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Jail Break : Cops Vs Robbers



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Description of Jail Break : Cops Vs Robbers

Jail Break : Cops Vs Robbers is one of the most popular games in Blockman Go. In this city you can play as police or prisoner. when you are a cop: Catch the robbers will receive bounty and merit. Don't kill prisoners or you'll be thrown in the prison. When you are prisoner: Collect Books for Keys or Shovels, you can use them to break out of the jail. Then rob everywhere as you want!

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Blockman GO studio

User Reviews


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roxy Biggs 2020-12-28

This game is AMAZING!!! You HAVE to git it cuz im 10 and im picky with my games. There\'s barely any lag and there\'s barely any ads. And once you get an ad you can X out of it after like 3 seconds. By the way I am using voice type for most of this. So words might be twisted or something. But you HAVE to get it! Jest take my word from it. I forgot to say that I am using my uncle\'s account. LOL. Just on vacation
Katie Everett 2020-06-27

It\'s a great game but the reason why I put a 4 star is because sometimes when I went to the police area to kill some police to higher my threat level a police officer will go INVISIBLE and USE THE DIM FRAG OR FLAG GRENADE ON ME. Can you please lower the frag or flag GRENADE then I will give it a 5 star rating! Also sometimes when I\'m watching a video to revive ,y self SOMETIMES ALL MY STUFF DISAPPEARS so please fix that. (Edit) It also take so long so download it but good game it is very good!!!
rhonda Martin 2020-10-23

I love jailbreak it\'s amazing I like how you have to figure out a way if you need a hint there is some sand if you get a shovel you can shovel your way out of the jail it\'s amazing I like how they put all of the Minecraft stuff in the animation is amazing I can\'t believe that so many people haven\'t tried jailbreak
D\'Arby Younger 2020-06-24

I\'m not sure if im the only one with problem... but, when clear cache, it does not load map resources :/ so delete it and play again :/ so ummm... little fix to that? (Edit) Devs!! Bug/Glitch error!!! when i fell from the PD and press the \"watch ad\" button... it did not let me watch. Instead it let me roam around without hurting people and when i quit to restart the game becuase i thought it was a lag... when i enter it brought me to the \"watch ad\" button. It let me watched an ad and i did not
Thandazo Shabalala 2020-12-20

This game was fine once I fist played it then something happens when I entered it the third time it wanted me to put my nickname but I tried every single word but it won let me in plus I\'m disturbed that a fly is flying around me but who ever can fix this please now I have to wait till it comes to the begining And I give it a five star because I enjoyed it the last two times or else this comment will change to negative and I\'ll uninstall it
Asmr Blow 2019-03-03

This is one of the best BlockManGo Studios game out there!!!! Its fun, its crazy and also its awesome!Now i just have one thing that i need to ask a favour of to the developers.At the mansion in the game i got out of the police car at the stairs, then i glitched through the stairs and now im stuck FOREVER! If you can plz try to put like a reset button for your character to spawn at the place what your role is in. The game is great but you just have to add that one thing. Plz reply developers!!!!
Faheem NABIZABIH 2020-09-18

I love this game get it because is so fun you can drive Cars and explore the game to find super cool Rooms so what are you waiting for download it not is free but every time I play it always lagged but sometimes it do sent but pretty much is a some so download it now and have fun
Nicole Narsing 2019-01-31

So my son comes up to me and wants to download this game. When my son is able to play it. It says \"Please Try Again.\" I was trying to figure out the problem. The game wouldn\'t work. So i quit. It\'s a waste of time.
TOP The Original Platinum 2021-01-29

Wow this game is soo cool i recommend this game, it haves some glitch and the game can be more ez to flex on some noobs, and getting op, you need to 5 star this, the control is more easy then original minecraft,the thing i love is, theres no ads
Muhammad Sudaiss 2020-12-06

It\'s so bad game I give it one star because take like million years to to load and its graphics is so bad at the starting of the game it comes (preparing resources consuming traffic) but it takes so long I hate this game this might be the worst game ever played from block man go studio please fix this problem