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Description of Jesus Words Meditation

The Jesus Words Meditation app contains guided audio-meditations. The meditations consist of three parts: First you are guided into silence through breathing and body awareness. Find a place of inner silence and prepare yourself to listen. Words of Jesus are in the center of each meditation. The silence between the sentences allow you to ponder over the words. Listen with your heart. Find peace and guidance. At the end of each meditation there is time to reflect on your personal experience.


- Select a meditation from different categories

- Adjust the duration of the meditation to your needs (10 to 30 minutes)

- Choose an ambient sound to support relaxation

- Select if you meditate alone or as a group

- Give your favorite meditations a heart

- Take notes after the meditation

- Share your thoughts with others if you like

- Chose a language in the app: English or German

Meditation is a common practice to slow down and to connect with ourselves. Many people don't know that meditation has a long Christian tradition. The so called desert fathers were men and women who left the cities to find God in the silence of the desert. Monks had their own meditation tradition as well. When we read in the Bible we discover that God himself calls us to meditate on his words. It's not so much about cognitive understanding but more about understanding with the heart and the whole being.

At Jesus Words Meditation we focus on the teachings of Jesus because we believe that they have power to change our lives and to give us a new perspective. There is so much to explore about Jesus and about this very special relationship to God as a father.

The verses we use in the meditations are from the „World English Bible“. This is a public domain translation.

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:1.341 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Dominik Saur

User Reviews


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Cari Langley 2019-11-19

This free app is incredible. I use it every morning to begin my day. If you find it difficult to meditate on your own, this tool will help greatly. I love being able to choose the length of time, single or group, and the background sounds (I always go for Flute as it sounds Native American.) Thank you so very, very much for all of the effort, time and love you put into this, and for the continuing additions, please don\'t ever go away - you are helping me so much with this service.
Jit Lim 2019-02-28

Generously offering this app free to all who seek, this is much better than those that charge an exorbitant rate to access it. Thank you Dominik and Norina!
Audrey Wagner 2020-02-14

I love this app so much! The meditations are so peaceful. The woman\'s voice is just right. I love that they are all the words of Jesus. This app really helps me. I look forward to listening to them all and greatly anticipating new ones! Thank you for doing this!!
Liz Trotter 2019-04-22

A really great way to start my day, centering, relaxing, and building my relationship with GOD! I highly recommend this app!
Charmaine Christie 2019-08-31

This app is exactly what I was looking for. The voice of the narrator is so interesting and tranquil, and the slow reading allows for God\'s words to penetrate and sink in. Also so thankful that this service is provided for free. Only one problem, that I see others are also experiencing: my meditation also stops mid way despite changing permissions/settings on my phone. But again, nonetheless, I say thank you :)
Brother David 2019-12-21

This isn\'t what mediating in his words meant mediate in scrpture means thinking on it not this fellow Christians do not fall into Buddhist meditation it\'s a evil doctrine
wilhemina nokugcina 2020-05-02

Just downloaded the App and I love it so much, did two sessions and I can say it\'s worth it. Food for the soul Indeed and my spirit is lifted and it helps to build the relationship with God. I love this App
robert rob 2019-05-24

the reading bible by you is too slow.
Bela Francisco 2019-11-24

This is just wonderful. It isn\'t only relaxing, calming, destressing.. It\'s Christ centered and really grounds us back to who we are in Christ. You can adjust the meditation times and you can adjust the background ambience aswell. It\'s also good for group meditations. Like I said, It\'s wonderful.
Buzz Bumble 2018-11-18

I am visually impaired the screen reader I use which is called talkback is not compatible I have to get somebody else to read it to me please may you make it compatible so blind and vision impaired people can actually access it other than that it\'s great thank you.