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Description of Jewel Hunter - Match 3 Games

Ultimate New Match-3 game 2020 - Jewel Hunter game for free!!

Hunt treasures in a jewelry world with TONS of addictive and exciting adventures!

★ A popular game loved by both children and adults - develops logic!

★ Free game that you can play without internet - anytime anywhere!

TRY this match-3 puzzle game full of precious stones! JEWEL HUNTER offers games FREE without internet !! Explore a fairy-tale-like fancy world in tons of interesting jewels crush levels and colorful maps! 🎄


★ Games you can play without internet.

★ Well designed of jewels:

- 400+ interesting levels with all kinds of jewelry gemstones.

- 60+ jewelry pieces like 👑crown jewel! Make different combinations for the different jewels crush effects!

★ Interesting and challenging jewel crush saga is waiting for you.

★ ☑️Facebook connection optional. Free games without internet nor registration!

★ Big bonuses 💰 and free gifts 🧸 everyday guarantee ultimate fun in jewel crush saga!

★ Play now this free match 3 game! Swap and match jewel pieces with awesome jewels crush sound💣 for the thorough relaxation!


★ Swipe jewels⚔️ and match them in a tile to make jewels crush!

★ Combine more jewels to create special diamonds💎! Hiper-power diamonds can clear tiles of jewels all together!

★ Combine 2 special diamonds together to level the power EVEN UP! 🚴🏻‍♂️

★ Mind level targets!🎯 Crush jewels or collect gems within limited steps then progress your jewel quest adventure!

★ Combine more jewels at once to get more bonuses!


Swipe precious stones in tiles to make perfect jewel crush matches! 💥💥 Crush target gemstones and collect jewelry resources to help the cute girls rush through this shiny gem world!💎

Mind those infinite jewels combos! Once you pop, You can't stop!

Join Jewel Hunter and Hunt jewels like a real hunter!

Download this game for free and play NOW!

🤗If you like jewel games 2020, learn more about Jewel Hunter on our

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JewelHunterGame/

🌈Thanks for everyone who played Jewel Hunter jewel crush saga games 2020!

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More Information Of Jewel Hunter - Match 3 Games

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:3.24.4 Publish Date:2021-09-12 Developer:Jewel Hunter Games

User Reviews


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Lisa Wright 2020-06-17

Edit: I really wanted to love this game! And I did until it became too tedious to be any fun anymore. Having to play levels over and over again, and having boosters that are way to expensive relative to the coins one can earn makes the game more stress than it\'s worth. I cannot afford to \"pay to play\", which is the only other option to progress in the game. I am on a fixed disability income. I use these games for pain/stress relief and cannot pay to do so. Was fun while it lasted, uninstalled.
Lari Doyle 2020-11-12

I did rate the app as really good for the graphics..I\'m just saying, as you move up, to the higher level, some are so hard to beat, that it becomes, not fun. Maybe, as game progresses, give the player more moves. Is that possible? Bombs are weak. They make a good sound and movement, but when its over, maybe 1 or 2 squares are removed!
Kingdomof Hope 2021-02-03

I changed my mind. Make this game to hard to win, people like me quit forever. Great graphics, means nothing to the game. Its the pleasure one receives, from playing the game. I uninstalled this. Level 80, all the sudden, no matches at the beginning of game. A game you can\'t win, makes a stupid game. Don\'t you understand, people are out of work, stuck at home? Not everyone can afford to play these commercial ridden pay to play games. When people feel good about something, that\'s when they spend
Nel H 2021-01-22

Finally found a match 3 game that works on my media pad. Excellent! Easy to reach goals for slow players like me; Has the tap to skip during bonus time once the goal is achieved; the girl isn\'t scantilly clad or some irritating creature, (i find it demeaning); has the massive waterfall of explosions during the game; Can use line bombs etc. with double tap without needing to match 3; Has missions to achieve for goal variety; daily rewards i can use when i get stuck; So far, great!
DarkSoul51 2021-01-04

Artwork looks good and all, but having to watch an add after every level is just a nope. And adding that to the fact that we have only 5 lives makes it just a greedy game. I don\'t even have to try to go very far into the game to know how things work there. It\'s a shame
Bryn Thomas 2021-01-10

I enjoy the game, good graphics, fun to play BUT I\'m disgusted with the amount of adverts!!! You finish a level BAM advert, finish the next level BAM advert!! I understand that adverts pay for us to play but come on, maybe play 5 levels then advert, that would be acceptable, not after every level. Come on developer\'s, you want people to download your game and play, not with all those adverts they won\'t!! So only 3 stars from me.
Qu Mu 2021-01-23

I like the game but this game was supposed to be able to play without wifi, that\'s a lie. Some special boards you can\'t play unless you are connected to the internet so they can flood you with ads. That\'s ok, I\'ll continue to play what I can offline and delete it later. Just like all the other games, it\'s a shame. Update: I found a better game that gives you a choice to watch ads or not and gives plenty of power ups even unlimited power ups. WITHOUT ADS This one is being deleted.
Kathy Knoll 2020-11-13

I like the fact you are rewarded so often. I really dislike when you are down to one move and the game makes you play it again!!, I like there are unlimited moves. I play this for fun and relaxation, to relieves stress. Not get more stress. I uninstall the games that do that
Dolly Piper 2021-02-19

THIS GAME REALLY SUCKS by Level 21 FORGET THIS 1 🤮 (even boosters & extra plays stop working) because it\'s BUILT TO GRAB YOUR MONEY if you fall for it!!! I literally played level 21, 5 times before I got bored fooling with it, LoL! I HAVE PLAYED THESE GAMES FOR YEARS & I am good at playing even the toughest of them, So I love a challenge (but hate the \"rip-off bugs\" in some) so, most are entertaining for me & relaxing I\'m a multi-tasker by nature so oft play them while I watch TV & Music Vids
Pam 2020-12-01

Levels are impossible to complete without using all your boosters. This leads you to purchase more. It gets boring quickly, having to repeat the level over and over again. Not for me. At least have a few easier levels.