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Description of ISS on Live: Earth & ISS Views

Looking for ISS Live?

How to see the international space station in your sky tonight?

Would you like to see the Earth from the International Space Station as astronauts see it? It is now possible to see Earth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the live transmission of the Space Station's cameras.

If you are a lover of space or astronomy, you will like ISS on Live.

ISS on Live offers you ISS live, the transmission of images of the Earth from the International Space Station by Nasa. You will also be able to experience the day-to-day life of astronauts watching them work inside the ISS.

This application integrates Google Maps to track the orbit of the ISS at all times and allows you to configure parameters such as the choice of different types of maps, satellite or terrain. It also shows telemetry information (speed, altitude, longitude, latitude), as well as the area of the country where the ISS is located. It also has a day/night map of the land with the limits of visibility from the ISS and the user.

In the drawing of the orbits, the visible steps of the ISS are shown in yellow. All this can be customized from the configuration menu of the application.

It has also been added to the Google Maps map the feature of "Map of clouds in the world" in Real Time. You will be able to add to the Google Maps map an extra layer for the visualization of the cloud map of the whole world. In this way you will be able to know the visibility status of the area of the Earth through which the ISS passes and observe it through the HD cameras of the ISS.

Live video transmission available:

1.- ISS CAM 1 HD: provides HD High Definition images from our planet Earth.

2.- ISS CAM 2: provides views of our planet Earth and on-board cameras of the ISS Live as well as experiments, tests or maintenance and communications with the Nasa.

3.- Nasa TV Channel: NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Television Service. You can watch STEM programs and documentaries.

4.- Nasa TV Media Channel: A secondary Nasa tv channel.

5.- ESA TV: European Space Agency Live channel. With Science and Exploration programming and documentaries.

And eventual channels like:

✓ SpaceX Live Transmissions: SpaceX Crew Dragon launch events.

✓ Roscosmos TV: live when there is a Russian spacewalk.

You can also watch these channels live on your TV using Google Cast.

Would you like to see the International Space Station?

ISS on Live will inform you of the day and time of the International Space Station's visible night passage. Through a configurable alert you will be able to receive notifications of the following events:

✓ Sunrise and sunset at ISS.

✓ Visible pass over your region: through the compass tool you will be able to know the exact place in the sky where the ISS will be visible to the naked eye and for how long.

✓ Day pass: observe your country through the live retransmission of the cameras of the International Space Station.

✓ ISS day pass in other countries: using the manual location tool, we will be able to know the ISS orbits over other regions of our interest and see their landscape through the cameras.

✓ Special events: arrival/departure of new crews (Soyuz, SpaceX Crew Dragon, Boeing CST-100 Starliner), spacewalks, launches (Falcon, SpaceX, Dragon, Progress, Cygnus, ATV, JAXA HTV Kounotori), dockings/undokings, experiments, communications with Earth from NASA and Roscosmos (Pockocmoc).

Twitter: @ISSonLive. News about ISS, NASA, ESA, Roscosmos and special events such as spacewalk broadcasts, spacecraft launches, hurricane and typhoon tracking.

Instagram: @issonliveapp. Selections of the best images and videos recorded by the astronauts of the ISS, NASA, ESA and with the ISS on Live app.

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User Reviews


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Linda Cannon 2020-07-14

I love this app. It not only shows current location of the ISS, it also has an ISS camera view as well as what is currently airing on NASA TV. You can set notifications when the ISS is visible in your location. There is also an option to view all the visible passes both in a data format and a map of the arc overhead.
deborah traynor 2019-02-25

I found this app great in some ways, love the fact you can view the earth\'s atmosphere and weather ie, clouds, but sometimes it won\'t show you live viewing, it always says that the camera/s of, but I still find it a great app though.
Nitin Singh 2019-05-31

I\'m just getting a notification that \"the video is not available temporarily try again in few minutes or select another video\" i have tried again several times but doesn\'t work.
Arthur Muñoz 2020-11-11

I was close to giving this app 3 stars but because i believe that you could improve at least one of the problems that it still has. I understand that we can\'t have the iss hd cam all the time but to remind me when the next sunrise is 5 minutes away and then i click on it and the hd cam is being used for iss reasons is not very \"user friendly\", if you know what i mean. Please fix this issue. If the app can detect when camera is not available the app should also let us know. Besides that, all good
Sofiqul Islam 2020-08-21

Thank you for your reply. But the problem is still not fixed. For the first time of installation, app has taken too much time to connect with the server. After a month away, data was removed accidentally and again, to connect with the server, app is taking too much time. Fix this problem and I\'ll give you a 5 star rating.
Benjamin Gaines 2019-01-06

What the hell has happened to this app? It used to be so BEAUTIFUL flying above our planet. Now with all of the stop and go videos. what\'s the matter? Is NASA Stopping the live shots for UFO checks??? If this continues, why not just shut this site down. It has become a waste of time login on.
Varun Singh 2020-12-19

Wow, I have never seen an app with live coverage of the ISS and its orbital path as customizable as this one! The app is usefully unique with its events and alarms features, something I\'ve never seen before with other ISS detector apps. My suggestion is to allow the user to swipe down the live ISS camera to just see the map, as the International Space Station usually has nothing going on. Then the user can swipe back up or click a button to see it again. Overall, this app is one of a kind!
Wendy Fouts 2021-01-10

Interesting, facinating and informative. I am really pleased with the app. I like being able to listen to the crew talk to mission control. I would like if they had details of the ISS, like measurments, pictutes, square footage and so on. I love that I can take screen shots. I wish they had a schedule of when the crew would be \"on duty\" so I didn\'t have to guess.
Cai Yong Kang 2020-07-08

Its a great app to show us HD Earth video, with stunning graphics. I have learned much about International Space Station (ISS), through this app. The video shows earth\'s view from top down, its quite fascinating. It is especially exciting when I see the space station above my country!
Michael Mell 2020-06-23

The \"Previously recorded\" message is due to the fact that NASA\'s Hi-def Earth Viewing experiment has come to an end. The cameras were tested to destruction under real space (not real world) conditions, and there is no plan to support a permanent live video feed for public use. Don\'t take my word for it, go check with NASA. This app provides access to multiple network video streams provided by NASA and works beautifully!