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Description of Javascript Quiz

🟊 Test your JavaScript skills and knowledge with our extensive base of programming quizzes and questions

🟊 Learn and improve your JavaScript skills and knowledge by reading explanations assigned to each programming question to help you understand the concept

🟊 Extend your programming knowledge by reading our articles about JavaScript topics

🟊 Save your favorite quizzes to your favorite list

🟊 Create your own quizzes with technical questions that are in our database

Whether you are an experienced or beginner JavaScript programmer, this application is for everyone who wants to learn and expand their knowledge about JavaScript.

Quizes and questions are divided by the level: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

This application can be useful to:

- prepare for the exam

- test your JavaScript knowledge

- fill knowledge gaps

- prepare for the technical job interview

- test and practice coding skills

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More Information Of Javascript Quiz

lable: Education - Apps Current Version:3.5.74 Publish Date:2022-02-23 Developer:createwebsites

User Reviews


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Professor Xavier\'s Youtube account for the gifted 2020-05-12

Seemed to be a good app but only worked once. Now getting an error \"can\'t check if user is logged in\" Tried to sign up, then received \"unexpected error\"
Sriram Paramasivam 2019-09-02

Awesome app... I used this app from my friend mobile... Everything is really good.. I want to give you two suggestions, 1. The app name were different in Phone and Play store.. So, I can\'t able to find when I am searching in play store... 2. Explanation for the answers needs to be improved... Hope you will reach more Heights !!! Have a great future ahead!!! 😊😊😊
Kristóf Kakuszi 2019-04-23

Very useful if you learning javascript. In other words this is the BEST app for es6 js
stefan milic 2019-04-06

Dont paid for premium account . i paid for one month, and after 3 months i realized they still charging me. its very sneky and stypid from company, shame...
Dean Perks 2019-05-02

very good tool for learning however three days after registering i received and ransom email quoting the the password i used to sign up, im always cautious when creating accounts and it seems thats a good thing. Be aware that either your data isnt safe here or is being sold on for profit, be careful using this app!
Suraj K 2018-12-23

Very good app but having subscription for a month is not convincing me to purchase. One time fee for premium account is good option from consumer point of view atleast at starting stages of your application.
Alexandar F 2019-05-24

I rarely ever purchase an app, this one I\'m likely buying. Great stuff for a beginner developer!
Julio Vieira 2018-12-20

I really love this app, thank you 👍😃
Zsolt Gulyás 2018-07-27

Awesome at least for JS ES5 I\'m sure about that.
Paulo Omega 2020-03-01

Loving it, add more content mate. It\'s the perfect companion for a dev dude, add notification too. You deserve the subscription I pay mate. Cheers