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Description of Jewels Ocean

💎 Match 3 puzzle game with beautiful jewels.💎 We proudly invite you to Jewels Ocean!!

Bands of pirates are coming to Molina island in search of the legendary treasure hidden deep beneath the ocean. Will Pirate King Alph and Pirate Girl Tina succeed in finding the legendary treasure?


💎 Jewel filled 3 match puzzle game!

💣 Start your underwater adventures using various devices!!

💪 Create exciting power-up jewels. Use power-up jewels to finish missions more easily.

⭐ Try to get 3 stars! It's hard, but you can earn a lot more gold!

🏅 Try accomplishing many achievements. You'll be proud of yourself!

🏆 Find friends and other challengers on the leaderboard. What's your current rank?

🤩 Enjoy fun and exciting daily levels everyday!

🎁 Get daily bonuses from free daily gift boxes.

💔 You don't need to wait for your heart to recover! Keep trying to beat those challenging levels!

📡 No need for internet connection! You can enjoy the game anywhere, anytime!

⏳ There is no time limit! Take your time and enjoy!

📱 Supports all android phones and tablets!

🌐 Supported languages : English, 한국어, 日本語, Português, Español, Français, Русский язык, Deutsch, Italiano, Basa Indonesia, ภาษาไทย, tiếng Việt, Bahasa Melayu, 简体中文, 繁體中文, Türkçe, عربى, हिंदी

We appreciate your feedback. Let's go enjoy the game!


•This game contains, banner, interstitial, and movie clip ads. You can choose to remove it by purchasing to remove ads.

•You can enjoy the game for free, but you can also choose to purchase in-game currencies or ad removal within the app.

•In order to provide optimized gameplay, some permissions are needed for data storage and other service integrations.

- View network access and connections, retrieve data from the Internet, Google Play payment service, storage size, battery save mode, silent mode, etc.


• Privacy policy: https://www.ninetap.com/privacy_policy.html

• End User License Agreement: https://www.ninetap.com/terms_of_service.html

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More Information Of Jewels Ocean

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:24 Publish Date:2022-05-24 Developer:Ninetap

User Reviews


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Cat Skittles 2020-05-10

I really like this game. I love the pirate theme without ghouls and monsters! The graphics is nice, the play is easy - there\'s challenges but not enough to make you stuck, which I hate. I love the cute hermit crabs, and I love the idea of saving marine life, and I especially love the backdrop of the ocean with moving fish that look lifelike, and the seagulls flying above the ship on a seriously moving ocean! It\'s a really nice game that\'s calming, easy to play, and just all-around fun.
Carolyn Williams 2020-04-17

its nice i just started playing it its very unique update game is good but ads are to often and when I\'m trying to x out of the the add it keeps opening up Google play store even when I\'m trying to close the game out it goes straight to Google play store trying to make you install they other games. trying to advertise to much just greedy I\'m uninstalling can\'t even enjoy the game for you trying to advertise your other games 👎 doing to much
Lisa Hensley 2020-06-11

Stop with all the ads it\'s crazy.... I just want to play the game not have to suffer threw all the ads in between levels
Kevin Mccdonell 2020-04-19

Really good match 3 game. Good bright colors and fun puzzles. Only watch ads if you want free boosters and coins. Not to hard but not impossible to beat levels without having to use a booster
H Hutchinson 2020-03-26

It seems like a good game only on level 7 .But the tap to skip doesn\'t seem to work you still have to watch the level finsh.
Carolyn Trudeau 2020-02-06

A very nice jewels matching 3 game .i love this one .It is truly relaxing.and no problems.thanks dor making this one
Leslie Werner 2020-04-22

I like the game, but it\'s too much like the rest of the match 3 games out there. If you could put more into it like poss cookie jam has.
Cath Rylatt 2020-07-22

Lovely graphics great rewards very addictive you can\'t put down keep it up
Carla Rowland 2020-03-30

The sound affects are great! I would like to see more objects for each level so impress me.
Shelly Coleman 2020-02-08

this is a pretty good little game you got going I just hope it starts getting harder cuz I\'m getting bored and I don\'t like that 😭 I\'ll give it a chance though like all the games I play