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Description of Jazz World - Manage Your Jazz Account

Welcome to the Jazz Digital Experience. Jazz World is the one-stop solution to all your Jazz / Warid account needs. You can now manage your account easily with a few taps.

Amazing features:

• Stay updated with a Qibla direction compass

• View and get alerts for prayer times in your city

• Read daily Ayaat and Ahadees-e-Mubarak

• Pray easily with the digital Tasbeeh Counter

• Browse through the top Jazz Tunes and set your favorite tune (for Prepaid users)

• Experience over 1 million songs in the music section powered by Bajao

• Play 250+ games within Jazz World

• Avail 12,000+ discounts from your favorite brands and restaurants at amazing rates!

• Get daily free internet. Login every day and claim a new reward every time. Come back daily for bigger rewards.

• Invite friends to get free data. Get 50MB on inviting each friend, while your friend gets 100MB. Invite more friends to get more rewards

Account management features:

• View your prepaid balance and postpaid bill

• Download your postpaid bill

• Stay aware of your usage and remaining MB, Minutes and SMS

• View expiry dates for your subscribed packages on prepaid numbers

• Subscribe to your favorite packages and offers

• Make Your Own Bundle

• Share your balance with any Jazz prepaid number

• Login with one click when using the Jazz data network

• Manage up to 5 numbers with your Jazz World account

• Get packages and offers specially recommended for your usage

• Recharge your prepaid balance and pay your postpaid bill using JazzCash, credit/debit cards or scratch cards

• Submit, track & view the status of your complaints easily

• Get exclusive discounted bundles

• View and download your usage history

• View and download recharge history

• View and download package subscription history

• Order new or replacement SIMs and get them delivered to your doorstep

• Download tax certificate

• Non-Jazz users can also experience the app

And a whole lot more

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More Information Of Jazz World - Manage Your Jazz Account

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2.0.8 Publish Date:2021-10-24 Developer:Jazz Pakistan

User Reviews


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Hassaan M 2021-01-24

No data available for Warid postpaid customers apart from Credit Limit, Bill, and Data Usage. No offers either. Off-net and On-net minutes are also shown clumped together. Half the time, when you will tap things, you will get a \"Sorry, data not available\" message. Support for MyWarid app shouldn\'t have been ended if you had no proper substitute for Warid postpaid customers. Pathetic practice .
Rana Shahid 2020-10-22

Jazz World is a good appliction, as it provides one with a good control over one\'s account. Provision of details of data, minutes, sms and reward are excellent. Few things that i think need to be improved are.... ... Firstly, it does not show the contents of \"make your offer\" service. Which one may possess. Please insure the depiction of those contents also. Secondly, it should provide widget like my zong app
Asad Ullah 2021-02-02

it didn\'t update free minutes even all my credit is gone. it is updating new credit (rupees) not free recourses. still showing that i have 250 minutes. Edit: i am here again. With another complain. System is always down and always \"there is some problem we are facing\" message. Hardly update anything. P.S: i am using most updated version
Danyal Fasihi 2021-01-12

I haven\'t experienced everything in this app but there\'s one problem that I faced. If you click on an ad, the offer activates without asking for a confirmation. I\'ve been through this random activation of an offer and lost about half of my balance, twice. So beware before clicking on the ad...
Qamar Hussain 2020-10-10

Hi! First. Before this update your app was too much accessible for the blind people. But now in this update I discover a bug. In previous app the blind people can read the balance with screen readers. but in this update we can\'t. because it\'s in image format. Please fix it. Second. I want to suggest some changes in your monthly social bundle. the Facebook messenger video chat and calls are not allowed. Please allow it. so we can enjoy Facebook nicely. Thank you!
Usama Sajjad 2020-12-25

The app is not working, always show an error message \"There is seems to be a problem please try again in few minutes\". I\'m facing this issues on all the devices which are in my home so definitely there is a problem with this app. I\'m facing the above mentioned issue from last 1 month and i was just hoping that the issue may be resolved in the next update but Unfortunately not.So i decided to post the review.Jazz team please resolved the above mentioned issue!!!
Malik Shakir 2020-12-25

If Google had the option to give 0 stars, I would give this app only 0 stars, because every time I opened Jazz World on my phone, this app always showed that there was a problem in Jazz World for some time. So try again later But even after a while, the same thing happens.I have uninstalled and re-installed this app many times, but this is always the case.All I can say to the jazz world is to fix this as soon as possible Otherwise, I will uninstall Jazz World forever.Consider this issue. Thanks
Amer Abbas 2020-11-19

All in one, it\'s good and nice to use in one step. There is always space to improve the things, Jazz has to focus to continue improve this app for costumers satisfaction because in these days when no body has much time an app can resolve the issues.
floydian _ 2021-01-09

On data sim,the package expires automatically on the time you subscribed the package, which is unacceptable, complained nothing solved, nothing helped. I wonder what are they trying to do. The package should expire at the end of the 30th day 23:59:59, ridiculous
- J K - 2020-10-09

App is ok, nothing special to write home about. It is a basic App that could do with a few bells and whistles that other provider apps have. Little things like a helpful widget, expiry of your credit (if any). Other than that-basic app with everything at a glance.still have to wait and see if the data provided wish in real-time or a snapshot of a certain time slot.