is it literally, I don\'t know how this is free graphics cud do with an update but other then that 5⭐ app for techys who like to know how things work, I\'m on a 10 inch tab, samsung tab A 2019 app Flawless, no sign up either or pay or adds unlike spaceX they want money before u try the app ur either in and locked or out and not.
Ramesh M R 2018-10-14

I love the app very ....... much .the app run so smooth comparing to the other nasa games. ☺☺☺ . Can you add a space suttle to it plz
Tony Barkley 2020-10-08

Upgrade with sychro \"it\". Super App. MY PHONE LOVES IT.
Dorian Morales 2020-03-23

Great design in graphics.
Madhavi Kuna 2020-12-23

Why didn\'t you add the bishop airlock