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You expect your new job at Heaven, a famous pet store in Tokyo, will be pretty straightforward -- until you discover your handsome co-workers are actually half-dogs with the ability to transform at will! Dobe, Shephe, and Bernar entrust their secret to you, and you soon find family in the pack at Heaven… but not all is peaceful. When a rival pet shop sends thugs to destroy the store, you’re forced to stand your ground and defend your new home alongside your friends.

Can you save the shop and find romance along the way? Find out in It’s a Dog’s Love!


◇The Withdrawn Doberman - Dobe◇

Aloof and alert, Dobe is the owner and leader of the pack at Heaven. Though initially cool and difficult to read, as you grow closer, you learn of a tragic event that continues to gnaw at his mind. Will you be able to resolve his past and help him trust again?

◇The Cocky German Shepherd - Shephe◇

Shephe may be a little boastful and self-centered, but he’s fiercely protective of his loved ones and won't go easy on anyone who attempts to harm them. Despite his impressive fighting ability, he harbors some self-doubt and wants to prove himself to you. Will he be the one that captures your heart?

◇The Innocent St. Bernard - Bernar◇

Bernar is the little brother of the pack at Heaven. Inquisitive and puppy-like, he adores humans and always sees the best in others — especially you! As you work together, he struggles with his newfound feelings of love. Will you show him what it means to be human?

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:2.1.10 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Genius Inc

User Reviews


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Aurora Lake 2020-08-14

I love the storyline, and the guys(particularly Shephe XD), but... two stars because of the gems, and how you\'re restricted on what to say. Sometimes, you can answer kinda rudely, but if you really really like that person, and don\'t have enough gems, there\'s just no feel for the story! Please please please make the gems no more! Or at least refill the gems everyday or something. All I want is to enjoy a good story, and you\'re giving me one: but you\'re also taking all the fun out of it!
acīax_eko更 2020-07-08

I\'ve only started playing this and i\'m enjoying it already.They all have unique personalities which i\'m fascinated of...my only problem is about the gems,why do they cost that much? and it literally makes you wait 2 hours and so on to refill the story tickets but so much for that,I still love the game and i\'m looking forward for more of it.
Pyscho _pycho 2020-07-07

I love the stories but some I almost cried to. It is an amazing game but the the restart button I thought only restarted the episode, which is what I wanted to do, but then it took me all the way back to the beginning of the whole game. So technically I have to restart. But I never meant to. Can the creator maybe put a button that brings you back to the part you were on?
Sofia Guzman 2020-07-21

It\'s great, very cute story and easy to follow, I personally enjoyed it but I didn\'t really like the little mini game to earn points, most of the time it only gives my 2 points and it doesn\'t go any higher than that, the mini game also tends to get boring, I would suggest to put one or two more mini games to make it more fun, other than that I think this app is great :)
BTS is life 2020-06-26

This game is amazing the characters are perfect and cute the story was also great but the reason i\'m giving you only three stars is becuz the stories in your games are somtimes same like in \"my pet doctors\'s secret\" it was almost the same story line i have played every game of yours but the story is same like vampirs, wolves, zombies, and half humans and half other animals. If you guy are hurt by this comment than i am sorry i was just telling my opinion
Im Just a little lonely 2021-01-27

Its a great game... but theres a few things i dont like about it. Well, the pros are that the charecters are so cute and funny, and the stroyline is amazing. But as far as the cons.. the game gives you very little gems and the only way to get more is either buying with real money or completing an action for points. Also the episodes need story passes, which can be obtained same as rubies. I would suggest a daily login prize or a once-a-day minigame. Thank you!
LimitedEditonLex 06 2020-07-14

I love this game so much. They are all adorable, but it\'s stupid when I want to earn points to exchange for diamonds. I downloaded 2 games to download and run and it said it would give me 30 or 40 points and then it said we don\'t have this on the list anymore! So I have to pay for it instead of exchanging!! I hate it! Other than that it\'s a good game
Elvi Meza 2020-07-26

Its great! I love it and the story. I gave it three stars because of the gems, sometimes you end up saying something a bit rude or weird because you dont have enough gems. also the minigame! please add another one ^^ it gets a bit boring after a while overall, its a nice, sure the gems bother me a bit, but i like it!
Hope Furever 2021-01-07

I really like this game. It\'s a good story to follow along with. You don\'t get many gems or tickets but I think it\'s worth the wait. I found out I could divide my time to play it in the morning, the middle of the day, and at night so I could get more tickets and watch ads to get more coins for gems. I definitely recommend it, even my friend likes it
Dogs #1 2020-06-29

I am just so in love with this app! Cute, adorable dogs, hot guys with the nicest and unique personalites in one and there are 3 of them! Like I mean I cant think of a better app, for real!! 😍😍 Not to mention the choices they give are resonable, unlike many similer apps and the story line is great too. The app is easy to use and not overly complicated. I was literally blushing the whole time❤❤❤❤ love this app!