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Description of Jeopardy!® Trivia TV Game Show

A whole new way to experience America’s Favorite Quiz Show® as host Alex Trebek takes you on the Jeopardy! World Tour. The true Jeopardy! game show trivia experience in the palm of your hand.

What better way to train your brain and boost your IQ than with classic game show trivia!? Go head to head with game show trivia players from around the world to become the star of game show trivia!


★ Alex Trebek takes you on a world tour from Los Angeles to London to Tokyo!

★ Test your game show trivia knowledge in a true Jeopardy! Experience!

★ Travel the World! Unlock new countries and cities to compete in and win better rewards!

★ Square off against other clever trivia contestants and target a WIN STREAK!

★ Track your performance and boost your score with user profiles!

★ Unlock POWER-UPS to square the odds in your favor!

★ Play game show trivia anywhere, anytime with our OFFLINE MODE!

★ Scale to the top of the leaderboard while you square off against FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

★ DOUBLE your score with the iconic game show DAILY DOUBLE and FINAL JEOPARDY!


Jeopardy! World Tour takes you for a ride across the globe to test your game show trivia in different cities, square off against new opponents, and unlock better prizes and rewards! Each city offers new challenges and opportunities for you to train your game show trivia skills and grow your knowledge on your road to victory!


Love playing against others? Square off against family, friends and other game show trivia players to win and scale your way to victory! Prove you are the most clever player by answering questions in different game show trivia categories like music, cinema, sports, science, math and geography. Become the star of game show trivia by learning fun and interesting facts that you’ll carry with you outside the game! You never know when those game show trivia facts will come in handy!


Know any interesting trivia facts? Well it may just come in handy when you find yourself squared off against a million dollar question! Train to rank up against the scores of hundreds of thousands of game show trivia players around the world as you target the top of the Leaderboards! Show off your clever wits with the most fun trivia game show in the world!


Along your journey through the World Tour trivia, you’ll see tons of exciting events and tournaments unfold that always brings a fresh twist to the classic Jeopardy game show trivia! This is your opportunity to put your trivia IQ to the test and show how clever you are as you scale your way to the top prize in the tournament! Time to stop training and double down on your top game show trivia categories like Music or Cinema to test how you rank up against the best trivia players!

Download Jeopardy! World Tour today!

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lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:51.0.4 Publish Date:2021-12-22 Developer:Sony Pictures Television

User Reviews


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Christopher Day 2021-02-12

I really like this game, but now I have reached New York it is too difficult to play. If you dont win a game you have to wait nearly 2 days just to play again. Also it was already expensive enough if you wanted to pay, but now it\'s ridiculous. Been playing for years but this has really put me off now. I wont be paying again when you only get so few games when you do.
Tracy B 2019-04-16

Recent change in the way the \"bank\" works decreased the free money you could accrue over time by 80%. I guess trying to get people to pay to play. Sorry, not happening. if you need revenue, put a short ad at the end of each game. People who arent willing to give you actual money (like me) WILL wait through a 30 second ad to play again. Rethink your revenue strategy, or you\'ll be losing a lot of loyal players!
Christina Marshall 2019-06-19

this game is fun but it is so stupid that you pay your \"fake\" money to play and if you win, you dont even earn back what you spent to play. so it\'s almost impossible to stay up on game cash. that needs to be fixed. its obvious that the game makers do not read the reviews. everyone is complaining about the same thing. it cheats you out of money. dont spend real money because you can\'t win money back.
Kyle P 2019-04-26

The game is fun and addicting, but with the recent change to the bank it has become a pay to play game. I used to earn 80k free jeopardy dollars every 4 hours, that has since been reduced to 64k in a 24 hour period!!! The game is unplayable for the casual player now. Sony Pictures needs to either revert back to the previous banking model or make this game premium only (cost money) since that is what it has become.
Charlie Preto 2020-01-08

Lots of fun & moves quickly! The real challenge is to remain competitive while maintaining a play discipline of \"absolutely FREE\"!!!!!!! I really enjoy this game! I am also finally getting over my fear of \"The dreaded OPERA category.\" E um jogo muiiito legal!
brent h 2020-10-20

First let me be clear. I have not spent a penny on this game and no desire to do so. I have won over 11 billion in game cash... That being said- the algorithm is terrible. Once you reach a certain level you have to play a PERFECT game to win... Unless I go into final jeopardy with a score of 13,200 I have ZERO chance of winning... Jeopardy please explain...
Jonathan Nash 2020-06-24

I enjoy the game alot but my money doesn\'t recharge fast enough to keep playing. I don\'t like when I play a certain cost for a game then you win, but it doesn\'t cover what it cost you. I recently achieved an milestone in the game and was supposed to win more gold never happened. I messaged to see if it could be fixed. Nobody could help. They wanted the day it happened the time and a screenshot. I sent a message the day it happened and still nobody would help me. They have no issues taking my $$.
Judy Hanson 2021-01-14

It\'s okay. If it weren\'t for the Alex tribute, I wouldn\'t be playing this though. It\'s too difficult play and advance without buying stuff.. I don\'t mind the ads but if that helps you pay for the game, then why is it so hard to advance? I click on them all the time... And a subscription for 9.99?? I get Hulu for free with about the same ads and whole shows and content.. Anyways, when I do play, I enjoy it and learn something in the process.
Temiluwho 2020-12-19

I agree with what many others said. Can\'t play very often because the bank doesn\'t accumulate game money very fast and the cost of the games are ridiculous. Have PLENTY of ads but get to play maybe one game a day. So, they expect you to watch ads AND pay real money if you want to play a few times a day. Talk about a rip off. Will NEVER pay money to play, so I\'m going to uninstall it.
Jody Trudeau 2019-03-24

Bloated, cheesy, aggressive, annoying. Those are just some of the words I would use to describe this game. They\'ve ruined the simplistic, clean nature of the show by coming up with an in your face, over the top, gaudy and garish app. Very disappointed. I just want to play trivia, and I don\'t want to have to dismiss 9 different offers to join clubs, pick power ups, enter limited time tournaments, level up my xp, etc, etc, etc, before I can get to the home screen and play the damn game. Big miss.