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Description of Jewel Games: Dice Merge Puzzle

Jewel Games 2021💎

Match, Combine, Blast!👏

Enjoy the magic moment!✨

To be No.1 among friends!👫



★ Drag and drop the jewel to the grid.

★ Match 3 jewels in a row or column, you will get merged gems.

★ Tap the jewel to rotate before dropping it.

★ Get more merged jewels and create diamonds.

★ Match 3 of them to make big jewel blast.

★ Unlimited crush and fun! Win the jewel star.

★ Merge jewels reaching different level target. Get more rewards!


★ Easy to learn and play.

★ Suitable for all ages.

★ No WIFI needed. You can play with jewels online and offline.

★ Amazing sound and visual effects.

★ No time limits in this free jewel quest.


★ Easy to control, fun to play, great graphics!

★ Just match 3 jewels in a row, blast and get merged jewels with your single finger!

★ You can use hammer to break the needless jewels.


Jewel Games 2021 is now free available in Google Play store. Become a member of classic jewel crush game and win the jewel star now! If you have the highest score, your profile will be shown on the No. 1 place in the ranking list! Get as many merged jewels as you can and crush more jewels. Jewel Games brings you challenging jewel quest in a leisure playing environment.

Bring your friends together to break records in this jewel quest! You can play this multicolored jewel crush game anywhere without internet or wifi.💪



This best Jewel match 3 jewel crush game is completely free to play, but has some in-game purchase items such as extra moves.



Challenge this amazing jewel quest now!

Enjoy the newest and best jewel games 2021 and become jewel game mania!

Thanks for playing! ✌️

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More Information Of Jewel Games: Dice Merge Puzzle

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.4.19 Publish Date:2021-12-23 Developer:LinkDesks - Jewel Games Star

User Reviews


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Rebecca Cabrera 2020-04-04

The games I play are rated according to how often I play them. I spend a significant amount of time recently at home due to pandemic. I spend a significant amount of time on this particularly game, during the pandemic and rate the app accordingly. Thank you Google play for the availability of hundreds of quality games during these difficult times.
A Google user 2019-10-09

One of my favorite games but now ALL the spins for extra coins is not working...just keeps spinning...Please fix this! Restarting did not help...tried to send pic of all extra coins spins just spinning but did not go thru...please fix this or will have to uninstall...shame because I loved this game but not now!!!
Janet Gandara 2020-04-06

Lots of fun and using the brain for strategy.it is lots of fun but why do you pay to get rid of blocks. Also it goes up as you use them. Yes it is fun to play. However to many ads and not enough rewards. It costs every time you use the the helps and keeps going up so you do not really get cash points.
Sarah Mastaglio 2019-12-02

Relaxing game, visually appealing, appealing vivid colors, not timed. You have to match the dice in sets of 3, they disappear, and change color. Definitely satisfying to fall asleep doing. Also, the music is trance like and relaxing. I think it would meet mediation criteria.
P Cook 2019-03-26

Game would be great if every time you gave a bonus or a box to receive coins a video ad was not attached req\'ing you to watch in order to get bonus. Kind of defeats the point of a bonus. Ads are annoying in any game...Know you need them to sponsor your games but NOT every single time a bonus pops up. In response to your response...Nah will just uninstall..😀
Cherie Parker 2020-09-28

I really was enjoying the game then realized when you don\'t pay for tokens they make it so you cannot possibly win. You should not pretend your app is free. Or let people know if you want to play just to lose then here\'s the best app for that no winners aloud unless you buy tokens no freebies. Pretty pathetic to control each game that way. It is a big waste of time I won\'t ever pick a app made by this company. Very immature of you. Very disappointing LINK DESK
Nancy Newman 2020-10-19

You have a good game. I was a little annoyed that the restart button is not labeled. I wasted coins that I didn\'t have to, because I didn\'t know the corner button was the restart button. There are many ways to get rewards, and coins. I like if you watch 5 videos at the end you get 500 coins. Also, after you watch a video you get to pick from 3 gift boxes. Which every one you chose gives you coins. Like the spinning wheel. May give 5 stars later. Game is set up so players get many choices.
Rex Ransme-Haberley 2020-09-27

This game is good BUT there\'s a company called LTG games that have a game like this one but better. From the start HAS an UNDO button AND a REFRESH button and also ANOTHER button that has a mallet (hammer) where you can knock out a piece if need be. As you get points these features are topped up automatically. That\'s why there\'s is better. 🤠
Cherry Blackmore 2019-03-18

This is a great game, and not only that, the developers took notice when I complained about the casino app adverts -- 18+ rated ads appearing in a PEGI 3 game app; I\'m sure any parent would agree, that\'s an issue. It\'s been resolved promptly, I haven\'t seen a gambling-related ad in months now, and I\'m playing away quite happily. This game is fun, simple to play, addictive and very aesthetic. 10/10 now the gambling ads are gone!
Tiffany Burnham 2019-10-11

This game is so much fun. I am addicted to this game, lol! I do wish that I could customize the game, as far as changing the color of the background and stuff. I think it would make it even better! Is that possible? Anywho, thanks for this totally, awesome game!