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Description of Jelly Jam Crush- Match 3 Games

The most addictive puzzle game on mobile today! Work your way through matching three or more jellies and creating boosters! Enjoy your Jelly Jam Crush adventure now!


THE BEST LEVELS: HUNDREDS of levels to beat and NEW LEVELS added every week!

CHALLENGING AND FUN PLAY: Gather powerful boosters to beat the toughest stages.

PLAY WITH FRIENDS -Show off your gaming progress on the leaderboard to your friends! Beat your friends’ score on every level and keep track of it!

How To Play

Swap and Match at least 3 jellies of the same type to burst!

Make unique combinations to get powerful bombs

Play more levels to activate new characters and collect boosters!

Leverage powerful boosters to help clear obstacles!

Achieve 3 stars for each level to get more boosters!

Aim to use the least moves to achieve the goal! 

Sync between devices and play anywhere, anytime!


Follow Jelly Jam on Facebook for more bonus: fb.me/JellyJamCrush

Questions? Suggestions? Send message to: m.me/JellyJamCrush

Please note that Jelly Jam is a completely FREE match 3 puzzle game. It’ free to download and play, but there are game items available for purchase with real money.

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More Information Of Jelly Jam Crush- Match 3 Games

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.6.6 Publish Date:2022-05-13 Developer:AVIDGamers

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

sun girl 2019-03-22

30 second ads at every level is nuts! Way too frustrating! I don\'t mind some ads but HATE that they are after every level, whether won or not, and then last so long. I\'m uninstalling because of this.
Sylvia House 2019-06-18

I have enjoyed this game. the problem has been, it has stopped on level 760 .keep saying wait for update, that\'s been a few months. hope you can help. Sylvia. I am pleased to say the update to this game is great. Thank
A Google user 2019-03-07

It\'s an easy game yet challenging. Fun! More difficult as you progress so it\'s challenging yet relaxing. You might become hungry for sweets while playing though. 😉😋🙂
Mayen Mayen 2019-04-16

This is a great game for me for killing time.. Never get bored anymore as i always played this game when i have nothing to do. Why not try?
Tella-Granny Two-Names 2019-05-15

If I could rate this a minus zero that is what I would rate it! In short, the stupid game will NOT open. When I tried to send in a report that would not work either! I realize these games are free, but when you constantly interrupt other games to get people to download crappy games you really take the fun out of playing any game! As for the \"Tell us more (optional)\" section? It is impossible to rate the gameplay or graphics when the bloody game will not even open!
Margie Nash 2020-05-08

I love this game but for the past 2 weeks, can\'t get bonus items,, it just says \" buffering \" then goex right back to wherever I was. Can\'t spin the wheel, or collect my daily bonus. 😣 it\'s just on this game, all my other games work gone. Please fix it 😢
marihelen ballard 2019-02-26

I turned the sound and the music off. The ap still \"pops\" when choosing different options. I can\'t play it unless i turn the volume down on my device. I am uninstalling because of this.
A Google user 2020-03-03

Love, love, love this game. Colors are outstandingly beautiful and bright and airy. Well instructed and explained on play. Music happy and adults can enjoy at any age. A great family game for fun times.Give it a try and you will enjoy it so much.
Roberta Carlson 2019-04-18

Game is fun. Early on the ads were sparce which was really nice but now they\'re numerous. I can hurry the ads by tapping the seconds timer in the right-hand corner and then tapping the upper left hand corner until double arrows appear and finally tap on the X to close the page. The ads in these games are out of control, too many!
Cate Allen 2019-11-04

Have just started playing and it\'s very relaxing. Quite eady to get through levels. Unlike other games when you can be stuck on a level for weeks.