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Description of Jepster | Bike computer

Android app to use your mobile phone as a bike computer. Jepster uses GPS to track your ride. Furthermore, it supports ANT+™ and Bluetooth heart rate monitors, speed and/or cadence senors and power meters.

- Real-time data

Jepster provides real-time performance data of your ride. Jepster supports multiple pages which are customizable such that you can have all the information that interests you displayed.

Statistics: up to 10 editable data fields

Summary: up to 10 editable data fields

Lap statistics: up to 10 editable data fields

Lap summaries: no editable data fields, predefined with 9 data fields per lap

Map & statistics: up to 8 editable data fields

Route elevation: up to 8 editable data fields

Climb profile: up to 8 editable data fields

Elevation chart: up to 8 editable data fields

Speed chart: up to 8 editable data fields

Heart rate chart: up to 8 editable data fields

Power chart: up to 8 editable data fields

You can easily connect to your ANT+™ or Bluetooth cadence, heart rate, speed and power meters sensors (ANT+™ sensors requires ANT+™ hardware support on your smartphone, Bluetooth sensors require Bluetooth low energy support). Your ride data will be stored on your smartphone as a FIT file.

- GPS route navigation

Load GPX tracks or Strava routes which will be shown on the map such that you can easily follow your route (no turn by turn navigation). You can choose to either use Google Maps or Openstreetmap (Openstreetmap supports offline maps and has more functionalities).

Jepster provides you two different pages with a map:

STATISTICS & MAP: a section with up to 10 editable data fields and a section with a map

MAP: only a large map

Note that the size of the map on the STATISTICS & MAP page depends on the number of data fields chosen.

- Climb profile & data

Routes with elevation data will be analyzed and the climb profile will be visible when you are close to (less then 500m) or on the climb.

- Strava & TrainingPeaks

You can connect Jepster to your Strava and TrainingPeaks account such that you can upload your activities directly from Jepster to Strava/TrainingPeaks. Furthermore you can directly load your Strava routes.

- Auto pause

Auto pause feature to automatically pause your activity when stopped riding. You can choose the auto pause trigger value between 0 - 4,5 km/h.

- Data types

Among others, the following data is available to be displayed (real time, averages, maximum values):





Heart rate







Note that depends on the hardware of your phone (see for more details http://www.jepster.nl/features.html).

This product is ANT+™ certified. Visit www.thisisant.com/directory for compatible products and apps.

Check the privacy policy on https://www.jepster.nl/privacy.html

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-03-02 Developer:T. Wassink

User Reviews


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Adam Swan 2020-06-14

This is the one! If you are looking for an app that replaces a bike computer THIS IS THE ONE! I tried a bunch of the apps and none of them are close to as good or as complete. Connects to speed sensor, cadence sensor, and heart rate monitor. Can switch between using sensors or GPS for speed and distance. Has a range of great dashboards that simulate an actual bike computer. It\'s free but it\'s so good that I\'m going to contribute to support it.
Michael Mead 2020-11-20

Thanks for the app, enjoying a lot. Will there be offline map use in the future? I have OSM maps on my phone from other apps & often head into riding locations without cell data. 5 Stars on the way for offline maps.
Akshay Joshi 2020-11-08

This is one of the most complete bicycling computers available on the play store right now. No app comes even close. 1. The fields are fully configurable. It has everything you need and nothing more. 2. It is one of the few bicycling computers which connects to all individual sensors. I have a separate cadence and speed sensor. Very few apps can actually detect both simultaneouly. So, it really becomes, choose one. Not so, in this case. 3. Data analytics is quite good. A few sore points, which I must point out and I hope the developer can fix them (someone else has also pointed out in the review) 1. If the sensors are not detected at the start of ride, the app makes no attempt to reconnect them. There is no retry. So, if you loose sensor connectivity even for a moment, there is no reconnect. At start of the ride, the sensors take a while to come online, so everytime I need to manually reconnect. This can be tricky when you are in a group ride. 2. Speed filter is bit too slow. It takes few seconds after you have stopped to determine that you have stopped. Both above issues look to be easily fixable. The developer has done a fantastic job to keep it ad free and clutter free. Excellent work!!!
mingi song 2020-05-03

I cannot believe this is free, and has no advertisement that I can find. Still trying to figure out the catch. Actually took me about an hour to configure the way I like, but its a good thing. It means its very configurable and flexible. Battery management on this app means this is actually the very first app that I can honestly say can replace wahoo to some degree. Just wow.
Amrita 2020-10-19

This is one great app does it all i think, cant compare to a regular bike computer but i would guess this does more and then some... Well worth supporting! great job and free to chose to support you are an inspiration Have one wish tough! If you could implement a auto retry/reconect sensor if it looses connection as it sometimes looses connection with my cadence and reconnects fine if i push reconect on screen if/when i see it and get my swetty gloves off
Josue de Paz 2020-10-04

The best Android bike computer!! PROS: -4 bikes can be used with this app. Each with its own settings (sensors, data shown, etc.). -Customize what and how data is shown. -Great customer service.CONS: -Should have a folder with all the uploaded gpx routes, instead of opening the \"File from disk\" tab to reuse a route. \"Buying\" the app is $0.99/year. It\'s totally worth it. UPDATE (10/03/20): ANT+ connection works. Connectivity with Strava (no need to use it while riding, only Jepster).
Ilia Volkov 2020-04-24

I tried a lot of bike computer apps, this is by far the best one. Super customizable, you can set up all the values you want to see while riding. Compatible with all my sensors: speed, cadense and heart. Easy to load your routes from strava and to upload your activities. And free to use, even though I did donate some money because I just love this app.
Glen Williams 2020-10-11

So much better than the others I tried, and easy to customize to the information you want (I don\'t think the defaults are well thought out, but a long press changes them, and the field list is pretty exhaustive). Using with polar H10 heart-rate monitor and garmin Vector 3 power meter pedals.
El 2020-02-13

The app is amazing! The cost of bike computers has always frustrated me particularly because the hardware is so poor compared to smartphones. I know the historic argument is battery life but this is always improving and the app also has a battery saver feature. No one else seems to have a mobile platform anywhere near as good as this and I hope it becomes a market leader. Great job!
Paweł Bieschke 2020-05-12

I have problem with establish strava link. When I tried to connect with strava \"log by using google\" I got error 403. Is there any solution for this problem?. App looks great and I would like to test it. Strava live segments in future would be great.